Natsu Dragneel is going to kick ass in the S-Class Trial! Everyone might as well give up now!

- Gray Fullbster: Not if I kick ass first! ;D

- Natsu Dragneel: Shut up you ice-block! No one gives a damn about what you have to say!

- Juvia Loxar: Juvia does!

- Lucy Heartfillia: . . .


Gajeel Redfox is Levi's partner and with me by her side, all you other Fairy Tail mages are going down!

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- Happy: He llllikes you!

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Erza Scarlet has joined Facebook.

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Lucy Heartfillia : Erza Scarlet : Awesome Erza! You finally got a Facebook!

- Erza Scarlet:Thank you Lucy. With my presence here, I will make sure Facebook will be safe!

- Lucy Heartfillia: ..Umm...Yeah...

- Natsu Dragneel: No! Goddammnit, Erza joined Facebook, now it's going to be boring... =.=

- Gray Fullbuster: Someone hack into Erza's account and do naughty stuff so her account gets deleted!

- Erza Scarlet: ...


Erza Scarlet has gone offline.


Natsu Dragneel Yay we got rid of Erza!

- Gray Fullbuster: She's going to kill you, you fucking hothead!

- Natsu Dragneel: Shut up, icehead! You were as bad as me!

- Natsu Dragneel : Brb...Someone's knocking on my door.

- Gray Fullbuster : . . .

- Lucy Heartfillia: . . .


Natsu Dragneel has gone offline.


Gray Fullbuster O.O

- Lucy Heartfillia: Oh no! Erza got Natsu! D:

- Gray Fullbuster: Ha! Serves him right! ;D

- Lucy Heartfillia: Gray...She might come for you next!

- Gray Fullbuster: Nah, she likes me :D

- Gray Fullbuster: Brb, the mail is here...

- Lucy Heartfillia: Gray, wait, don't!


Gray Fullbuster has gone offline.


Lucy Heartfillia and there goes Gray.

- Juvia Loxar : Don't worry Gray-sama! I'll save you before Lucy does!

- Lucy Heartfillia: o.o'' Juvia..I'm not you're love rival...

- Juvia Loxar: Juvia sees the way you look at Gray-sama! Don't lie to me! Juvia is going to go save Gray!

- Lucy Heartfillia: ...Umm, Juvia...


Juvia Loxar has gone offline.


Lucy Heartfillia ;[ Nooo...Not Juvia too!

- Loki: Worry not, Lucy! I shall save you from you're misery! ;]

- Happy: He lllikes you!

- Lucy Heartfillia: Shut up, Happy .! And when did you get a Facebook Loki?

- Loki: Oh, Aries recommended me to make an account 3

- Happy: Oooo...He's cheating on you with another Celestial Spirit

- Lucy Heartfillia: =.=''


Natsu Dragneel is online.


Lucy Heartfillia: Natsu Dragneel: Natsu, are you okay?

- Natsu Dragneel: Oi, Lucy! I'm gonna stay over at your house tonight...Erza destroyed my house

- Lucy Heartfillia: O.O? What? I never even gave you PERMISSION to stay over, you can't go announcing stuff like that! But then again...Erza did go and destroy your house...

- Natsu Dragneel: Hey,everyone! Sleepover at Lucy's t'night!

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- Lucy Heartfillia: What? Natsu! You Baka!

- Wendy Marvell: Umm ...Whose going to bring the soda for the sleepover.

- Cana Alberona: Screw the soda, bring the beer!

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- Lucy Heartfillia: WHY ME? D:

- Mirajane: Come on, Lucy...Think of it as a party to celebrate the oncoming S-Class Trail Exam ^-^

- Lucy Heartfillia: Your house isn't the one being raided =.=


Gray Fullbuster and Juvi Loxar have come online.


Natsu Dragneel: Gray Fullbuster: Erza screwed you over, didn't she? ;] Oh yeah, sleepover at Lucy's t'night :D

- Gray Fullbuster: Oi, at least I wasn't trying to suck up to her like you! ...Sleepover at Lucy's? Sweet :D!

- Lucy Heartfillia: *Sigh*


[ to be continued...]