Disclaimer: The characters of Roar are the copyright property of Ron Koslow and Shaun Cassidy. No copyright infringement is intended.

Timeline: Right after Claire's death.

© Triskell, April 2000


A lonely past, a dimming ray -
My lover's heart has turned to clay.

It dreams deep in the shadows while I pray
And clasps my own with iron bonds that lay
All hope of future love aside. I say
So many words throughout the day,

I cannot yet believe that I still live, nay
Breathe without your love. If there's a way,
My dear, to find your soul again - I'd sway
The heavens, earth, breach fires - only stay

With me tonight - my dreams outweigh
The bitter solitude; my heart has gone astray
Within the depths of dark despair - do say
What I can do to join you! Every fray

I go to brings me closer to my death - I pray
That once the end is here I'll lay
Down by your side to rest. The ray
Of your life's like a beacon - that's my way

To find you once again - let's stay
Together, always, mingling in the clay.