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Chapter 1: Consequence

It only took two weeks in Washington before everything went entirely to shit. James and Laurent were forced to flee the state within only a week of arriving. The attention of the Washington police force, due to James' highly conspicuous human feasting, strained our cozy relationship with the locals and made it impossible for him to remain in Forks without earning the wrath of the Volturi. Not to mention his disgusting little obsession with another vampire's mate only exacerbated the situation.

No sooner did we set foot on Washington soil we all faced potential dismemberment from a very angry coven of vegetarian vampires and a pack of really pissed off wolves. In less than a month it seemed like everyone was out for blood, and with James and Laurent on the run, it was only my blood that lingered on their minds. Lucky for me the last of my blood burned away 73 years ago when I was changed. I guess they'd just have to settle for setting me on fire. 'As if I'd ever let that happen.' I thought, smirking to myself.

To me, it honestly didn't matter what the threat was; I'd stay in Forks as long as necessary to see her again. Which is what brought me here, to the center of the forest at 4am in the middle a storm. Waiting. Hoping. Wondering.

Even now I can't say if it was all for the better or worse. My mind circled the belief that I could have prevented this circumstance…but my heart, as dead and useless as it was to a vampire, was burdened by the weight of gratitude for fate's scheme. Gratitude, I shook my head cynically. I couldn't even recall the last time I'd thanked anyone; I couldn't even recall the last time I needed to. Don't get me wrong Laurent and James were like brothers but we always kept the pleasantries out of our conversations. Any good deed was just expected in order to maintain the status and health of the coven. But this was different. I owed somebody…or rather something. I felt indebted to fate for this second chance.

I slumped heavily against the trunk of a massive redwood, relishing in the light pitter-patter of the rain falling through the bow, landing sloppily on my head and shoulders. My mind was reeling with the notion that my happiness was now entirely dependent on another person. The self depreciating part of me seemed fixated that she wouldn't show, and I'd simply be left here soaking in my own pathetic hopefulness.

What if she didn't get my note? Maybe her family caught her before she could leave? She probably doesn't trust me. Am I strong enough to spend forever knowing she's living her eternity without me?

What if Laurent was right; maybe she's forgotten me?

"Enough!" I screamed in frustration, attempting to silence the internal monologue of doubts that raged inside me. Self consciously I straightened my now soaked blazer around my shoulders trying in vain to regain some semblance of calm. I looked ruefully at my worn denim jeans realizing that they were also drenched right down to my leather boots. If I wasn't already a vampire I'd probably get hypothermia, but since I was it simply made me irritable than ill. As if that wasn't enough I realized that I was fidgeting. A vampire… fidgeting, much like the humans I stalked before I sank my teeth into their jugular. I cringed internally at the thought that I was now behaving the most human I ever had in 73 years. If it wasn't so pathetic I might have thought it funny.


I stared ahead of me through the grey, looming darkness of the forest feeling slightly more composed than I had moments earlier. The area was illuminated scarcely by the moon's dim spotlight as smells of moist soil, moss, and leaf litter casually invaded my senses. The showering rain seemed to caress the forest into a somewhat solemn state filling me with the worse sense of foreboding. A slow tension enveloped me as I tried to discern if my nervous concerns were possible threats or dangers. It was a useful practice I'd perfected over the last few decades by manipulating my power of self preservation; and had successfully saved my ass countless times.

After determining I wasn't in any danger I eased my body into a more comfortable stance, my eyes drifting shut as I listened absentmindedly to noises of the forest. Humans often don't understand what it's like to have super EVERYTHING. Their silly superhero and horror movies are never quite as comprehensive as they should be. With vampire senses it's as if every person or object on the earth is in constant exertion; there is no mute button for us. I could hear every sound around me with the utmost clarity; the chirping of insects, the steady rhythmic heartbeat of a nearby deer and the dense thud of…footsteps?

I wasn't alone. My eyes quickly fluttered open, focusing instantly under the dim light, as two rich caramel eyes met my own crimson stare with matched intensity.

She was here.

A sudden gust of wind guided the familiar scent of honey & spice to my senses confirming my visual observance. I inhaled again, subtly sealing the scent to memory as I delighted in the fragrance. Usually such animalistic proclivities of mine were reserved for prey but I allowed myself this instance of instinct. Her brow shot up questioningly at my reaction, then lowered into a knowing look. But any shame I'd ever had died with my human form and I showed, nor felt, any embarrassment. What mattered most was that she was here.

There was so much I wanted to say to her but suddenly forever just didn't seem long enough to express it all. It was almost sunrise, and soon the rest of the state would be stumbling to life, ready to start the day. Our time together was fleeting and I knew I wasn't the only one to realize this as I assessed the urgent, slightly impatient look in her eyes. She hadn't moved from the spot she arrived at, several meters away from me, and was looking more and more hesitant with every hollow splash of rain. I had to speak before I lost the opportunity. As the sounds of the forest slowly blended into a whisper I heard myself quietly say the words that weighed the heaviest on my tongue,

"I missed you."

My voice sounded unusually hoarse to my own ears and I tried to ignore how vulnerable I instantly felt and sounded. I watched as she relaxed minutely, perceptible only due to my enhanced vision, as if my verbal proclamation had somehow seeped into the fibers of her muscles slowly smoothing and massaging away the tension. Then just as quickly as it occurred her shield of indifferent defense was back tenfold. She stared intensely at me, her face the epitome of stoic perfection, her lips fixed in a pouty half frown with eyes that received everything yet transmitted nothing.

After several uncertain seconds of silence I began to wonder if she was there at all. Was I just talking to myself? Was I seeing a ghost who'd long ago departed from the world, only to be conjured up by my overactive imagination? I anxiously ran a hand through my dark red curls, only half noticing how wet my hair was as it hung damply in my face, clinging to my neck and back.

Once a full minute had passed my anxiety was abruptly replaced by anger at her unresponsiveness. I could feel a scowl cover my previously hopeful expression as my body tightened involuntarily. I couldn't believe that after everything I'd sacrificed she couldn't even spare me the fucking decency of a single monosyllabic response! No words, just silence! Nothing.

However, the instant I opened my mouth to voice my annoyance one strong, yet delicate arm wrapped around my waist drawing me nearer. It was as if someone had flicked a switch and all my irritation had melted away, soaking into the heat of her fingertips. My skin was buzzing as she inclined her head towards mine until our lips were separated only by the damp breeze of the wind.

In one fluid motion she closed the distance between us, tenderly grazing our lips against each other like brushes on a canvas. With all my confidence and built up bravado I was completely frozen; while she painted her masterpiece across my mouth. It seemed that for the second time in my life my body felt consumed by fire; only this was the type of ache I hoped would never be extinguished. Her method was reckless and somewhat desperate, as if the gravitational pull of the earth originated in my mouth and she was drawn to me entirely by natural forces. It was glorious.

She was the first to break our kiss, her eyes were heavy with a guilty desire that seemed to linger in the cool air drifting between us. Slowly she reached towards my face and lightly brushed a strand of my scarlet hair from my eyes before softly saying,

"Please don't-" She faltered looking off into the forest, her eyes had darkened into a gorgeous copper but her expression was distant and melancholy.

"I'll break your heart Victoria." She said sadly, her voice barely above a whisper.

But, I was already in too deep and the meaning of her words were completely lost on me, because all I could think about was how beautiful my name sounded sliding across her lips. The thought sparked a new excitement in me and the urge to touch her was too strong to resist. I captured her lips quickly, extinguishing her words with my tongue, as we juggled each others longing between us.

I found myself breathing rapidly as we parted, taking in unnecessary air only to inhale her scent, as my body slowly climbed back down to earth.

She was staring at me again, in that way that made me feel like I was a film she'd seen a thousand times but was still confused about the plot. Softly she disentangled her arms from mine and began backing out of my grasp. I immediately missed the warmth her body created around me as she stepped just out of arm's reach, looking at me but..not really.

My verbal protests halted in my throat as a yellow glow timidly peeked it's way through the tree canopies, shooting narrow streams of light on the earth below. The light gently caressed her skin, sparkling on impact as she slowly turned away heading in the direction she'd come from. Our time was up, she knew it and I knew it. She took off in a full blown run several yards away and never looked back.

Instantly it became clear that to me that, whatever the consequence, there was no returning to the past. All that remained was the potential of the future, and she was my future. She was mine.

Rosalie was mine.