A/N: Okay, so I know that it seems like I've been dead, but in reality I was a little uninspired to update this fic... But here it is now!... Even though it is very short... ;D /shot

I'm going to update this fic every five days now though... I promise... /shot again

Oh, and I've written a FMA fic, so if any of you are interested-~- /shot a billion times

Natsu Dragneel has come online.

Natsu Dragneel wonders where the hell everybody is?

- Gray Fullbuster: For one, you pointed eye idiot, we were trapped and presumed dead on Tenrou Island until a few weeks ago! Aaandddd... Since the author of this fic is a procrastinator, we have been stuck here in WIP island for five whole months!

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- Lucy Heartfillia: ^-^'' Well at least we're back in business now... right?

- Natsu Dragneel: Shut up you droopy eyed bastard! You were crying over about your dead crops on farmville all day yesterday!

- Gray Fullbuster: What about you? You burned down your own computer because your avatar got killed in that gangster game!

- Natsu Dragneel: You really wanna go, icebrain?

- Gray Fullbuster: Oh, you know i do...!

- Lucy Heartfillia: o / o

- Happy: Lucy is having dirty thoughts~

- Lucy Heartfillia : N-noo! I'm not! D:

- Happy: Riighhhht... ;3

Ichigo Kurosaki the Strawberry and Natsu Dragneel are now friends.

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- Lucy Heartfillia: Ne, Natsu, is Ichigo a new member of the guild?

- Natsu Dragneel: Nope!

- Lucy Heartfillia: Really...? Is he from some other guild then?

- Natsu Dragneel: I dunno.. He's from some place called 'Soul Society'...

- Orihime Inoue: Kurosaki-kun! ;DDDD

- Gray Fullbuster: =.= and who's this? A personal stalker?

- Juvia Loxar: T - T Gray-sama...

- Lyon Vastia: It's okay, my dear Juvia, I will always be here for you!"

- Gray Fullbuster: Oi, don't go trying to pick up something that isn't yours, Lyon!

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- Lyon Vastia: Oh, is someone getting jealous?

- Gray Fullbuster: Why would I ever be jealous of a pointy-eyed bastard?

- Lyon Vastia: Says the pointy-eyed bastard himself! Anyways, I'm you're senior by over 5 years now since you haven't aged since being trapped on Tenrou Island!

- Gray Fullbuster: How the hell does that make a difference?

- Orihime Inoue: Kuurosakkiii-kun!

- Gray Fullbuster: Can someone shut her up? =_=

- Ichigo Kurosaki the Strawberry: Oi, stop all of this fighting! It's completely pointless!

- Lucy Heartfillia: Yes... This entire fight is spamming up my newsfeed! D:

- Byakuya Kuchiki: It would be wise for us to end the conversation here.

- Rukia Kuchiki: Of course, nii-sama! /eyesparkle

- Natsu Dragneel: I don't really get what's going on, but who the hell are all of these people?

- Gray Fullbuster: I think they're from Bleach...

- Natsu Dragneel: Uhm... the washing detergent?

- Lucy Heartfillia: No.. I think he means the anime/manga...

- Ichigo Kurosaki the Strawberry: Well, I have to go fight evil bishie arrancars and get my outfit ripped to shreds for fanservice while I'm at it... See ya.

- Gray Fullbuster: . . .

- Lucy Heartfillia: . . .

- Lyon Vastia: . . .

- Natsu Dragneel: . . .?

- Orihime Inoue: Kurosaki-kun!


Lucy Heartfillia likes Justin Beiber.

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- Gray Fullbuster: Who's the Beiber kid?

- Erza Scarlet: I am disappointed in you, Gray, for not knowing one of the most talented singers on this planet. /nodnod

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- Natsu Dragneel: =_= Nee, what's so good about him? He just sounds like a girl to me... Even Gray can sing much better than that guy!

- Gray Fullbuster: Yu-HEY wait!

- Lucy Heartfillia: He does not sound like a girl! D:... His voice is that of an angel's... ;D

- Natsu Dragneel: Lucy...are you under another love charm spell thingy again?

- Happy: Lucy is fangirling~

- Lucy Heartfillia: No and no... D: You guys have to think he's cuute at least..

- Erza Scarlet: He is...very adorable.

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- Natsu Dragneel: He looks like a beaver to me...

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- Elfman Strauss: He is very manly indeed. You guys should be manly like him!

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- Gray Fulbuster: E-Elfman... You're not serious are you..? Beiber seriously...looks like some 12 year-old kid to me...

- Elfman Strauss: He is manly!

- Wendy Marvell: He is! /fangirlsqueak

- Gray Fullbuster: Oh..god... =_=

Gray Fullbuster likes Justin Beiber.

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- Lucy Heartfillia: See, Gray, isn't he an amazing singer? :D

- Gray Fullbuster: ... It sounds so horrible, but it's so addicting... /headdesk

- Happy: D: Oh noes! Gray has turned to the dark-side! /patsGray

[ to be continued... ]