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Ever since Percy had gotten the balls to ask Annabeth they were inseparable. It was AnnabethandPercy, PercyandAnnabeth. They were always together and now they weren't…

Some say that the break-up was Percy's fault, others say Annabeth. Nobody but the two themselves really knew. Before if you called one of them Seaweed Brain or Wise Girl and you weren't their other half they would hurt you…a lot. But now they would kill you, and if you called Annabeth Wise Girl you would have the entire Athena cabin after you, which wouldn't be fun.

Things not to say when talking to Annabeth (Punishable by death):



The Battle of Olympus

Dogs, hell hounds, Mrs. O'Leary

Water, the sea, etc.

Things not to say when talking to Percy:





Mt. Olympus


The campers couldn't take the intensity of the two, so they did the only logical thing. They went to the Aphrodite cabin for help.

The Aphrodite cabin, led by Drew, said it would be more fun to "sit back and watch them struggle" then it would be to help.

For some odd reason the Hermes and Demeter cabins, thus Travis Stoll and Katie Gardner, were put in charge of getting them back together.

Attempt #1: Hinting

"You know Annabeth, there were these campers who were completely in love, but then they broke up and made all of Camp Half-Blood miserable…"

"You're hinting Katie. I'll give you three seconds to get out of my sight before I pound you into a pulp."

Believe it or not, Travis did even worse.

"Percy!" Travis ran over, "Will you and Annabeth just get back together already? You're making the whole camp miserable!"

Travis spent a week in the infirmary.

Attempt #2: Jealousy

"Hey Annabeth, Percy's kissing Katie Gardner!"

"No he's not. I saw her about two seconds in the strawberry fields. Do you want me to show you?"

"Hey Percy, Annabeth's kissing Travis Stoll!"

"Isn't he dating Katie Gardner?"

Attempt #3: Persuasion

"Annabeth, Percy has all these wonderful qualities! He's a perfect gentleman, he's madly in love with you, you're parents finally approved, you're madly in love with him, you're the only person who knows where his Achilles Heel is, and did I mention that you're madly in love with each other?"

"Doesn't work Stoll. You should know me better than that."

"Please Percy? She really is in love with you. I was talking to her yesterday and-"

""Katie, weren't you in the infirmary with Travis yesterday?"

Attempt #4: Getting the entire camp to beg.

"Please? It would make us all happy. You wouldn't have to buy us any birthday or Christmas gifts…"

"This is pathetic."

Attempt #5: Giving up and letting them hate each other.

"You know what? I give up. They'll be leaving soon anyway."


"Me too."

"Good point Katie!"

With that everyone gave up.

"Annabeth, I'm really sorry about what I said. I don't really think you're a whore or a slut."

"I'm sorry too," Annabeth whispered.

"Wanna' go out again?"

"Of course I do Seaweed Brain. It's been a long two months. I would have apologized sooner, but I liked seeing them sweat."

"No worries. I enjoyed it too."

Believe me when I say that was a memorable summer for everyone.