A/N: This was another prompt fill, and I honestly don't know what in the hell I was thinking filling it. xD I know nothing about going into labor. This also implies at the end that the baby has the combined DNA of Spock, Jane, and Bones.

"Spock. Spock. Spock!" Jane's shrieks echoed throughout their quarters, a slight edge of panic to her voice.

Spock came running into the bedroom, nearly tripping over her boots in his hurry to get to her.

"Yes Jane?"

"Spock, it's happening. Holy fuck, it's happening."

"Are you able to walk to the lift? Or the transporter?"

"I don't know. Yes. Maybe. Fuck, ow, fuck, Spock, just get Bones!"

"Certainly." Casting one last worried glance at his pregnant wife, Spock hurried over to the comm and buzzed down to Sickbay.

"Spock, you better have a damn good reason for calling me this late at night. You know my shift isn't over for another hour, and I-"

"Jane is experiencing contractions, Leonard."


"I believe she is going into labor."

"On my way."

The screen went blank, and Spock hurried back over to the bed, taking Jane's hand in his.

"Do you need anything, my t'hy'la?"

"Yeah, a gigantic shot of morphine or something. Spock, I'm not fucking ready for this. Holy shit. Fuck. Fuck fuck."

"You are doing wonderfully, Jane. Leonard will be here momentarily to help with your delivery."

"He better have some good shit with him. I'm-ahhh, fuck!" Jane moaned in pain, clutching at her swollen stomach.

Spock reached out to take her hand, allowing her to squeeze it as tightly as she needed, his other hand coming up to her temple and opening the link between them. He breathed a soft sigh of relief when he felt Jane relax, the calming feelings pouring from his fingertips into her body.

"Okay, so what's going on here?"

Spock blinked and removed his hand when Leonard spoke. Jane's eyes flew open and she glared at her other husband.

"I'm having fucking contractions, and am about to push another fucking human being out of me, that's what," she snarled. It seemed the soothing effect of their bond was only momentary.

"Calm down, darlin'," he growled, setting his bag down and sitting on the bed next to her.

"How far along are the contractions?"

"I don't know!"


"I have not been present for them, Leonard."

"Fucking hell. All right."

Ten hours and much screaming and cursing later, Jane was clutching a pale, blue eyed little girl with pointed ears and a thatch of dark brown hair on her head to her chest.

"What's her name going to be, Jane?"

"Amanda Rose," she murmured, smiling fondly at the sleeping newborn.

"I approve," Spock murmured, leaning forward to kiss their daughters forehead.

Leonard stroked Jane's hair back off of her face, kissing her temple, and reaching over to thread his fingers with Spock's free hand.