Title: The Encounter.
Summary: What trouble can a vibrator cause? What will be the smoking hot outcome?
Edward and Bella pairing
Word Count: 496
Rating: M
Any disclaimer: I do not own twilight or the characters all rights belong to Stephenie Meyer.

"Fuck" I muttered as I tripped over another one of Alice's sexual toys. Believe me I love the feeling of a good vibrator deep inside me as much of the next person but if I had to pick up another one of these vibrator's, I swear I would kill that little Pixie.

'God knows why she couldn't just get fucked once a day and just live with it!' I thought bitterly as it had been over a week and a half since I Edward buried deep inside me. With that thought I quickly bent down to pick up the pink vibrator off from the floor.

"Bella love I'm home," Edward's voice bellowed. Just the sound of his voice alone was enough to make my thong dripping wet!

'Shit I need to get rid of this vibrator before Edward's see's it and over reacts' I thought as I quickly twirled around the room looking for a place to hide Alice's vibrator but sadly I was too late as Edward had already entered the room.

"Bella what the fuck do you think you're holding in your hand," Edward roared as his eyes caught the pleasurable item that was currently resting in my palm.

" It's Alice's," was the only answer that came to mind but that didn't seem to be good enough for Edward as he was suddenly right in front of me and before I could react Edward cupped my clothed pussy in his strong hand.

"I don't believe you," Edward whispered in my ear as his fingers worked their way under my thong.

His fingers started to play with my clit which sent waves of ecstasy following through my body which caused me to drop the vibrator.

"This is mine Isabella and I will not let anyone or anything play with what's mine," Edward growled as he quickly removed his fingers and backed me up against the wall.

Before I could even work up a reply my thong was pulled away from my body and Edward's pants were lowed to the ground.

"Mine" he stated sternly before entering me in one quick thrust. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his large cock as his hips rocked back and forth in strong forceful motions.

He continued to hammer into my body as it bounced up and down against the wall and in no time at all my I could feel my juices gathering as I became to clutch around his girth.

"That's it Isabella come for me, show me who you belong to," Edward roared as my walls clutched around him and my juices covered his cock.

"I'm yours," I screamed at the top of my lungs as my body was blow away by ecstasy. With that I felt hot spurts of his seed coating my passage.

We laid there for about fifteen minutes in each other arms before detangling our bodies.

"I love you Bella," Edward whispered.

"As I love you Edward," I replied lovely.