Divine Rose A/N: Well, here is my second story and once again Sess/Rin. I really planned on just Unlikely Love, but I got this idea and could not help, but write it.

Well, things that might be helpful to know is that this story is an AU set in the medieavl era. And this story is greatly influenced by Valkryie Profile, which is based on Norse mythology, as well as this story. So, it is set in Scandinavia and the outfits all have a victorian flair. And this tale shall mainly be a bitter sweet romance between Sess & Rin.

And this story is dedicated to both sfdmoment and icegirljenni! Especially Ment, who posts this! Love you both! And you two are just awesome!

Prologue: The Covenant of the Plume

Across the fields of war echo the songs of fighting men:

"No glory as great
Does a warrior await,
No nobler be any than he,
That meets his fate,
At Valhalla's gate
On the wings of the Valkyrie."

A battleground of dead warriors lay not long after the battle fought. Many laid dead at the ruins of the recently destroyed keep. Brave warriors that were no longer...

Then pale blue armored boots landed on the ground. Walking amongst the dead was a beautiful woman with part way braided silver locks that reached past her waist. She was clad in pale blue armor and a white skirt. With a feathered helmet adorning her head and a sword by her side completed her look.

She soon came to a slain warrior, who wore the most prominent armor. She looked down at him with something akin to sad eyes. Soon though, she leaned forward and whispered in his ear. The words unheard...

Straightening up, the warriors soul came forth and floated above the woman's head. She looked up and wings sprouted on her back. She flew up and the soul entered her heart. She flew away, leaving a feather floating down to the warrior's body...

O'er the battle grim,
The Valkyrie presides,
Brave souls upon her wings,
To Asgard forth she rides.

Minions of the gods,
Einherjar dubbed are they,
In Valhalla toasting every night,
The battles of each day.

"The Chooser of the Slain,"
"Battle Maiden" be her names,
Yet to others has the Valkyrie,
To those whose kin she claims.

To the widows and the orphans,
An Angel of Death is she,
The Thief of Their Beloved,
The Accursed Valkyrie.

And so begins a tale,
Of vengeance and betrayal,
Destiny by sinner sought,
Tragedy by power wrought.

A demon lord was cradling the dead body of a frail, mortal girl in his arms. He wore a long fancy black coat with red designs. As well, his pants and boots were white. He was the feared heir of the Western Lands, Lord Sesshomaru. The girl had long knee length black hair and wore a silk, light pink dress. She was very beautiful, but extremely fragile and sickly looking. And this feared lord held a the young, fragile girl with tender care.


That was the girl who was the only one whom the demon lord cared for. And here she was dead. The demon lord did not shed tears, but anyone could see his unbearable pain that he felt for the lost of the girl. She was dead and he could do nothing to save her...

Sesshomaru: All because of that...

Sesshomaru: "I shall not let it be like this."

In a flash Sesshomaru appeared in darkness, alone.

Unknown: "The fire of passion burns bright in you. Such rage you bare over the death of that girl, Demon..."

"Who speaks?"

"Nifleheim's frost shall cool your anger. It shall at the very least chill that girl."

"My fire shall burn and yours she shall never be."

"Indeed your soul is consumed by flames of rage. Your zeal is genuine. That fragile girl must mean a great deal to you. Hm. Shall you save her? That mortal girl, whose life is so easily snatched? She whose time is not for long? At any moment can be snuffed out?"


"I shall grant you my power."

"Who are you? How dare you insult me."

"A ha ha ha... It is of no consequence. Well? What say you?"

"No. You are a fool to think I would accept help from one of the likes of you."

"You can not bring her back. Even that sword, Tenseiga has failed to. What can you do?"

"I shall find a way. I shan't lower myself to associate with you."

"Then are you going to let that girl stay among the dead? I can bring her back to you. I assure you."


"And I can assure you she shall live. That girl shall live as long as our covenant is strong. Her life I guarantee."


"Her protection and life I promise thee. Her life be fragile, but never taken. So, what shall it be? Shall you be the cause of that girl's life to be snatched away so soon in life. Especially one as pure as she?"

"...Let it be done..."

"A covenant we now have forged."

Sesshomaru opened his eyes and looked down at Rin. She was still lifeless...

After long moments of staring at Rin, Sesshomaru gently place a kiss on her lips. She did not wake still...

Sesshomaru: "..."

In a flash of light a feather appeared in Sesshomaru's hand. He stared long at it.

Sesshomaru: "..."

Unknown: "A ha ha ha ha ha..."

"The covenant..."


Voice of Dark: "Grrr..."

Unknown: "Never have I heard you growl with hunger so, my pet."


"Is that's your true heart's desire?"


"Then you shall have it!"

A/N: Well, what do you think of that? Confusing? Rin shall be resurrected. Don't worry. This story is mainly about Sess and all he does for his love, Rin. Which is very extroadinary. It's going to be mainly a dark bitter sweet romance between the two.