It was amazing how one word could send him into a pool of depression and guilt. Bobby still had nightmares about that hunt. He'd been hunting with Rufus for years and screw-ups hadn't come often, at least not major ones. Sure, there'd been a few gun jams here and there that had almost given both men a heart attack but nothing so serious as...Omaha.

He honestly couldn't believe Rufus was still bringing it up, after all this time. But the man was entitled to it. Then the man tells Bobby he could never forgive him.

Which only made that pool of depression and guilt worse.

It hadn't been entirely his fault, but Bobby knew he should have planned better. Hell, he'd given Sam, Dean, John, Caleb, Jim, Joshua, and dozens of other hunters the same advice: never go in half-cocked, guns blazing.

No one knew the story of Omaha, though. Bobby never spoke of it and Rufus never did, either.

Then something like this happens, friggin' monsters that start possessing people. What has the world come to? Some girl-Eve or Mother-starts creatin' new creatures, maybe she was just pulling them out of a scrapbook or something. The little worm said it was new but...what if Eve was just using monsters that had practically gone extinct? Bobby could have snorted. No monster goes extinct. John Winchester's 'extinct vampires' theory that Elkins had put into his head proved that.

Bobby took a breath and prayed they all lived through the rest of the night.

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