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Chapter 8: Tears & Glass Flowers

Inutaisho was in his quarters, pacing around. Unfortunately for poor Totosai and Myoga they were requested to be there. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife. It was extremely apparent that Inutaisho was not happy in the least and it was extremely important not to do anything that would make him angrier. Everybody's lives depended on it. Well, that may be an overstatement, but it didn't look far from the truth.

Inutaisho: "That son of mine had better spoken the truth. If not, he shall find out what true pain means!"

Totosai and Myoga gulped at the scariness of his voice, which was immeasurable to them.

Rin stared in fear at Sesshomaru's hungry and lust filled eyes. She was scared because this was not the Sesshomaru she knew, not quite. She had no idea how he would treat her, her Lord Sesshomaru always treated her gently, but she didn't know how those one would. She began to slightly shake, scared of what would happen next.

Sesshomaru: "Don't reject me. After all, you carry my child, so we have done this before. So, why refuse?"

Rin couldn't utter a word, shocked at what she heard. She hadn't thought that this Sesshomaru would ever try to sleep with her.

Suddenly Sesshomaru dragged her to him, and pushed her down on the futon, with him on top of her. He roughly kissed her, as his hands roamed her body. When he knew she could no longer breathe, and almost waiting too late, he finally broke away from her mouth. He began placing rough kisses on her neck. Rin gasped as one of his hands found their way inside her sleeping attire and began to massage her breast.

Rin: "Please, stop."

Sesshomaru: "Why?"

Sesshomaru spoke between kisses, not wanting to stop his assault on her.

Rin: "Please, you are not the Sesshomaru that is the father of my child."

Sesshomaru: "Oh, really?"

"Yes, I come from the future. In the future I am your mate, not in this time. So, please stop."

Rin face fell into confusion as she felt Sesshomaru smirk against her neck.

Sesshomaru: "That is quite the wild story. You expect me to believe that? You must have had quite the dream and are still in it."

Tears began to form at the corner of Rin's eyes...

Rin: "No..."

Sesshomaru continued his assault, and soon had stripped Rin of all clothing, leaving her bare beneath him. He leaned up and stared at her, taking the sight of her in. He barely noticed that Rin had covered her eyes, until he smelt the salt of her tears. He pulled her hands back and looked at her face which was streaked with tears.

Sesshomaru: "You really don't want this; to sleep with the father of your child."

Rin shook her head.

Rin: "Not now."

Sesshomaru: "Hn."

Sesshomaru began his assault of kisses on Rin body, and his hands exploring new places. But he soon stopped. Rin's eyes widened as he stood up and covered her with her discarded sleeping attire. She stared after him as he walked to the sliding door, where he paused at.

Sesshomaru: "Sleep."

Rin smiled at Sesshomaru, knowing at that moment that this Sesshomaru cared for her as well, though nothing like her Sesshomaru, but he still did, and that warmed her heart.

Rin: "Thank you, Sesshomaru..."

Sesshomaru: "Hn."

Sesshomaru opened the sliding doors, closing them behind him as soon as he stepped out. As soon as he did so, he heard a gasp coming from his side. By smell he had known she was not far away, so there was no surprise for him. He glanced at her, seeing that indeed it was that princess, Izayoi standing there. She was staring at him with wide eyes and a hand over her mouth. He could tell that she was surprised to see him, but there was something else in her scent as well.

Sesshomaru merely looked towards the sky and took off in flight. His destination was the waterfall, for he knew he had Rin's scent on him, and quite heavily too.

Izayoi watched Sesshomaru fly away with absolute awe shining in her eyes. When she could no longer see him, she looked down and placed a hand on her racing heart. A bright blush painted her pretty face.

Izayoi: He is so beautiful...

A smile crossed her face, but then slipped into confusion.

Izayoi: Did he come from Rin's room?

Izayoi slowly walked over and opened the door. She peered in and saw Rin fast asleep. She smiled and closed the door.

Izayoi: Hm, I wonder why that demon came...

A smile painted itself on her face.

Izayoi: "I hope he comes again."

Lord Sesshomaru glared at the demoness before him. She wore an elegant flowing kimono that had transparent sashes flowing like water around her. Her long blue-black hair flowed around her like a wind was always blowing. She was extremely beautiful, a truly elegant lady, but that beauty had no effect on Lord Sesshomaru.

Lord Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes even more, which caused the demoness to smirk. She then mouthed words, but no sounds came forth. Though Lord Sesshomaru seemed to understand what she said.

Suddenly the demoness jumped into the sky, throwing down one of her glass flowers at Lord Sesshomaru's feet as she did so. Then in a burst of wind and glass petals she vanished.

Lord Sesshomaru stared up at the sky a few moments after the wind had died down. He then looked at the flower at his feet, giving it a thoughtful look.

Sesshomaru was in his quarters after having completely washed off all of Rin's scent off of himself. He sat by the window, looking outside. He was deep in thought, but one could not really tell, except for how narrow his eyes were. He was thinking back to his time with Rin.

Sesshomaru: Hn. Hormones. Perhaps tomorrow night...

With that Sesshomaru stood up, deciding to train some to hopefully get rid of his frustrations.

In a dark realm, a glass orb glowed. Behind it appeared the elegant lady that appeared to Lord Sesshomaru. She raised her hand over it and saw Rin peacefully sleeping. One of the lady's sashes flowed off of her arm like a current of water. The sash wrapped itself around the crystal ball, turning into a transparent eel in the process. The woman smirked and mouthed some inaudible words. The eel glowed...

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