Title: Better the devil you know 1/?
Author: dreamscarred and candy_belle
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst and brief bad language
Characters: Randy Orton, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Evan Bourne
Summary: This is set a few months after Picking up the pieces . This is a follow on to but you do not need to have read that to follow this fic.
Beta: none all mistakes are your own, so please forgive us for any errors.
Disclaimer: We own nothing but we wish we did.
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Cody growled running from the taxi to the house, rain beating down on him managing to soak him in just that short distance. Fumbling with his keys he dropped them on the door mat. "Fuck," he swore it was like this day just got worse and worse.

Finally getting his keys into lock he opened the door and got inside out of the wet rain. Throwing his bags on the ground he frowned when no one came to greet him. He sighed it was mostly dark and there was a light coming through the living room arch way.

"Hello?" Cody called out walking through the archway going into the living room.

"Hey baby," Randy looked at him from his spot on the couch.

Cody survey the scene - on the couch was Randy, then Evan looking half awake resting his head on Randy's shoulder and then John who had Evan's feet on his lap lightly stroking his ankle. They were all watching TV.

"Hello indeed looks like I missed the fun," Cody pouted looking at how Evan's hair was sweat soaked and matted to his head.

"Fun?" John quirked an eyebrow, "If you call watch Jake Gyllenhaal running around a desert fun then yeah, you're missing out," John had meant his words jokingly to make Cody feel like he hadn't missed anything.

"Yeah watching a movie, that's all you three have been up," Cody huffed turning. "I'm going up stairs to change out of these wet clothing," he stormed out without a second glance.

"Fuck," Randy swore. "John we've been over this, he doesn't take your joking as joking." Randy looked at Evan who was sniffling and now fully asleep on him. "Watch him, I'm going to talk to Codes."

They carefully manoeuvred Evan so he ended up lying in John's arms. John moved slowly, wrapping his arms around the small frame, trying hard not to wake the now sleeping man. As he settled back he frowned mumbling, "Randy he's really hot. D'you think he needs to take something?"

"Not yet," replied Randy leaning back down to press a kiss to Evan's forehead. Stroking the dark hair as he straighten up he cracked his neck out, ordering, "Just keep him safe while I go sooth those ruffled dashing feather."

Cody was throwing his clothes around the room as Randy slid into the room.

"Baby?" he asked softly trying to avoid the glare Cody was throwing, "You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Its not like it sucks enough that I got moved to Smackdown but now when I get back you've all been having fun without me and I feel like ..."

"Whoa!" exclaimed Randy, "Fun? Cody what do you think we've been up to?"

"Oh please!" huffed Cody throwing Randy a heated look, "I saw the state of Evan. I'd say if you two haven't just finished dping him then at least you've been spit roasting him. I mean he's flushed and he's barely awake it's obvious..."

"That's what you honestly think?" snapped Randy incredulously, "Jesus Cody we made you a promise that we'd wait for you to get home before we ever do anything, We keep our word. Evan is flushed, weak and exhausted because he's sick."

"Sick?" Cody looked at Randy a bit shocked and not really believing the older man.

"Yes sick it started as a cough and sniffle but he's just been getting worse as the night went on," Randy moved closer to Cody. "I think we should take him to see a doctor at the hospital or something but Evan doesn't want to go."

"Has he been throwing up or anything?" Cody saw the pain and worry in Randy's eyes. Ever since that night Randy had been so protective and concerned where it came to Evan as penance for what he had done. Just looking at the state Randy was in was enough to convince Cody that Randy was honest about Evan being sick.

"Yeah. John made him soup and a sandwich and well," Randy shrugged and trailed off.

"I don't need details," Cody held his hand up.

"I'm probably just over reacting," Randy chewed his lip. "That's what John told me anyway," Cody rolled his eyes at Randy's statement.

"Evan hates people looking after him I'm surprised he's not attempting to do laundry or something," Cody mused.

"Oh he was trying you know him too well," Randy smiled. "I had to keep growling at him to lie down and that's why I got us all watching the movie before you came home."

Cody gave another huff then running a hand through his hair he offered, "Sorry I snapped, I just had really bad day and when I saw you guys all snuggled I…"

His didn't finish the sentence. He didn't need to. They all knew it was hard on the younger man being on a separate brand and having to watch the other three get along so well.

Randy nodded then giving a slightly crocked smile he asked, "So how about a hug?"

"Make it a bear hug with kisses?" pouted Cody playfully.

"Anytime Baby," replied Randy opening his arm then wrapping them around Cody's shoulder as the young man slid into place in the embrace. Indulging in a slow playfully teasing kiss they snuggled closer their bodies fitting together with frightening ease.

Resting his head on Cody's damp hair Randy sighed, "Missed ya, you know."

"Really?" asked Cody his eyes closed, his face buried against Randy's neck breathing in the scent that filled his dreams.

"Yep, missed not having my baby with me." Pulling back Randy tilted Cody's head up adding, "And you know Evan misses you like hell."

Cody gave the first genuine smile of the night and slowly pulling back he said, "I miss Puppy too."

"What about John?" called Randy as Cody headed for the door

Cody paused then glancing back he added flatly, "I guess I missed him too."

"It's ok," Randy sighed as he followed Cody out.

It had been roughly a month since Randy had requested John to come live with them. It was going well but not perfect. Cody and John clashed at every turn whether it be what to have for dinner, that evening's activity, they were constant bickering. Even the sleeping arrangements were not how Randy had envisioned. John was left sleeping in the guess room while he stayed with his boys like always.

If Randy wanted time with John he need to make sure Cody was sound asleep or out of the house. He didn't even dare ask about a foursome for all of them yet. Evan on the other hand understood and was warming to John quick but Randy still saw that he much preferred it when it was just Him, and Cody with Randy. That being said Evan and John got alone much friendlier and one thing Cody kind of knew because they hint but was not full on told was Evan was ok with John sleeping with him and Randy in the same bed. However so far it had stopped at simply sleeping together in the same bed.

Returning to the living room Cody looked at John who was cuddling a sleeping Evan. "Give him here he should be in bed," Cody insisted.

"What?" asked John frowning then grunting as Cody simply batted his hands off Evan the younger man seemingly intent on lifting the sleeping man off John's lap.

"Cody leave him alone," snapped John wrapping his arms back around Evan pulling him back, "He's fine where he is."

"No," insisted Cody, "he needs to be in bed. I can't believe you were stupid enough to..."


Neither of them paid any attention to the fact Evan was actually awake and frowning at them both

"You only just got here you've no idea how he's been! Maybe he wanted to snuggle with me and Randy on the sofa. You know he doesn't treat me like he's gonna..."

"Guys!" croaked Evan finally getting their attention, "Stop making me move – please!"

"What the hell are you two doing?" called Randy as he emerged from the kitchen carrying drinks for everyone. Glaring at the scene he set his tray down then ignoring John and Cody who were both offering mumbled apologies. Without speaking Randy helped Evan to his feet, gently wrapping his arms around the compact frame and asking, "You okay puppy?"

"Feel sick," whimpered Evan," All that moving..."

"S'okay," soothed Randy glaring daggers at the others two, "I'll help you to that bathroom and get you cleaned up a bit."

As he guided the slow moving Evan out of the room, Randy glanced over his shoulder and fixing the others with a menacing stare, he snarled, "You two need to sort this out now because I will not have either of you hurting Evan. Do I make myself clear?"

"Clear," responded both men as Randy and Evan left the room.

"They're going to fight, aren't they?" sniffed Evan leaning heavily on Randy for support.

"Probably," sighed Randy as he guided Evan into the bathroom, closing the door firmly shutting out the tense silence that was now filling the rest of the house.