Back at the base everyone had a chance to clean and attend to any injuries, particularly Archie. It was lucky how the hero had survived in such horrific conditions, if his blood hadn't carried such invincible qualities he would surely be dead from disease. Atlanta refused to leave his side while having numerous stitches to his back and held his hand tight ushering supportive whispers and caring thoughts.

'Where do we go from here?' A young Jay asked himself.

'Odie is just setting up his paradox machine...'

'...lucky he doesn't throw anything away!' His girlfriend finished, subtly holding his hand tight.

'You you all going to be ok once we go back?' Atlanta enquired, attentively gazing around the room, particularly at Archie lying on his stomach playing with his son.

'I'm sure they'll be fine.' Jay smiled back at her. The door slided open to show to brain-boxes chatting away about data matrixes and such.

'Is it ready?' The young Jay asked over his shoulder, not releasing his loose hold of Theresa's waist.

'Yeah and you should see some of the stuff I'm gonna invent! It's awesome in there!' Smiles and light chuckles filled the room. The other heroes stood to watch Odie reprogram the machine to transport them home.

'Ok...ummm...ready...I think...yeah, all ready!'

'So...I guess this is goodbye?' Jay turned to his elder self and held out his hand to him and with a short strong handshake turned to his girlfriend and whispered, 'shaking hands with myself, little weird...' everyone continued to say their goodbyes, hugging and laughing. Archie walked or to say goodbye to the son he wish he had and turn to his mother.

'I was wondering, of all names why did you choose Alex?'

'When it just fit him really and...'

'It's Greek!' Alex piped in. His mother ruffled his hair.

'Yes, Honey but it's also...'

'Means 'defender of mankind' doesn't it?' Young Odie added, joining the conversation.

'Yeah, but...'

'It's also Archie's dad's name.'

Everyone turned to the younger Atlanta, quizzically.

'You remember me telling you that?' He boyfriend asked, turning to hold both her hands.

'Well, yeah. I know how close you were before he...ummm...'

'I didn't even think you were listening when I told you...' He leant forward and lay a long but soft kiss on her lips and embraced her. Neil opened his mouth for a Get a room! comment but was stopped by Herry. They all just stood and smiled until Alex spoke up.

'Does that mean I'm gonna get a little brother or sister?'