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Chapter 5

'Into The Rottweiler's Den'

Anko stared at Kakashi's small frame lying immobilized on the hospital bed. She chuckled a bit, remembering how it had been world war 3 for Kakashi to take his medicine. Then, she saw a ruffled movement.


"Oh, you're here again" He grinned devilishly, Anko wondering what that grin is for.

"Why are you grinning like that?" Kakashi rose slowly off the bed, wincing because of his broken right arm.

"You see, I need a huge favor"


"The food here is terrible, and I need to sneak outta here, get proper food and come back"



"Hell no,"

"Pretty please"

"Holy no,"

"Please, please"

"Fuck no"

"I'm begging please"

"Fuck no,"

"Please, please"

"Holy No,"

"pretty please"

"Hell no,"


"NO!" Anko exploded "How many god damned times are you gonna beg? It's hospital food, deal with it"

"Please Anko, it's horrible food" Kakashi's eyes were welling with water, Anko was deeply touched. He looks so cute when he's begging, so adorable, Anko thought as she smiled. Wait, what am I thinking? Now I know what Kakashi's going through. Damn these male hormones. Hope I don't get perverted like him.

"So what do you need me to do?"

"I just said it, weren't you listening?"

"I was lost in thoughts,"

"Get me outta here, get some food, and then bring me back. Please"

"Fine," Anko walked slowly towards Kakashi, took him up and put him on her back. She grunted a bit, due to Kakashi's weight. "What have you been eating?" Anko asked, struggling.

"Food, just like you"

"You weigh a ton!"

"How many times are you gonna say that? This is your body after all"

"Whatever," With those words they took off through the window. Anko ran jollily atop the roofs, Kakashi bouncing uncontrollably. Soon, they neared his house. A wide grin emerged on Kakashi's face. Finally, good food to eat, however, such a good thought was ruined when Anko slipped and they were plummeting to the ground. Kakashi couldn't help it so he screamed. It ran through the air in a record breaking speed. "Shut the hell up Kakashi! You're drawing attention!"

"I can't help it"

"And it's DEAFENING! Plus, all this shit is your fault!" Anko snapped "If you could've been a good little girl, and stop bitching about how hospital food tastes and begging 'please, please', we wouldn't be plunging to the ground! You're so annoying, jeez it's unbearable." Kakashi wanted to cry, however, he held it. He hated being in Anko's body, heck; he didn't like being a female at all. Squish. They fell into a vender's tomatoe cart.

"Fuck," Anko hissed "Fuck, fuck, fuck"

"This is disgusting"

"My tomatoes!" A tall skinny man bellowed with a huge butcher knife. He ran towards Kakashi and Anko swinging like a maniac. As fast as lightning, they bolted away from the man. He was still chasing them, passers by looked on with confusion. Anko took up Kakashi and jumped over a fence. They lost the vender; however, they weren't out of the woods yet. Anko heard a growl, thought it was Kakashi. "Why did you growl Kakashi?" She asked

"Growl? I didn't growl. I thought you growled" They turned around slowly, only to see a vicious Rottweiler. It walked slowly towards them, they had no where to turn. It pounced upon Anko, she dodged quickly. Then, they ran for dear life. "God, now I know never to sneak out of the hospital ever again" Kakashi cried

"Damn right, it's just as I—" Anko broke off and froze in her tracks as they saw seven more Rottweiler. "Shit," The other Rottweiler had caught up with them. They were between one Rottweiler and seven. "Anko concentrate your chakra into your feet!" Kakashi yelled, frantic. "Hopefully it will work!" Anko said.

She concentrated her chakra into her feet and because she couldn't use Kakashi's body properly, she was propelled high into the air. They were smiling, because they were away from the vicious dogs. However, those smiles were about to turn into frowns.

"Oh no, Anko"

"What, we're far from those man eating animals aren't we?"

"Yeah but, you did something wrong"

"Like what?"

"Instead of putting chakra in your feet and jumped up and forward, you only went up."

"And your point is…?"

"We're gonna go back down into the Rottweiler's den!"

"Holy Fuck," They were plummeting down into the circle of the dogs. Anko held Kakashi with delicacy, not wanting him to bit by the dogs. "Anko, use your kunai to kill those monsters!" Anko had forgotten that she had her kunai holster on her. She opened it, saw only one. "Kakashi hold this for me" Kakashi had a broken arm so he couldn't hold it properly but Anko threw the kunai to him. He didn't catch it and fell to the ground. "Uh-oh" Kakashi watched in horror as their only means of survival against the dogs was lost. "Kakashi!" Anko bellowed "This is your entire fault and you dropped it!" She sighed, preparing for the onslaught. "We're die," Kakashi cried "Everyone else was K.I.A but we're K.B.R"


"Killed by Rottweiler"

"Oh," They fell into a tree before they fell to the ground. The branch held up for a while, and then because of their weight, it collapsed. Anko quickly grabbed the branch and swung it in front of her. Kakashi, on the other hand saw a way out. There was a huge crack in the fence, and he knew they could fit through it [or so he thought]. He alerted Anko of this discovery, and without hesitation, Anko dashed for it. Kakashi followed behind, so did the dogs. Anko slid through the cracks with ease, Kakashi got stuck. Shit! The dogs were on their tail and Kakashi couldn't move. His bottom was too large, so it prevented him from twisting himself free. "Anko!" He yelled. She turned back, seeing him stuck and not moving. "Crap," She bolted towards him; worrying and hoping the dogs don't reach him before she could. The dogs were right there ready to tear up Kakashi. However, luck was on his side. He had eaten the hospital and it severely hurt his stomach. Poop. A small amount of gas escaped Kakashi butt, and almost instantaneously all the dogs scattered. Kakashi heard them whimpering but didn't care. Anko came up, and held Kakashi under the arm and pulled. Nothing happened. "Anko, your body's butt is too big" Kakashi said. "Really?" Anko punched the wood and then used her hands to tear it out. Kakashi broke free, brushing off himself of dirt and hair, clothes and skin were still sticky with tomatoes. Anko noticed that the dogs were gone and was wondering where they could have gone. "Kakashi what did you do to the dogs?"

"I have no idea" Anko simply shrugged and they walked lazily to the hospital room but first they made a stop to a stand pipe. They washed off themselves of the tomatoes. However, Kakashi was soaked and had to go back to the hospital. "Anko, I don't know how I'm gonna go back to hospital soaking wet" Anko grinned as this was a sign of punishment for Kakashi. But then she felt sorry for him. "Tell you what, I'll sneak in, grab a garb and give you" Kakashi smiled his thank you and they headed to the hospital.

Anko pushed Kakashi through the window and then entered by the door. She then went and got a garb for Kakashi. He changed quickly, then Anko left. Kakashi sat down on the bed, gazing through the window. Then, Two nurses came in, smiling happily.

"Miss Mitarashi Anko"

"That's me," Kakashi said with disgust

"We came here earlier but you were asleep,"

"Am I to take my medicine now?" Kakashi cringe his face in the process "I hope not"

"No, you're free to go" Kakashi's was happy but sad at the same time. They went through all that hell, for nothing. Kakashi didn't get to his ramen and now their telling him that he's free to go? Anko will surely murder him. Anko strode in, put on a fake smile while at it. The nurses were still there, looking at Anko.

"What?" She asked

"You're here to take Ms. Mitarashi home?"

"What, she can leave?"

"Yeah, and here's her medicine and make sure she takes it"

"Oh you can count on me alright" Anko said with a diabolical chuckle. The nurses left, Anko was twisted with anger. Kakashi quickly put on his clothes, Anko waiting by the door. As Kakashi passed, Anko whispered in his ear "You're gonna take your meds whether you like it or not" Kakashi turned, looked scared. "Let's go, Anko" She said in a teasing way. With that said, Anko pushed Kakashi gently through the door.

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