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"Yes Aly?"

"Yesterday was boring."

"Oh no," Alanna muttered softly.

"Can you add some singing? And dancing."

"Fine. A musical it is."

"I can't believeeeeeee

You would have the nerveeeeeeee

To mess with Ralonnnnnnnnn

You little bastardddddddddddd" Ralon sang, rather badly too, I'm afraid.

"Whaaaaaaat haavvve we heerrreee?" the prince sang, "Dougie, whaaaat haaaavvve we hereee?"

"Itt waaasss all his fauultt Majeessstttyyy," Ralon sang, pointing at Alan.

"Shuuut up Ralooon. I don't think I asked youuuuuu," the one Ralon had called Majesty sang.

"Oww!" Aly cried, putting her hands over her ears.

"What's wrong Aly?" Alanna asked immediately, mothering instinct taking over.

"The singing hurts," the little girl whined.

"Sorry sweetie."

"S'okay," Aly said, suddenly half-way to dreamland.

"Good-night sweetie," Alanna said, pushing the hair away from her face.

"Mama, promise me something?"

"Of course Aly."

"Never sing ever again."

AN: Short, I know, I'm sorry. I don't have my book, so this is all you're getting until I find it. Yes, everyone mentioned above sucks at singing, especially Alanna. Deal with it. Love ya guys!