Will Power- Never Give In

Chapter 7

I felt the presence of another wolf next to me as I meandered through an unknown forest. My ears lay flat against my head, and my tail trailed in the dirt, I was letting this wolf guide me somewhere, yet I was unconscious of who it was exactly, or even who I was anymore. My thoughts were preserved in all of what just happened. Slowly, the more I thought about it all and of it all being Oki's fault, my conscience slowly returned with it, bringing anger and hate. I raised my head from the uncomfortable lowered position it was in, and looked to my left. Kar was close, and I felt his tail across my back as he guided me. His face betrayed sorrow and determination, a low growl rumbled deep in my chest and up to my throat.

"I don't need your pity!" I snarled and jumped in front of him and glared at him, nose to nose. Kar was flustered for a moment then recovered

"Calm down… I'm only here to help" He said in a quiet reassuring voice. Yet I was to taken by my anger,

"Calm down? How can I be calm, why are you even here? You should be with the rest of the pack, hating on me, and accusing me of a murder I never committed!" I snapped, my blue eyes flashing with blue flame. I breathed in deeply countless times, my anger turning to rage 'Why is he here!' I thought.

"Claw! Please stop, calm yourself" I heard him growl back. I closed my eyes and bared my teeth, my eyes opened and I stood in an attack pose.

"Just leave me alone, like the rest of them did!" I snarled then turned and fled through the forest, kicking up leaves and dirt as I went.

The sun began to dip down below the horizon; the last bits of ray's luminating the land around, making it look blood stained. I slowed my pace down to a trudge; I had been running all evening, hoping to escape it all, everything that had happened, running as fast as my long limbs could possibly take me. My tongue lolled out of my jaws, my breath coming fast and shallow.

I looked around and heard the bubbling noise of a small creek; I followed it until I saw the small water flowing happily around the small rocks. I walked up to it and bent my head down and took small halfhearted laps.

I found an abandoned fox den and dug it a bit wider and curled up inside; I lay down with my tail curled around my body to cover my nose. I was in a tight ball, trying for some comfort, but the thoughts and memories would not go away. My mind soon slipped over to Kar and how I just left him, I felt a stab of regret of leaving him, 'no, he'll probably just go back to the pack…' I thought bitterly even though he was exiled too. Soon as I lay there, I drifted off into an uncomfortable and disturbed sleep…

I was in a dark place, mist clouded my vision, and the moon hung in the sky, barely a sliver. Suddenly, I heard the loud rushing of a river, and then the scent of blood hit me like boulders coming down all at once. I recognized the faint scent of River, and soon images of her dead soaked body flashed through my mind, and then of Oki… his deep amber eyes glowing brightly, as he looked at me with triumph. Again I felt the hate, and stood in my attack pose, ready to take his life for what he did.

"Traitor" "Murderer" "Leave, I don't know you anymore" "never come back" All the voices of the pack suddenly shouting at me, Oki's image disappeared, and now stood Zark, just gazing at me with the love he once had. I felt a stab of pain in my heart as his eyes flashed and changed to resent.

My blue orbs flickered opened, Zark's yellow eyes stayed in my mind, clear as if he were peering in the make shift den. I blinked rapidly, and they were gone. The morning sunlight streamed through the opening of the abandoned fox den, my ears twitched to the birdsong that went on outside. I opened my maw and revealed sharp pointed teeth as I let out a small yawn. I crawled out into the opened; the hot summer rays beat down on my short brown coat.

I stood outside the entrance, scoping the area, it was a nice day; clear blue sky with the sun casting long shadows over the forest. Birds were out singing and my ears captured many sounds of small animals in activity, the hot summer rays beat down on the forest yet the soft murmuring of the creek kept things cool. It was as if nothing bad had happened yesterday, at least in the other animal's minds. Despite all the heart lifting activity, it was as if a storm cloud hovered over me, my tail hung low as did my head. I had nowhere to go. I was an outcast.

By now I was miles away from my birth pack 'they should be happy' I thought bitterly. I was headed north, where the mountains were, though I had no plan to cross them. I had no plan at all. I ambled along, walking up a steep hill that was dotted with trees. Suddenly, something rustled in the long ferns about three feet in front of me. I paused with my ears perked yet my eyes dull and betrayed no emotion. A small black nose peeked through, and then I was staring at the grey and black mask of a raccoon! We made a contact for a split second before it turned back and fled away. I watched it go without the slightest urge to chase.

I continued my way up the hill with my head down and eyes glued to the ground ahead. I finally reached to peak of the hill and straightened, gazing out over to vast horizon below. The hill fell away into a series of more hills, a plain. The plain ended into a rather dense looking Fir tree forest, which rose high above into great mountains topped with snow on the top. I let out a small growl and sniffed the air, 'no sign of other wolves…' I thought dully.

I picked my way through the tall grass, my head now raised more slightly to see above it. The grass was up to my neck and tickled my nose, making me pause and sneeze here and there. On I trekked through the plains acutely aware of the silence except the hot breeze of the wind blowing the grass. Suddenly a noise sounded, I paused and pricked my ears, looking around. It sounded again, I snapped my head around to the right but nothing was there. I sniffed but only the scent of the grass struck me. I snorted and walked on, yet it came again. I stopped and stood still, I felt hollowness in my stomach and the noise came again. My stomach growled and ached of hunger,

"Dumb stomach, shut up" I muttered and walked on. This time I was more alert and awake, the dullness in my eyes had faded slightly, for I had a purpose. To find food.

"When do these fields end?" I asked myself thinking they looked much smaller from the hill I was standing on. The sun wavered up ahead; the angry rays beat down on my fur, causing me to pant. 'If I don't find food or water soon, I might not last long… but then it won't matter either way.' I looked up to the sky and back down to the ground. I lifted my head and trudged on, before long I noticed something was different, the grass was getting shorter! I quickened to a trot until the grass got down to my paws. I stopped and looked around at the plains, it didn't look right the way the grass got shorter and some places were still very tall. Curious, I bent my head down to examine it more closely and sniffed. Right away I caught the fresh scent of prey!

My excitement grew, as I followed the strong scent and soon found hoof prints. I looked at the prints and then raised my head, my eyes widened at the site of hundreds, no thousands of these huge creatures I've never seen before. When I say huge I mean it, they were three times the size of myself and had big fat brown bodies with big horns plastered the their heads. I could hear their bellows loud and clear. I slinked back into the taller grass to hide myself; this was a huge risk I was taking. Life threatening, wolves usually hunt in packs, and take on elk with four or five wolves. Yet this was much heavier than an elk, and stronger too, it would take more like eight wolves.

I was still a yearling so I don't know or properly understand this yet. I waited for them to wander closer and watched for weaker ones. I had enough sense not to go for the huge male ones with the nasty looking horns. I flicked my tail and trotted out from the grass, almost immediately the animals sensed me and glanced over at me before going back to bellowing or eating the grass. I headed toward a group of small females compared to the males. The noticed me and started moving away, I followed quickly, careful not to run directly at them and change my mood like Zark had taught me.

None of these females seemed to falter, yet they were the smallest. Growling with frustration and desperation of hunger, I leaped to the nearest female and clamped onto her back right leg. She seemed ready and kicked out, I let go but it was already too late, he hoof made contact with my eye. I let loose a yelp of agony and fell to the ground in pain. I felt like I had gone blind, heck I probably did, I couldn't open it or nothing. I lay without getting up for who knows how long until unconscious took over.