By Talia Lavin

Yesterday evening, a squad of Entian Rangers invaded Orthanc in the next installment in a series of attacks-- or as they call them. This battle was chiefly to drive em out o' Orthanc, in the words of a Lt. Treebeard, who consented to an interview yesterday. Mordorian forces had previously killed Lt. Boromir of the elite Fellowship squad and captured Gen. Meriadoc and Gen. Peregrin of the same division.

This attack was a savage retribution indeed. The Mordorian stronghold was flooded, its storehouses raided, all the soldiers driven out or killed, and the stone tower was almost destroyed. The Mordorian leader, Lt. Gen. Saruman White, stayed with his servant for as long as he could, bravely defending the precipice with stones. In an attempted parley for peace, he was abruptly driven out of his tower and banished.

A private from the Orc squad offered some comments: Those ents, dreadful things! I was eating my lunch when a group of em came down- waving torches an' yelling fit to burst your ears-- I was so scared I nearly wet me armor, but me buddy Grazl weren't, he jist went out to counterattack-- I never saw him again! I think they just wanted revenge for Lt. Boromir-- dreadful fellow!

This tale, and many others, offers a rather different perspective of this battle than that which was offered by the Gondorian Forces. That was their chief stronghold outside of Mordor, says Aragorn. They were using it to harry our chief forces in Rohan. It was pure tactical strategy, with no personal revenge in the matter. This attack promises not to be the first of many Gondorian attacks on Mordor.

We are in a full-fledged war now, says Gen. Legolas Greenleaf, a member of both the Fellowship Squad and the Elven Warrior Unit 5002. The Mordorians have no mercy, and although we are trying to fight a more humane war, we will not hesitate to strike if need be and the time comes.