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Yumi saw that Leah was sleeping peacefully but she wantwed to talk to Ami as Kaz wanted to have a meeting with them but she was nervous knowing that he would try to stop their new friends from becoming part of the band

Ami was listening to J-Pop but Yumi was mad seeing that Kaz wanted their new friends to audition but she and Ami knew that their new friends were awesome performers.

Kaz saw her leave the room as Ami knew her friend was mad.

Leah woke up later seeing they'd stopped at a gas station but found Yumi drinking coffee as she was angry at Kaz for what he'd said last night as she understood listening to the lavender haired female explain.

"Yumi it's okay.

Kaz is just being concerned for you and Ami.

It's what a good manager does." she said.

Yumi snorted hearing that.

"You and Carley remind me of Ami and me.

Before we hit the big time.

That's why I want you guys to stay." she told her.

Leah smiled hugging her making Yumi smile a little.

"Yeah I guess." she said.

They were having breakfast.

Kaz was stunned seeing Yumi so calm around Leah.

Ami smiled knowing this was a good thing.

He hated making Yumi angry.

It meant her bad mood would last the entire day until she calmed down.

Ami then saw Leah's friend join them.

She was quiet but Yumi understood.

She wanted to help her.