and we will hear the seraphs cry,
for they will still envy you and i.
how they envied you and i.

He brushes the hair out of her face to look at her more clearly.

And from his lips, his blood screams, "I'd make you happy."

Her eyes — so green, he'll fall forever, fall down and never pick up again — find his and she swallows thickly, so dearly she holds onto him and her heart and the pieces she could never find again.

"Don't." And how her blood screams back, telling him no, whispering him, no, for I shall never be free and you shall never have me.

Martyr. There's a word for this.

He plunges deep into the fire and kisses her as the storm rages on. "I'd make you so fucking happy." If you'd let me. Just let me, oh please, just let me. "You'd drive me crazy but I'd love you forever."

"No." No, no, no. Never be free, darling. She tries to move away but he holds her close, and she wonders, in some sick way, if this is love. Martyr.

"And you'd love me. Even if you hated me, you'd love me. Fuck, you'd love me forever." Forever is a long, long time, but even still the confidence outweighs the fear. What is there to fear? (Darling, darling, you'll never be free of me.)

(And she's so fucking scared in that weird way, that way that says she shouldn't be scared, because fuck, it's nothing, it's honest and pure attraction and maybe that's all it is, maybe she's a masochist and he's sadistic and she holds onto him like he's a lifeline and he holds onto her like he wants to break, never-never-never be free of him.)

"Puck…" From his skin, she tears out his name and holds it bleeding in her hands. "Don't, please don't." (Darling, darling, darling. I must confess, I love you so.)

He moves inside of her and the gasp that wrangles from her lips tastes like metal. Fuck. "Give me a chance." (His hands tangle in her hair and pull until she screams, screams something that sounds like a nothing. Say, we couldn't tell the difference between feeling and sound.)

She mewls a little in the back of her throat. "I'm getting married." Even to her, it sounds like especially now.

He pushes deeper and buries himself as far he'll go. She stares at him, a creature she's never understood or wanted to understand. In the darkness, her eyes are white and burning. Like fire. The fucking fire.

I'd make you happy but you will never be free of me.

He stops deep inside of her, his hands in her hair, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. It feels like forever. (It tastes like never.)

He rips the truth from her lips. "I'll love you forever." If you'd let me. Fuck, if only you'd let me.

(And in her head, in her mind, the words tumble like a tornado and destroy everything and remind her, remind her of especially now and yes, yes I love you, yes forever, but never-never-never —)

To be free.

"Noah Puckerman." She steals his heart and clumsily fixes it again. "Will you marry me?"