"John," breathed Randy as he yawned and stretched, he couldn't stop from smiling as he felt that he was still laying against John's chest.

"Morning," John grinned happily as Randy moved so they could be face to face.

"What time is it?" asked Randy panicking slightly because he want to be there for all of Evan's visitation time or at least to be there if he was discharged.

"Six thirty we have lots of time to get ready to see Evan," John kissed Randy before adding. "And to talk to Cody.

Randy's face hardened at the mention of his younger lover and as he swung himself out of bed, he growled, "You really think he'll leave while Evan is still in hospital?"

John shrugged. He could see Randy was getting tense and he didn't want to do anything to add more fuel to the fire he knew was burning in Randy's heart. Instead he just yawned and stretched.

Randy pulled a pair of sweats on, then glancing over his shoulder, he snapped, "You coming?"

John started to make a lewd comment but the look on Randy's face killed the joke dead, coughing he spluttered, "Yeah coming." He caught up with Randy and touching the other man's arm he soothed, "Don't go in there all growly. You'll just start an argument and that's the last thing either of you need right now."

Randy glared at him but as John held the gaze, Randy's face slowly cleared and he murmured, "I don't want to loose him."

"I know," sighed John unable to resist stealing a kiss from Randy, "But you said yourself he's growing up and well maybe a break is what all you guys need. I mean the last few weeks have been pretty intense."

Randy nodded then turned and headed down towards the kitchen and towards a conversation he was not looking forward to holding.

But as he came down the stairs, he hesitated when he saw suitcases waiting by the door. He knew they were Cody's and the fact that they were already there and packed felt like a knife slicing through his heart. He glanced at John who gave him a comforting smile and squeeze on the arm. Balling his fists he carried on down the stairs and as he stepped into the kitchen he saw Cody sitting at the breakfast island eating a bowl of cereal.

"Morning," said Randy, his voice a little shaky.

"Morning," Cody replied looking up from his cereal.

"I guess you're leaving then. I saw the suitcases," Randy walked over and stood next to Cody at the island. John knew this was a touchy moment and opted to go sit out in the living room while Randy and Cody talked.

"Yeah I am, just for a little while until I decide what I really want," Cody set his spoon in the cereal taking another mouthful.

"You don't want to see Evan first before you go?" Randy pouted slightly.

"I'm worried that I might lose my cool again and just upset Evan more," he placed his spoon into the bowl filled with milk.

"So that's it," growled Randy his face hardening as he stared incredulously at his youngest lover, "You're just leaving? You're not even going to try and be a man and see him before you go."

"Don't talk to me like that!" snapped Cody slammed the bowl down, "Don't treat me like I'm a child. I..."

"Maybe if you acted like a man instead of a spoilt brat I wouldn't have to speak to you like this," replied Randy not in the least bit intimidated by the look Cody was giving him.

Cody stared at him then breaking the gaze with a huff he snapped, "Why should I stay? It's not like you want me here anyway. You've got John and i..."

"This has nothing to do with John." growled Randy his anger starting to bubble in his voice.

"Oh please," spat Cody, getting to his feet, "This has everything to do with John. You want John more than you want me, more than you want Evan and I…" he gave a startled yelp clutching his cheek where Randy had slapped him.

Towering over the younger man Randy snarled, "Don't you ever question how I feel about Evan or you. I love you. Both of you, just as much as I did the day we started this."

"Yeah right!" yelled Cody his anger fired by his humiliation at the fact Randy could make him feel like a little boy without even trying, "You care so much about us that's why you broke Evan nose and cheek. And now because of what you did he's in intensive care in hospi…" he didn't finish the sentence Randy simply lashed out again, his palm connecting so hard with Cody's cheek it snapped the younger man's head to the side. Cody stumbled backwards bumping into the table as he glared at Randy his hand clamped to his now aching cheek.

"Don't you dare throw that in my face," growled Randy his voice dangerously low, "You have no idea how much I regret what I did that night. How much my heart breaks every time I look at Evan and see the damage I did." he stepped closer backing Cody further against the table, "And don't you ever forget that I loved you with all my ..."

"Loved?" breathed Cody his face draining of colour.

"Loved," repeated Randy firmly, "I can't love someone who hates me and it's obvious you hate…"

"I don't hate you," murmured Cody, his anger suddenly vanishing leaving him looking like a scared little boy, "I love you but I don't love you the way I used to. Randy I…" he stammered over his words knowing this was his last chance to keep Randy in his life, "I love you as a friend, as my big brother but I…I can't be what you want me to be, I…",

Randy stared at him, unblinking, unmoving then slowly he bought his hand up and caressing the side of Cody's face he sighed wearily murmuring, "I know, Baby. I know."

They stared at each other, the years of friendship and their time together as lover slowly overcoming the anger they were both feeling. Not caring about anything Cody leant forward and brushing his lips over Randy's closed mouth he confessed, "I don't want to lose you but i…if I stay…we'll destroy each other and Evan and i…" he closed his eyes and biting his lower lip he stammered, "I can't bear the thought of hurting him."

Randy tightened his grip around Cody's neck and pressing a soft kiss to Cody's cheek he whispered, "I know. It just hurts. It hurts so much losing you and I…"

They faded into silence, neither man able to find the words they needed to say. A gentle knock broke the moment and without breaking the caress Randy grunted "What?"

"Sorry to interrupt but your cab is here, Codes," called John trying to keep his voice as light as possible. He could see the hand print on Cody's cheek but he could also see the way Randy was holding his youngest lover and it gave him a little hope that maybe, just maybe they would be able to salvage something from the wreck that had become their relationship.

Cody blinked at him a few times then pulling away from Randy, he stammered, "Thanks I…" he glanced at Randy who had turned away and was staring out of the kitchen window. Cody bit his lower lip, he really didn't want to leave with the cloud hanging over them but he had no idea how to make things right. He glanced at John who was standing in the doorway trying his best to live up to his slogan and look invisible.

Running a hand over his face, Cody murmured, "Randy I'm sorry I…" his voice caught as the viper turned his gaze on him and for a moment the pain and anger was all too visible on the normal stoic face. With his shoulders drooping Cody extended a hand and said, "Tell Puppy I love him, I really do and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything."

Randy stared at the hand then slowly followed the line-up until he was looking into Cody's eyes. For a moment the world seemed to stop holding its breath then slowly Randy took the hand and rumbled, "Call me when you get wherever you're going, so I know you're safe. You...you don't need to say where you are but just remember..." he paused then tightening his grip around Cody hand he pulled the younger man closer. As Cody got within reach Randy curled his hand around the back of his youngest lover's head and added meaningfully "...you'll always have a home here."

X x x x x x x x x x

As the door opened Evan looked up, his pale face lighting up as John followed by Randy entered his room. But the smile faltered slightly when he realised there were only 2 visitors instead of 3. With his shoulders slumping slightly and his voice sounding painfully weak he asked, "Where...where's Cody?"

John glanced at Randy knowing it wasn't his place to tell Evan what had happened but Randy didn't seem inclined to tell the smaller man about what had happened. Instead he strode towards bed and without hesitation cupped Evan's face and pressed a searing kiss to the smaller man's lips. Evan's eyes fluttered closed a moment but then he opened them and staring into the grey eyes he knew almost as well as his own, he asked, "What happened?"

Randy didn't answer. He just gazed down at Evan emotions clouding his face. Closing his eyes a moment he fought an internal battle with himself before rumbling bitterly, "He's gone."

Evan gave a pained mew then, as if not wanting to believe the answer, he asked hesitantly, "Gone? But he...he didn't even say goodbye. He...he just left?" he looked at John as if John's answer would be different from Randy's.

"Sorry buddy," shrugged John coming over to sit on the opposite side to Randy, "He thought it was best if he didn't come and..." John's voice faded as he caught Randy looking at him.

Giving a single shake of his head Randy silenced John. Then turning to Evan he gave a faint smile and ordered with a low rumble, "Don't worry about him right now. Main thing is you getting better. I hate not having my puppy with me." He reached out caressing the side of Evan's face, loving the way his aptly named puppy nuzzled his face against his hand in response.

As Randy's hand dropped away Evan gave him a weak smile then coughing slightly he rasped, "What happens now?"

Neither man answered. Not even when he repeated the question. As the silence deepened Evan gave a sniff then linking his fingers with Randy's hand he gave him a brave smile, letting the scared viper know he wasn't alone. It was a smile Randy returned and leaning in he brushed a kiss over Evan's cheek. Evan beamed at him then, to Randy's delight and surprise, the smaller man turned and linked his other hand with John, favouring him the same warm smile. John smiled back hesitantly flicking a look at Randy before looking down at his hand that Evan was clutching and letting out the breath he hadn't realised he was holding

X x x x x x x x x x x

The arrivals lounge was heaving. Not that Cody cared, he knew where he was going. He'd been coming here for years and just as always he singled out the all too familiar figure almost instantly. Not caring that they were surrounded by people Cody dropped his bags and wrapped his arms around the larger bulk, burying his face against the neck of his friend. His friend in turn gave a soft laugh and wrapping his arms around Cody he hugged him back drawling, "How was the flight?"

"Ok," replied Cody his voice muffled by the fact his face was still buried against the warm neck.

"You gonna let go anytime soon so we can get to the car?"

Cody slowly pulled back then diving in he stole a quick kiss from his friend before offering a shy smile as he stepped away properly. As he bent to get his bags he looked up and holding the brilliant blue eyes he murmured, "Thanks you for letting me stay, Teddy."

Ted smiled then reaching over he caressed Cody's neck, his fingers massaging the tense muscles. Leaning in closer and not caring who saw them he pressed his lips against Cody's' promising, "You know I'd do anything to make you happy, Baby-boy. You only have to say the word and I'll do it. Anything you wanted."

As Ted pulled away and grabbed his bags, Cody regarded him a moment before allowing a decidedly wicked smirk to curl his lips as he drank in the strong form now walking a few paces ahead of him. Licking his lips in anticipation, Cody set off after Ted, giving a menacingly little giggle and murmuring to himself, "Yeah. I know, Teddy-bear - you really will do anything I tell you to do."