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Italy's P.O.V.

I walked into the meeting room behind Germany, trying my best to keep the usual smile on my face. It was starting to get hard, though, as I sat down in my chair and the meeting began. America was talking loudly about something, and England was yelling and France was laughing, but I paid no attention. I was too tired. I hadn't been able to sleep the past few nights—every time I closed my eyes, the image of him appeared in my mind.

I winced as Germany began to yell for everyone to shut up right next to me, and sighed as the room finally grew silent and the meeting continued. Again America started speaking, probably about something ridiculous, as always. Sinking forward in my seat, I rested my head in my arms, finally letting sleep overtake me.

I was walking, carrying a bucket of water, with him walking alongside me. He was carrying a bucket of water as well. I was smiling cheerfully, actually happy, as he began to speak.

"Listen, Italy—" he was cut off as I tripped, accidentally landing on him and getting us both soaked in water. "Ack! Be more careful!" he grumbled, pushing me away from him as he stood, frowning in dismay at his black cape, which was now soaked.

"I'm sorry, Holy Rome!" I cried, tears welling up in my eyes. As I looked down, I noticed his hat on the ground and picked it up, then handed it to him. "Here…" I said, still looking down and sniffling slightly.

He sighed. "It's alright… and, thanks." He muttered, putting his hat on and turning away. He began to walk towards the large mansion we all lived in, and I followed a little ways behind. "How about we change into some dry clothes and then… then maybe you could try to teach me to paint again?" He was blushing, and I smiled again, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Alright!" I agreed, and we both ran, laughing and smiling…

"What?" I choked out, not believing the words that I had just heard. Austria just turned away from me. "What do you mean he's..?" my words choked up in my throat again, and tears began to run down my face. My knight, my Holy Rome… he couldn't just be gone! The thought hurt too much… Then, suddenly, rage welled up inside me. "Why did you let him go?" I cried to Austria, my voice cracked and high-pitched. "Why did you… why did you just let him walk off to his death? He was just a kid! He… was…!" I wanted to continue, but I couldn't speak any more, it. I sank to my knees, sobbing loudly with my head in my hands. I felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around my shoulders, and knew it was Austria trying to comfort me. I pushed him away, still sobbing loudly…

I woke up to see all the countries in the meeting room gazing at me, confused. I touched a hand to my face and felt the tears. I had been crying. I got up, pushing the chair back and began to walk out of the room when I felt a strong hand grab my arm. I tried to pull away, but couldn't. Turning, I looked up at Germany.

"Italy? What's… what's wrong?" He asked me. His normally stern blue eyes were gentle as he gazed at me. I turned away. I couldn't look at him—he looked too much like… like him…

"I'm fine… I just… I just need to be by myself…" I muttered, pulling away as his grip loosened slightly and made for the door. At one point I found an empty room, far down the hall and walked in. Sitting down at one of the abandoned chairs, I put my head in my hands… and cried.

To be continued?

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