Don't play with magic history books!

A Stella, Bloom, Sky and Brandon story!

Chapter 4: Trouble, Truth and lies are revealed!

{Stella, Brandon and Sky}

Stella was beginning to worry about Bloom and what the boy's would do if they found out about their little traveling 5 years back in the past thing; then she had her dad panicking on why in the world was she and her new friend was on Erakloen cause at this time she went to do shopping in Magix but now she was stuck on a planet and couldn't tell anyone but Bloom why they here and why they acted so much older then they looked.

"Stella do you even know where you going?" Brandon question adding more pressure on her, Stella stopped to face the guys who looked confused and annoyed.

"She is close and if you don't shut up the baddies will find us!" Stella exclaimed with her hands on her hips; "how do you know she's close?" Sky asked

"Magic now come on!" Stella said walking farther not wanting to fight with her Brandon/Sky and the fact this whole thing with the Golden book was not something she could tell either of them to the fact Bloom told her and that she could change the future for all of them.

After walking a little longer in silence Stella came to a holt hiding behind a tree which Brandon and Sky looked at her confused but did the same when they all looked from behind the tree they saw four Techno-Ninja's in dark full black suits and masks only showing their eyes or eye which was red [weird] to Stella as for Brandon and Sky they knew about these people and where told to stay clear of them for Sky's safety but the Sun and Moon fairy thought other wise.

"Stella this is a bad idea cause we not even allowed this far without protection or weapons and you a princess we could have asked someone to help us find Bloom" Sky said which got a glare from Stella one he was not happy to see.

"Please I'm not afraid of a few old men and for two heroes like yourselves you're acting pretty chicken to me right now, but if you want you two can run home to safety I want my friend back!" Stella snapped at them her insult about them being heroes hurt but when they thought about it they were acting scared even while Brandon had these feelings for Bloom and only got to know a little about her in three days.

"We'll stay and help but…" Brandon was cut off by Stella running off and amazingly snuck in the cave the boys slowly followed and as they entered the cave someone pushed them into the shadows. "Hello we suppose to keep ourselves from being noticed or seen" Stella said as she let go of them and slowly they walked through the shadows to find Bloom.


Bloom was put in a chair and her hands tied behind her back well the guys who kidnapped her stood beside her even one had his hands on her shoulders which she tried so hard to shack off but couldn't. "I told you to watch your back" a deep yet Chinese voice came from a chair behind the desk she found in front of her, the person turned in his chair revealing a short tubby old Chinese guy with a thin mustache and wore the old fashioned Chinese guy robe with socks and sandals get-up.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Bloom yelled

"the book where is the Golden book!" he demanded which Bloom chose to act childish like how she looked and acted stupid like not knowing what he was talking about.

"What are you talking about? And how do you know me?" Bloom kept questioning him and acted like she had no idea on the Book which was in her pocket kept safe from people like this guy and his thugs.

"I saw you once with Prince Sky and his friend Brandon and some Brown haired girl, you came to save Diaspro. You were much older but how you changed in a little girl again I want to know" he told her, Bloom couldn't believe this guy not only did know about Bloom and Stella sent back in time but he knew her from the time Sky wanted her to met his Parents with Flora and Brandon along.

"You crazy!" Bloom yelled

"you amaze me for a little girl you tend to be very careful around the Royals and the two boys if I didn't know better I say you were hiding something like the Book and frankly I want to know how you did it how you gone back in time" he demanded as he got off his chair and cupped Bloom's face in his hand with a tough grip.

"You gone nuts you know that now let go of me!" Bloom yelled pulling her face out his hand then looked away to the floor frowning. "You want to know why that book is so important to me little girl, I tell you why it is a Time traveling Book with other things like the want for more or the ability to change fates" Bloom looked up at the last part with shock in her eyes.

"you plan to change the Royal family to poor people and you as the king of this planet" Bloom said in shock; "very smart for a 11 year although I think you knew all this and thought it be best to act dumb to fool me" he said between laughing then stood up straight waving his hand to Bloom which the guy who kidnapped her pulled her out the room through the halls or corridors both his hands held her around her arms in tight grips that it hurt.

"Stop it! You hurting me, let go!" Bloom cried in pain just before she was thrown in a prison. Bloom who used her magic to burn the rope binding her hands behind her back sat up and looked out the prison bars to see the old man smirking. "Another reason I needed you was it needs a magical person to work and you do love books" after he said that he walked away laughing evilly.

"like hell I'll help you creep" Bloom hissed under her breath, her kidnapper hurt her arms and the pain still stung but not as much as the fact that he was going to use her to change Sky's whole world into a horrible fate. Ok on earth she learnt things were ok to be poor but growing up your whole life as a Royal was something they would never bare to lose.

Bloom sat against the wall with her knees high then pulled out the Golden Book and turned it back to its Normal size and opened the pages trying to read if what he said was true. She would feel really terrible to ruin the Royals lives if she helped him; and Sky would never look at her the way he does if he knew or if he even came to save her before that happens.

"the want for more and the ability to change fates" why did this bother her so much maybe because the want for more was kissing Sky or rather Brandon at this point and change of fate she could not bare to see it happen. Just as someone came past she changed it back and shoved it in her pocket and folded her arms well her legs were pulled up to her chest.

"Don't worry little girl, you'll have part of this deal too" her kidnapper mocked

"I will not part take in your idea of ruining the Royals so you can just forget it!" Bloom hissed; "you will part take if you want your friend to live" he said which made Bloom's heart sink and tears form in her eyes. He laughed and walked away from her, leaving the 11 year old Bloom in tears of hurt and pain of what she should do.

{Sky, Stella and Brandon}

"We've been walking for hours now, yet no sign of Bloom anywhere" Sky said

"We still have to find her, these guys might do something horrible to her" Brandon said

Just then Stella stopped putting her hand up to stop then "quiet I hear something" Stella said they listen closely as they stood in the shadows next to a room they stayed quiet listening.

"you amaze me for a little girl you tend to be very careful around the Royals and the two boys and if I didn't know better I would think you hiding something like the book and frankly I want to know how you did it how you gone back in time!" he yelled

"you nuts you know that now let me go!" they could hear that was Bloom, Stella just wanted to use her sun magic to knock the person senseless but the boys looked at each other confused about the time traveling thing.

"What's he going on about Stella?" Brandon asked but Stella just silenced him with her hand covering his mouth "shut it I need to hear what's going on!" Stella said then when removing her hand she leaned in more to listen so did the guys.

"do You want to know why the Book is so important to me little girl, I tell you why it is, it's a Time Traveling Book and has other things like the want for more and the ability to change fates" he said this Made Stella cover her mouth in shock well the Boys began to understand a little more but they were still in the shadows of the whole thing the change of fates made no sense to them.

"you plan to change the Royals to become poor people and you king" Bloom yelled which now got the boys they looked over to Stella who almost felt Sick as all her natural beauty was gone leaving her every pale. "Hey Stella you ok?" Sky asked holding her by the shoulders.

"I will be when I'm done with him!" Stella hissed

"Very smart for an 11 year old although I think you knew about all of this and chose to act dumb to fool me" the person said

Just then Stella, Brandon and Sky leaned against the wall as one of the Ninja's came out with Bloom her hands tied behind her back and cried out "Stop it! You hurting me, let go!" he had been holding tightly around her arms that Brandon saw tears about to run out of Bloom's eyes.

They got up and slowly followed him well until the creep came past them which they ducked back in the shadows and could hear him say "another reason I need you is because the book needs a magical person to work and you do love Books!" ok now Stella was getting pied off with his insults and wanting to use Bloom like that.

"Like hell I'll help you creep" they could hear Bloom say barely as the guy walked away again they walked on looking through prison ceils for her knowing she was here because her voice echoed through the halls. Brandon was utterly angered on how they hurt her and wanted to use her to hurt his family, Sky felt the same as for Stella her anger grew so did her powers boiling in her body.

Just then the guy who hurt bloom walked up to the one ceil and stood by it; "don't worry little girl you'll have a part in this" he laughed as Bloom replied "I will not part take in ruining the Royals so you can just forget it!" brave as the three friends thought she acted what the guy said stopped them thinking positive.

"You will part take if you want your friend to live" he laughed as he walked past the three, as much and Brandon and Sky wanted to hurt him they were to young and small so they be useless and would get in danger. Stella went up to the ceil followed by the boys who found a small figure curled up against the wall crying they knew it was Bloom, Stella used a spell she learnt in Alfea to open the ceil causing Bloom to look up then both run up to each other in a hug.

"He knows everything!" Bloom cried as Stella pulled out the hug then took her hand running out the ceil with the boys behind them glad they found Bloom but worried they make it out alive. They made it half way until Bloom's Kidnapper caught sight of them before he could call for help, Bloom picked up a piece of wood then jumped in the air and hit him hard over the head knocking him out.

"where you learn to do that?" both Sky and Brandon asked but they didn't get answer as the girls ran for the exit the boys followed quickly not long they managed to get out and kept running through the forest till they made it to the Royal grounds where both girls fell to their knees as for the boys they looked back to see if the ninja's followed them which none did.

"Bloom are you ok?" Brandon asked seeing her hold her one arm in pain as the other pushed her up to her feet, Stella did the same and just as they thought they were clear the guards of the Kingdom ran up to them they grabbed the four of them by the arms and dragged them inside to the thrown room to find the King and Queen angered at them and frown mostly at the weak looking red head barely able to stand holding her one arm.

"Where in heaven's name have you boys been!" the King yelled

"We had a little problem" Sky said

"And why is the Princess of Solaria and her friend look so out of it?" the Queen said

Before anyone could answer Bloom fell to her knees in pain "it's…it's my fault please don't yell at them the Ninja people kidnapped me and they just came to save me" Bloom said in pain her face was showing that whatever happened she was badly hurt Sky and Brandon tried to help her to her feet also amazed Bloom was taking the blame so they wouldn't land up in too much trouble.

"The Techno Ninja's came here for you why?" the King asked shocked

"What did they want?" the queen asked but Bloom and Stella remained quiet

"Your highness please can I take my friend to rest she had been hurt while there?" Stella asked politely which they nodded then Stella put Bloom's one arm around her shoulder and the her other arm Bloom's waist pulling her along the halls Stella stopped just by the door after she over her the Royals say "that girl and the princess are up to something Brandon and Sky you are to find out what" the King said

"yes sir" both boys replied Stella had gone off as the boys turned to follow them the time they got to the girls, Stella closed their room door and they couldn't help feel worried about them.

{Stella & Bloom}

"Stella thanks for coming to save me" Bloom said laying on her stomach with the Golden Book in front of her well Stella was using her magic to try make the girls more cloths and shoes. "Next time when you plan on finding books that laying around leave them" Stella replied

"You call your dad?" Bloom asked

"Yeah he's not happy about it and mom will find out too and they coming tomorrow afternoon" Stella replied "I need to get us back before we go to Solaria" Bloom said

"Well for now you need to rest anyway our outfits are done" Stella said then clicked her fingers changing them into their PJ's; Bloom still couldn't believe they came after her even if she thought they would never dare come in the face of danger unless Stella dragged them which is what she did.

Bloom over to her and saw her fast asleep with her candles light, Bloom put the book in the desk draw then snack out then walked to a Balcony showing the rose Garden the one Brandon showed her before, she rested her arms on the edge of the balcony breathing the cool air that brow and the moon light shone perfectly that it shown most of the things in the place.

{Brandon & Bloom}

After everything happened today Brandon could hardly sleep after what he heard today and after how his parents treated Bloom even while she took the blame on herself so they three of them wouldn't be in such trouble. Brandon looked over Sky who was sleeping like nothing happened.

Sometimes it amazed Brandon how his friend could sleep without worrying so much like him, out of all the thinking he been doing he thought it would be best to get some fresh air so he put his night top on then snack out his room walking through the halls that were dead silence when he noticed one of the Balcony windows open, he went to close it until he saw Bloom leaning on the balcony.

The moonlight shone on her making her skin look almost flawless and her hair blew through the wind cold air she had only a short top on and short shorts with leg warmers and slippers. She let out a sigh taking in the air, slowly Brandon made it behind her then tapped her on the shoulder which made her jump letting out a scream in fright.

When she turned around to see him she placed her one hand on her chest trying to calm herself down. "You should be resting" he said which Bloom stood up straight then turned back to the balcony maybe to avoid his questioning eyes.

"I'm fine really" Bloom said in a concern tone

"You didn't look fine to me in the Throne room you looked like you were about to pass out" Brandon said standing next to her resting his arms on the Balcony looking at her well she looked at the Ross Garden.

"You sure are brave and you stood up for us even if you could have been hurt by that guy" Brandon said gaining a slight blush on her cheeks as she looked at him. "I guess I'm just one for danger" Bloom joked which surprised Brandon.

"I just wish you told me where you from and why you and Stella are trying so hard to hide it from us" Brandon said. "Brandon as much as that sounds great it's not something you should know" Bloom replied turning to face him, he did the same both standing meters away from each other and all Brandon wanted to do was kiss her but something about the way she acted now was not going to let him do that.

"why are you so distant?" he asked putting his hands on her shoulders, she looked at this then looked back at him; "cause I don't belong in your world and if you knew where I came from you won't like me for the person you think I am" Bloom replied

"Then tell me so I can understand" he said

But she shook her head as a no then pulled out of his hold on her and ready to walk back to her room. But Brandon grabbed her wrist stopping her and spun her around that made her almost bump into him if she didn't place her hands on his chest to stop herself.

"Bloom this might sound funny but ever since you and Stella came in here I completely fell for you, you made me want you" at the last part Bloom remember what the guy said "the want for more" no he couldn't want her not now, she needed to get back to the future before he did something that could change her fate and his.

"Brandon please stop…i can't let you say those words to me…I have to go and rest" Bloom said pulling herself away again this time managing to leave without him and even walking to her room she could hear footsteps coming behind her.

She quicken her pace to run into her room so no one could get her, once she reached the door and opened it and made her way to her bed then climbed in wishing none of this happened not to them anyway. She had no way to return to the present and tomorrow Stella's father was going to collect them to take them to Solaria.

Just as she was about to fall asleep someone knocked on their door, she got up not wanting Stella to wake then opened the door to find Brandon in front of her. "What are you still up for?" Bloom asked holding the door half open and staring at him confused.

He didn't answer but grabbed her arm pulling her out the room and pushed her against the hall walls next to her room with the door still a little open, he put his hand on both sides of her shoulder looking in her now widen eyes. "Brandon what's up with you?" Bloom asked nervous.

"You that's what's up" he replied

"You starting to scare me" Bloom replied

"I don't mean to scare you; I just want to know why you don't want me near you?" Sky asked

"Brandon it's late and I don't want to get in any more trouble then I already am" Bloom said trying to get out from his grasp. "Stop acting all brave and mysterious and tell me why you don't like me?" Brandon asked

"Brandon I do like you but I don't want to change our fates so please leave it" Bloom begged

"Then tell me why they wanted you so badly?" he asked leaning closer to her; "it has something to do with you and Stella being here isn't it" he said which made Bloom look away in silence.

"Speak to me" he begged

"I can't! Brandon please don't push me to tell you something you should not know about" Bloom begged looking back at him, he could tell something was stopping her and she refused to tell anyone except Stella and as close as their faces were he could tell she wanted to run for her life.

"Bloom I can tell you wants to run away from me, but I want something too" he said

"What's that?" Bloom said now leaning her face forward studding him in hopes she would find out why he wanted her to tell her secret or something else before for she could think anymore on it he pressed his lips against hers.

He's hands that held her by the shoulders somehow found away around her waist to pull her deeper in the Kiss, last time she let him get to her and she even wanted more of it just cause of how Sky kissed her. But know after everything she learnt today she had to stop him and herself from getting lost in the kiss. She could feel his hands traveling up and down her back to just want her and never wanted to let go.

She pressed her hands on his chest to try push him off her but the memory of Sky and their love was too much to push away. So as much as she wanted this to last she pushed him off her breaking their kiss. He looked down at her confused but still had one hand behind her back and the other stroking her hair. "Bloom why did you pull away?" Brandon asked

"Brandon I have to leave tomorrow and I really want this but you royalty or part of one anyway and I'm just someone you just met, I am glad you saved me but I can't be part of your world" she said looking down know it was the only way for him to understand she couldn't change their fates.

"what are you saying?" he asked lifting her chin to look up at him; "that I've got a world I belong too and Stella maybe royalty but we can't stay in a world that we not from, I know it's confused but this is the only way I can explain it" Bloom said she gave him a small kiss on the lips before going in her room saddened by how things had to be.

Brandon who walked back to his room was confused and disappointed that the only girl he really wanted and maybe loved told him she didn't belong in his world but a world that he could not be part of yet. He lay on his bed wishing what she said was nothing but words that came out cause she was scared but the fact of the matter was she somehow answered his questions in a way which he did not plan to hear like that.

He could never forget how she felt in his arms or how she kissed or even how she tasted cause out of all the girls and princesses who came here for party's she had the one thing none of them had. It was the way she made the same old things turn into fun and the why she loved the books in the library was something he couldn't wrap around his brain; Stella also had a way to make them look gorgeous even Sky had a hard time breathing around Stella their personalities, their act of less then Princesses, and the bravery to face danger that could have them killed was something the boys wished they could have had a long time ago.

And Bloom as brave and noble as she was even if the King and Queen disapproved of her, Brandon found her to be more then an Angel but the girl he never wanted to see go. After long wishing and thinking he drifts of to Sleep and with only Bloom in his mind.

To be continued…