Alanna sighed as she slowly walked toward the falcon with it's head practically cut off. "I'm so sorry Daine, I should have prevented this," she whispered.

"It's not your fault Lioness," Jon walked up to Alanna and settled next to her.

"You would think that the king would have more things to do then mourn a dead bird with his Champion," Thayet teased as she gave her husband, King Jonathan a quick kiss.

"That bird was Daine," Alanna growled, her eyes filled with tears.

"Daine!" Thayet surged to her feet. "Does Numair know yet?"

"No. But you think that he would have guessed, since the animals are all in mourning for the Wild Mage," Alanna sighed, standing to carry the bird. Suddenly she gasped.

"Alanna, what is it?" Jon asked, quickly jumping up.

"Heartbeat," she managed.

Jon broke into a run, going to get Stefan and Duke Baird to see if they could heal Daine.

"Your Majesty, what's wrong?" Numair stopped him quickly.

"Get Baird. And quickly! Take him to wear Alanna and Thayet are standing." Jon commanded over his shoulder as he ran.

Jon made it back first with Stefan, but Numair and the Duke were not far behind. When Numair saw Stefan there to he was confused and turned to the king, "Jon, who do you need both Baird and Ste-" he broke off when he saw Daine, asleep in Alanna's arms. She could have been dead for all he knew.

"Alanna, I don't know how much help I'll be when she's in falcon form," The Duke shook his head sadly, looking at the girl stuck as a falcon.

"Wait, what day is it?"Numair asked, holding onto a small shred of hope.

"The Spring Equinox, why?" Alanna asked, tilting her head.

"Her parents! We can get her to them." Numair knelt in prayer.

The others quickly joined him in chanting for Weiryn and the Green Lady.

"You're prayers have been heard," the Badger's voice floated down, "Sir Alanna, take Daine to that tree over there."

Numair silently handed Alanna the falcon and she walked over to the tree. In a flash of light the two disappeared.