Ok, this is just something I wanted to get off my chest. I've been nagging myself to do a fic like this, but never found the energy to do it. But now here it is and I can tell you that this is probably some of my best work.


It was an abnormally peaceful day in Porkbelly. The sun was shining with all its might, the sky was a vibrant blue, and not single exciting thing had happened all day. This was a problem for twelve year old Johnny Test. He was currently lying down in his backyard in his usual attire, watching the clouds roll by. He contemplated going inside, but there was nothing fun to do in there. The next thing that crossed his mind was taking Dukey for a walk; unfortunately his faithful mutt probably wouldn't want to be disturbed on such a nice day.

Suddenly, an idea stuck Johnny like a mental slap to the face. With new energy, Johnny sprung up from his spot and ran into his house. A minute later he came out of the garage with his bike in tow. He ran up the street until he was at the very top of the hill, then climbed on his bike. He pointed the front end down the same way he had come, looking at the long slope. There was a tiny flicker of doubt in his mind, before it was squashed by the thought of excitement.

Adrenalin poured through his veins as he kicked off and sped down the hill. As his speed increased, excitement was quickly replaced with fear. The bike was moving too fast to steer, the breaks would make him lose control, and worst of all, he was heading straight for a parked car. Johnny let out one short scream before the impact sent him flying over the car and twenty feet into his yard. The landing was not a soft one either. Johnny hit the ground hard and skidded in the soft bar soil of his father's garden until he was stopped by his father's Rose bush.

Johnny bit back a scream of agony as the sharp thorns ripped though his jacket and shirt, slicing through the skin on his back and drawing blood. He gasped, trying to ignore the pain and make his limbs move.

Suddenly, a familiar scream filled the air. "Johnny!" Hugh Test shouted, stomping over to his fallen son. "Look at what you've done! I spent almost two months planting those flowers and here you've managed to destroy all my hard work in less than two seconds." Johnny ignored his father and managed to crawl to his feet, pain still wracked through his body. By now a crowd of people had gathered because of the screaming. Sissy, Gil, Sissy and Gil's parents, Bumper, and a few other people Johnny didn't know had gathered to see what was going on. Oblivious to his son's obvious pain or the growing crowd, Hugh continued his rant. "Why? Why do you have to be so stupid and reckless all the time Johnny? Do you hate me or something?"

Being called stupid and reckless by his own father was the straw that broke the camel's back. A dam broke in Johnny, letting years of suppressed anger and frustration flow free. He spun around, a look of pure rage on his face and fire burning in his baby blue eyes. "Yes, ok I hateyou!" Hugh and the gathered crowd reeled back in shock; never had anyone in the whole town heard such words come from the flame headed kid. "You're a greedy, selfish, bastard who loves his money and hobbies more than his own family. You've blown hundreds of dollars at a time on that poisonous shit you call meatloaf, but you won't even spend fifty bucks on your own wife for a table for her birthday! And the year before that, you bought her a fucking jackhammer because it was the cheapest thing you could fine!"


"Shut up!" Johnny screamed at his father. "You don't care about me; all you've ever done is tried to change me into someone like the girls. You've tried to ship me off to military school, you've told the girls how proud of them you are and bough them anything they wanted, but you've never done anything in your life to support me." He growled, venom seeping from his words. Johnny turned around so his back was to his so called father. "Why mom hasn't divorced you yet is beyond me, but I can't wait for when it happens." He said and walked back to his house. His family gapped at him as he approached. "Mom, get the car keys, I need to go to the hospital." He said, clutching his side. "I think I broke something."

Lila absentmindedly nodded and pulled the keys to her station wagon out from her purse. Johnny, Susan, Mary, Lila, and Dukey climbed into the car and drove off quietly. No one said anything, not when they arrived at the hospital, not while Johnny was taken into surgery for several splintered ribs, not even when they returned home. Johnny went straight to his room with his dog in tow, not really caring what his family was doing. On his way to his room, he passed the master bedroom and could hear faint sobs coming from behind the door. He didn't care though, it would be a very long time before he would consider caring.

"I think you really hurt your dad's feelings." Dukey said, no longer able to stand the silence.

Johnny glanced at his dog from his bed. Dukey was lying down in his dog bed and was looking out the window. "You saying you want me to go apologize to him?" He asked. His voice still held traces of anger in it.

"I didn't say that." Dukey countered. "I'm just saying that I never thought you were capable of being so..."

"Hurtful," Johnny suggested when his mutt trailed off.

"Actually I was going to say angry. Ever since I've known you, you've never been as angry as I saw you today." Dukey said. "Anything else you want to get off your chest while you're at it?"

Johnny reached down and scratched his dog on the head. "Na, but thanks anyway. I'm just done taking crap from people, screw that bite your tongue and count to ten, bullshit."

"Glad to hear it buddy." Dukey said, licking his master's hand. "Now let's go to bed. I'm exhausted." He yawned and closed his eyes.

Johnny smiled at his dog and closed his own eyes. He thought of all the people who he hated in his life, and all the things he wanted to say to them. Something told him tomorrow was going to be a very fun day.

And there you go, a fic where Johnny tells his father all the reasons why he hates him. And for the love of god people do not comment on how a twelve years old would never talk to his father like this, because if my father was as bad as Johnny's, I would have a few choice words for him as well.

Maybe if enough people say they like this, I'll continue it.