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Back To Normality

It seemed a strange matter, to Luke, how life could change so quickly...puzzling, in fact! One day they're solving a new case, playing around with mystery and danger, the next day, him and Flora are sat in a classroom, pondering the existence of Jesus in R.E!

"Well done, Luke!" said an unusually smiley Miss Stovan, laying a marked test paper out in front of him. It was cluttered with red ticks and neatly written comments about his work, and the occasional spelling correction on words like 'transubstantiation' (or was it 'transtation', or maybe 'transubstitution'?). Luke tilted the front of his cap, as a subtle way of congratulating himself on yet another A+. Having attended private school until he was 7 (he'd moved to London after the death of his mother, and the Professor couldn't exactly afford private schooling, considering he hadn't really planned on being left in charge of a child), he knew a thing or two about R.E...actually, he knew a thing or two about pretty much everything!

Miss Stovan walked over to Flora in a different fashion entirely. She frowned in disappointment as she handed the girl her test, marked with many red crosses and one or two ticks...Luke couldn't easily read what the comment at the bottom of the paper said, but him, and everybody else in class, could quite clearly see the grade, circled twice, at the top...E-. Again.

Flora sighed, weakly accepting the sniggers and chatters from her amused classmates. Luke looked over at her, sympathetically - it wasn't her fault. She'd spent the first 12 years of her life living in a robot village with no schools, after all! Her mother had taught her to read and write, and she'd grown up reading all those books about Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes, and she often found herself engrossed in a Poirot mystery, which subsequently explained her show of brightness when she, Luke and the Professor were called on a case, but she was never even slightly educated about 'the historical and ethical context of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ' - well, did she really need to be?

School wasn't really a nice place for the two of them. Luke was the geeky and annoyingly smart kid and Flora was the clueless orphaned girl, who puts 2+2 together and gets 'confused'! Going on a new case was salvation - acceptance. The sort of acceptance that they usually only found with each other and that funny top-hatted man, Professor Layton! And although their aim was always to solve the case, they sometimes wished they could take more time to do it, because soon, it would be back to London, back to school and back to normality...

...And normality, when you're Luke and Flora, is such a boring thing.

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