A/N: This was written by one of your hosts, MandyLeigh87, who wanted to join in on the fun. It is uploaded simply for your reading pleasure and is not eligible to win for obvious reasons. Enjoy.

His red convertible 69' Camaro was the first thing I noticed about Jasper. I remember it pulling up in front of the house when I moved in. He stepped out and ran his fingers through his shaggy blonde hair as I leaned over the balcony in one of my dad's shirts.

"Howdy ma'am…my old man is the chief of police and was close with your parents. He was real sorry to hear about the accident." He stuck his hands in his pockets and smiled apologetically. "I'm Jasper, I just wanted to check on you all out here by yourself. You inherited a big house for one person." He bit down on his lip. "Would you like some company?"

"I'd like that," I mumbled.

I shook my head at our first memory and flicked the ashes of my cigarette into the tray. Mounds of dirty dishes sat strewn around the kitchen, all begging to be washed. An open jar of peanut butter was settled next to my hip, the spoon sticking straight out from my binge this morning. I was still mourning his loss in the worst possible way.

I noticed the light on my answering machine was blinking so I took a chance and pushed 'play' even though I knew what it would say.

"Alice, it's Bella. Are you okay hon? I know the breakup was bad but you need to get out of that house. Call me." Erase. Next. "Al it's Rose. Get your ass out of bed and put some pants on." I glanced down at my bare legs and sighed. "And take a shower because you probably smell like ass. Bella and I are coming to visit next week." Erase.

It was stupid…why we broke up. One little fight turned into something huge and I told him to leave. And he did. For the first time he never came back. I felt like half of my heart was riding beside him in his car, wherever he was. He wouldn't answer my calls or emails. It was like he never existed.

I pulled my knees to my chest and started tapping my foot against the cold floor. I wiped away a stray tear, feeling more pathetic with each passing moment. He saved me the first time I sunk this low. Now nobody was here to save me from the wake of his departure. I never called my friends back. I had no family. I felt empty.

A sound outside caught my attention and I crawled towards the window, thinking it was someone out to stage an intervention. I felt my heart flutter as the car slowly inched to stop in front of the house. It was a red convertible '69 Camaro.