OK, so the first thing I'd like to say about this is: I'm sososo sorry about the lateness. The second thing: I tried to make this a bit longer than I normally do, but I think I failed. Third thing: I love writing in Romano's point of view. Omigosh, just… so much fun xD Sorry about the blocked out words and stuff, but… whatever. Fourth thing: this is mostly just a filler chapter. Nothing really happens… Romano mostly rants. Don't kill me.

Romano's P.O.V.

Sitting there at the world meeting, I was furious. Why had Veneziano just started crying, out of nowhere? The idiot was always so d*** happy all the time, what had made him like that? Of course, my first thought had been stupid Potato B*****, so I had made sure to glare at him extra the rest of the meeting. I mean, who else could it have been? It had to be that potato freak. Veneziano was always following around, the stupid moron. But Japan was alright, he seemed nice enough. It couldn't have been him.

…And it couldn't have been me, definitely not. Chigi! Shut up! I don't yell at him that much, d***it! I mean, there was one other person it could have been, but that was impossible. Veneziano had gotten over that forever ago.

Anyways, I had meant to give him and earful of just what I had on my mind when Tomato B***** just had to freaking distract me and suffocate me in one of his crushing hugs of death (which I didn't enjoy at all, d***it! Chigi! Sh-shut up!), and by the time I had escaped, the d*** Potato B***** had already left. D***it.

So, after forever of trying to find time to escape from Tomato B******'s house, I made my way over to the potato freak's place. I swear, those dogs tried to freaking eat me alive, d***it! I swear they're freaking vicious! I bet that Potato B****** trained them to do that! Chigi! That b******! And Veneziano said they were kind dogs! Pah! Why'd I believe that moron?

Then I had to wait for Potato B****** to open his freaking door. I mean, how long does it take to walk down a d*** hallway? Forever, apparently! And when he finally did open it, he tried to close it in my face, the b******! How dare he! I didn't let him, though.

"What the h*** did you do to my fratello, d***it?" I screeched at him. "I haven't heard from him at all these past few days! What the h*** did you do?" I was going to scream more, when my idiot of a little brother peeked out from behind Potato B****** and gazed at me with those big brown eyes of his. D-d***it.

"Ve~, fratello, why are you yelling at Germany?" He asked me, blinking. Immediately, I ran up to him and grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him slightly.

"D***it! Do you know how freaking worried I was about you? You never called or anything! D***it! What the h***?" He used to call every d*** day. It was so freaking annoying, since all he'd talk about was "Germany this," or "Germany that". And then, after that meeting, he wouldn't even answer his phone! D***it! I was so worried!

…chigi! Of course I care about my brother, d***it! Got a problem with that? Then get the h*** out!

After that he just stood there, looking guiltily at the ground. "I-I'm sorry, fratello…" He said, not looking up at me.


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