Chapter 1:

When a scarecrow becomes a snake and a snake becomes a scarecrow

The sun was high in the sky, the streets of Konoha buzzed with people everywhere. As usual, Anko was eating dangos, Naruto, Sakura and Sai were at Ichiraku ramen and Kakashi, well he was at the memorial stone, as for Gai and Lee, they were at the training grounds.

"I just love dangos!" Anko said with her mouth full of food.

"Man, Anko you shouldn't eat so much when you could be called for a mission anytime" Kurenai sighed

"Eh? All the better I eat more"

Kurenai shook her head as she watched her friend stuff herself with dangos. Meanwhile, Kakashi sat on the memorial stone gazing up into the sky.

"Gosh I'm bored, aren't you Obito?" He sighed miserably, slumped down whipped out his book.

Tsunade paced around in her office, thinking about who should get the mission that's been puzzling her.

"Shizune!" She called

"Yes, ma'am"

"Send out a message to Kakashi and Anko"


Shizune quickly sent a dove to Kakashi and Anko. By this time, Anko and Kurenai were going to meet Asuma. The dove swooped down to Anko; she read the letter and shot straight to the Hokage's office. Kakashi read the letter also, sighed and slowly took his time.

"Urgency, eh?" He trotted the dirt road towards the Hokage's office.

"I'm here!" Anko said breathlessly.

"Where's Kakashi?"


"As expected,"

She still paced around endlessly waiting for Kakashi. Finally, he opened the door, put on a masked smile.


"Don't 'Yo' me," She snapped "You're late, again!"

"Get used to it" He mumbled below his breath.

"So what's the mission?" Anko asked

"The waterfall shrine is under siege by rogue nins. It's up to you two to stop the rogue nins and protect the waterfall shrine."

"So what's in the shrine?" Kakashi asked

"One of the sacred treasures"


"You'll go immediately. The leader of this mission is Kakashi"

"Why him?" Anko complained

"Deal with it" he said lazily

"Now go!"


With those words, the two ninjas disappeared to their separate destinations, packing their bags with every supply. Kakashi bolted to his apartment, took everything, food, weapons, scrolls (just in case) and of course, his beloved books. As for Anko, she packed loads of weapons and a few dangos. She sighed, knowing that she's going on a mission with Kakashi. Him, of all people and to top it all off, he's the leader. He wasn't there early!

The two meet up at the gate, took off.

"So Kakashi,"


"Where the heck is the waterfall shrine?"

"I've got a map, don't fret"

"Who says I was fretting?"

He chuckled a bit, Anko wasn't a bit amused. They continued on, no sign of any danger. Nightfall was upon them, but they still continued. The thickness of the forest soon subsided as they neared a clearing. The night sky was beautifully decorated with the stars.

"Wow" Anko said

"Beautiful, any way back to the mission we're almost there"


The two saw a massive river with a waterfall upstream and right below the waterfall is a place with golden walls and silver.

The two ninjas stood in awe as to what they saw. However, an army of rogue nins were ready and waiting.

The thunderous sound of violently rushing water attacked their fragile ears. Anko spun around quickly only to see a huge water dragon raging towards them. Kakashi quickly did his water dragon jutsu to stop the enemy. Anko and Kakashi jumped a few meters back and immerging out of the water is a masked man dressed in full black. The army of rogue nins spewed from behind him, encompassing Kakashi and Anko. They turned 'back to back', drew their kunai. The rogue nins attacked from all angles however, the leaf ninjas took them down with ease. Within moments, they were all dead.

"That's it?" Anko asked "Worthless"

"Forget about them, where's the leader?"

The masked man, had already reached the shrine. As he was exciting with the treasure, there were snakes, kunai and a chidori at his face.

"Put down the treasure," Anko hissed

"And what if I don't?"

"We kill you,"

"Ha! You won't kill me, but I'll you my name"

The snakes squeezed tigher.

"My name is Daichi, a pleasure to meet you Kakashi and Anko" He dropped the treasure, did a quick hand seal.

"Anko move!" Kakashi yelled

Daichi smirked under his mask, then a bright light engulfed everyone and everything. Kakashi and Anko were blasted a couple meters from the shrine. The light was so intense that even Tsunade saw it.

Uuuhh my head hurts Anko groaned. What, why is my vision like this? What did that light do to me? She sat there gazing into the night's sky. As she stood up, she felt taller, lighter. She headed to the river to wash her face. She was surprise to see that she look very different. She screamed her vocals out, then stopped suddenly.

"Why do I look like…Kakashi? I even sound like him!" She ran in circles, frantically panicking. "This must be a horrible dream; I gotta wake up and fast!" Because of her screaming and carrying on, Kakashi woke up. I have good vision with both my eyes? He thought. He stood up, saw his own self running and screaming in circles.

"What the hell?" He said, wiping his eyes. He stepped off, feeling a bit shorter (in height) and a bit heavier than usual. He didn't even noticed that he sounded like Anko. His kunai was the ground, he bent over to take it up, when he realized that something was in front of him. What's this? He thought. He looked at his hands and felt his chest. An explosion of scream flooded his mind. This must a Genjutsu! He performed a hand seal hoping to free himself however, nothing happened.

"This isn't a dream or genjutsu" He said shaking his head in disbelief " This whole crap is real!"

Anko turned around seeing Kakashi (who is in her body) shaking and looking traumatized. I can't believe I got boobs! Huge ones at that! Kakashi thought as he looked at them.

"Remove your hands now!" Anko said emphasizing the word 'now'. A perverted porn fanatic in my body, josh, I hope he doesn't violate it.


"Yes, Kakashi-san" She said in a teasing way

'Stop that"

"Where is that Daichi freak"

"Wait," Kakashi just realizing something. I sound just like Anko, oh no.

"Wait for what?" Anko asked looking all around her.


"This is a living nightmare" Anko whined

"Let's head back to Konoha," Kakashi said

"Why, we're on a mission aren't we?"

"Number 1, can you fight in my body, number 2 we don't know Daichi went much less, number 3, this skirt and mesh is killing me"


Kakashi jumped off into the woods, Anko later followed. The moonlight shone like a pristine sword on the forest floor, the crickets chirping and the owls hooting to each other. At least something I can do with this body properly, Kakashi thought with a huge sigh. There was silence between the two for the rest of the journey.

By the time they reached Konoha's gate, it was midday. They walked past Kotetsu and Izumo, not saying a word. They headed straight to Tsunade.

"This is the worst mission ever!" Anko yelled

"You think?" Kakashi said lazily.

"I know it sucks!"

"Ummm Anko, can you slow down a bit, it's hard for me to keep with you in this body"

"But I'm not even walking fast"

"You're in a man's body"

"Then hold on to my hand then"


Kakashi held onto Anko's hand and the two walked down the streets of Konoha with everyone staring at them.

"You're finished with the mission already?" Tsunade asked "You two are better than I thought"

"No, Daichi got away with the treasure, and well—" Kakashi began.

"What!" Her voice boomed through the air like thunder.

"It wasn't our fault, he did some freaky justu and now I'm stuck in Kakashi's body!" Anko yelled

"What, Anko you're in Kakashi's body and Kakashi's in your body right Anko?"

"Exactly so"

Tsuande sighed heavily.

"I wish I could help you but I cant't. So you two will stay a Kakashi's house cause it much bigger than yours Anko."


'And whatever you do, don't leave each other's side. You're dismissed"

Disappointment flooded both ninjas minds. They stop by Anko's apartment and evacuate everything that Kakashi would need (after all he's her body).

"Damn, this is treacherous" Kakashi sighed

"Heh, seeing Kakashi putting on my clothes is really funny" Anko chuckled

"Yeah, just remember that you're in my body and don't go around liking men"

"Same goes for you"

"My face feels oily, I'll soon be back"

"Oh," Anko answered. Kakashi was gone to the bathroom. This is great chance to see the world's greatest secret, the face of Kakashi Hatake. She giggled at the thought.

"His house sure is big"

Anko headed to the kitchen, fixed herself something to eat. She was surprised to see that Kakashi's fridge and cupboards were loaded with food.

"Well, as of now I have be Kakashi and Kakashi would have to be me." She sighed "Such a drag"

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