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Jenny's POV:

I first saw her in second period. She sat in a seat near the front, her skinny elbows resting on her desk. One hand supported her chin as she stared around the room, giving everyone a once-over like many of the Pops do. She was alone, talking to no one, but she seemed confident and comfortable with her solitude. Most new kids look around awkwardly, but she could have easily been talking with a group of girls and act the same way as she was.

The most obvious thing about her was that she could be a Pop. With her high-class style and perfect hair, she was better than the Pops. She had a silk blouse tucked into a skirt, complete with tights and ankle booties with a small heel. An expensive-looking scarf was wrapped around her neck. I'm not that used to seeing those; the ones that are meant for fashion and do virtually nothing to protect against the weather. Her Coach bag was sitting next to her booties.

She continued eyeing the girls standing by the door, waiting for the bell to ring. She looked over their clothes, and then seemed satisfied. The girls' clothes used to be thought of high-class, but compared to the girl, they looked like trash.

Her head snapped over to me and her green eyes locked with mine. Her lips pursed as she stared at me, probably wondering why I was looking at her. I broke my gaze and sat down, wishing Chloe or Felicia were in my class.

The girl turned away and stared at the front of the room, pushing a curled hair away from her face. Her light brown hair, a little darker than blonde, was pulled into a side bun. Her makeup was flawless, her eyes lined and had just the right amount of shadow, and her lips were moisturized and glossed. Her skin was clear and evenly toned, and some blush was applied to her cheeks. This girl was the total package.

"Class," the teacher strode into the room as everyone scurried to their seats. "We've got a couple new students starting late this year, moving here all the way from New York. We have Millie here in our class today." She smiled and gestured to Millie.

Everyone turned and stared at her. The guys focused on her long legs as the girls critiqued her outfit only to find no flaws.

"Now that you know her, let's begin." The teacher turned to the board. Immediately, Millie slipped out her IPhone from her purse and sent a text to someone. Dana, who sat behind her, glanced over at Addie sneakily and leaned forward in her seat, trying to read over Millie's shoulder.

Instead of taking notes like we were supposed to, most of us were watching Millie's slender fingers fly over her phone. She seemed to be experienced, since she knew when to look up at the teacher and knew when the teacher would glance back at the class to make sure we were paying attention.

She sighed at her phone, and a curious look spread over Dana's face, who was leaning so far over that her knees were on the chair. Mille glanced around at her and everyone else and realized we were staring. She looked back down at her phone and seemed not to care.

It was interesting to watch Millie saunter down the hall when it was time for lunch. She was confident in her heels and looked a little off-put by all the kids wearing comfortable sneakers and cheap jeans. I followed behind her as we both entered the lunch room.

We both got into line, and I noticed that she was mostly buying the healthier choices, which was the salad, half a bagel, and a side of fruit.

She paused after she bought her lunch, scanning over the room. I looked over and saw Mark, Chloe, Felicia, Rachel, Josh, and Lisa. The twins must have a different lunch period.

"Millie," I said.

Millie turned around and looked at me. She raised her eyebrow, prompting me to speak.

"Do you want to sit with us?" I gestured to my friends over at their table. My friends watched curiously as I spoke with her.

Millie's voice was confident and smooth. "I'm sitting with my friends." She pointed to a group of three other girls who patiently waited for her. They were dressed just as high-class as her, each of them equally pretty.

Without waiting for my response, Millie sauntered over to her friends. I turned away and went to my table.

Millie's POV:

When I sat down at my table, my best friends Sophia, Maxine, and Celeste greeted me.

"Millie!" Celeste squealed in her girlish voice. Her blonde curls bounced around her face.

Everything about Celeste was girly. She wore heels, skirts, and purses that were girly. She had this cute girly laugh that guys liked and her rounded face gave her the image of innocence. It was a false image. Celeste knew how to use her cute face to get what she wanted, and we loved it when she would pout and get us out of trouble.

"OMG, that text you sent me during class was the only thing that kept me awake. For real," Sophia said dominantly.

Sophia was sort of the leader in our group. She had the best advice for everything and always knew what to do when things got awkward or tough. We love her because she makes everything look so easy. She's confident and sure in every situation.

"Everyone is so fashion-challenged here. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone," Maxine whispered. Her brown hair was pulled into a neat side-pony. Her side-bangs were given a slight curl. Maxine was extremely talented. She became uber-popular on Youtube, so she made it on the news and might shoot a music video for one of her songs. She's addicted to music, but usually listens to music that isn't played on the radio. She finds the best songs that lots of people hardly listen to. It's so funny at school dances, since she requests songs that aren't the biggest hits, so the DJ never knows them. She detests Justin Bieber and will never forgive Sophia for loving him, since Maxine was originally convinced he was secretly a girl.

"That's what we get for going to public school," Sophia noted, and began to eat her salad.

"Everyone is staring at us," Celeste whispered, adjusting the pink bow clipped to her hair.

"It's 'cause we're hot," Maxine guessed.

"It's 'cause you're famous." I poked Maxine.

"Over two million views on Youtube, thank you very much."

We all giggled.

"It's 'cause we're dressed like royalty compared to these people," Sophia said.

"Who cares? The important part is that they probably don't know half the songs on my IPod." Maxine waved it in the air.

"Why is that the important part?" Sophia asked, amused.

"Because they don't know half the songs on my IPod!" Maxine giggled.

Sophia shook her head. I raised my eyebrows at Maxine in a you're-crazy-but-I-love-you sort of way and flashed an entertained smile. Maxine grinned back.

I glanced around the room to see a bunch of girls walking our way, looking curious and a little bit threatened.

"I'm Addie. Are you the new girls?" a blonde curly-haired girl asked.

Sophia looked her up and down, taking in her Ugg boots and blue cotton skirt, which matched her plain white tank top. "Who's asking?" Sophia challenged.

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