Johnny Test was currently at home, lying on his bed. He had been grounded for a week when his mother had come to pick him up, but she opted for just taking away his video games when Bumper had admitted to starting the fight. He sighed and turned to look at the clock on his side table. It was a little more than half past three. Perfect, Sissy should be home by now. Johnny's heart immediately began to hammer in his chest.

'Why's this happening to me? I feel like one of those dumb kids on the TV when they see a pretty girl. Oh no, no, no, no! I do not have feelings for Sissy, No!' Johnny mentally screamed. 'Why do I even like her? The girl's rude, selfish, annoying, she's always got that smart ass glint in those beautiful eyes, her smooth and pale skin, the way her gorgeous blonde hair shimmers in the light.' Before Johnny could realise what he was doing, his thoughts about the blond girl had lost all hostility and were now focusing on her looks, most of all her lips. 'What the hell am I thinking?' Johnny bolted up right on his bed, panting like he had run a marathon. He looked over at his clock and saw that it was four o'clock; he had somehow been day dreaming of Sissy for over half an hour.

Johnny grabbed the clock off the stand and threw it hard against the wall, right next to the door. "Whoa Test, if you didn't want me to come in you could have told me when I knocked." Johnny's head shot up again and saw Sissy standing in the doorway.

Johnny felt his face turn several shades of red darker as he looked away in embarrassment. "Um, what are you doing here Sissy?"

"Well, I invited you over, but after that fight with Bumper I figured you got grounded again so I came to see if we could hang out at your house."

"Oh, well there's not much to do here. Mom took away my video games so the only fun thing to do is bug my sisters." Suddenly an explosion rocked the house.

"Don't worry people that explosion was non-nuclear, I repeat non-nuclear." Susan said over the house P.A system.

"Wait a minute, I've got geniuses sisters." Johnny jumped off the bed and grabbed Sissy's hand, dragging her out of the room with him. Sissy blushed at the contact of their hands, but Johnny was too excited to notice, even if she told him. He led her up a second flight of stairs to a metal door with a padlock on it. He quickly punched in a code and the door slipped open.

"Where are we going?" Johnny ignored her and pulled her through the door. Sissy's eyes widened in amazement as she took in all of the high tech inventions inside of the Test girls lab. He didn't give her much time to take it in though as he continued to pull her forward until they found Susan and Mary looking at their main computer.

Before Johnny could say something or even open his mouth his sister Susan cut him off. "No," She said, not even bothering to look away from the screen.

"But you didn't even-"

"Didn't have to," Susan said, cutting him off again. "You want to borrow one of our inventions so you can use it for one of your juvenile purposes."

"No, I was going to ask to borrow the jetpack so my guest wouldn't be bored." Both of the girls turned around and saw Sissy standing next to Johnny. "Look, I promise we'll only be gone for an hour at most and we won't do anything dangerous, so please just let us use them." Johnny begged.

"No," Susan all but shouted.

"Hang on Susan," Mary said, putting a hand on her twin sister's shoulder. "This is Johnny's first date and who are we to deny him transportation."

The two pre-teens immediately blushed a shade of red that a beet would envy. "We are not going on a date." Johnny shouted. Sissy didn't say anything, too embarrassed to make her voice work. Mary smirked at the two and folded her arms over her chest.

"Really, because you could have fooled me by the way you're holding hands."

The two looked at their hands and pulled them apart, their faces turning an even deeper shade of red.

"Well, it's my jetpack so I say no." Susan said, turning back to the computer.

There was a small moment of silence before; "Excuse me? It's our jetpack." Mary said. She was completely furious with her younger sister.

"I don't care." Susan snapped. "Why should I do anything for the little brat? He's nothing but a complete waste of D.N.A, he hasn't done anything other than play stupid pranks, steal our inventions and get us in trouble with mom and dad." As Susan continued, Mary's expression only got more and more furious, but what no one other than Sissy saw was the growing look of rage on Johnny's face. "He can never do anything for anyone, unless he gets something out of it, he's lazy, rude-"

"Shut your fucking mouth!" Growled a very angry Johnny. Both of the Test girls turned to look at him and shrunk back a little. Even Sissy had wisely decided to take a few steps backwards. "I've had it with you." Johnny said, glaring at Susan and took a few steps forward. "You are nothing but a self-centered, selfish, arrogant bitch that's never does anything for anyone other than yourself. You constantly have to brag and gloat about how great you are and how nobody is as important as you are." Johnny's voice escalated into a shout. "Every time you two do anything, it's always something you want to do. You've never taken Mary's feelings into consideration; you couldn't even make a simple dress that she wanted to make without slipping in some type scientific gadget."


"NO! I don't care what you have to say, because you know what? The world doesn't revolve around you. I would much rather spend a week with Mary than one hour with you. She's kept me safe, she's stopped your morbid obsession with experimentation from killing me more times than I can count as where you would gladly let me die to get your precious results." He spat the words out. Susan was in tears, but Johnny didn't care. "Mary's always been the one who thinks about my well being before an invention when I do something stupid, she actually cares about me." Johnny breathed hard, coming down off of his furry high. "I hate you."

With that, Johnny turned on his heel and quickly retrieved the jetpack. He took Sissy by the hand again and led her outside. Susan sank to the floor, quivering a bit from her brother's harmful onslaught of words. She looked at her sister for some sort of comfort, but all Mary did was turn her nose up and walk out of the lab. Outside, Johnny slipped the jetpack on and picked Sissy up bridal style. She yelped out of shock, then screamed as she felt the jetpack push them both off of the ground.

Once they were flying steadily, she smacked the back of his head and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You jerk; you could have at least given me a little warning."

"Ya, but you look cute when you're surprised." He said, smirking when he saw her blush.

Sissy murmured a few inaudible things. "Where are we going?"

"You'll see," Was all she got as a response.

After half an hour of flying, the two finally touched down on a hill along the outer ridges of Porkbelly. Sissy's breath was taken away by the beautiful scenery. The town looked so small and far away, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of running water from a stream below and the occasional sound of leaves rustling in the wind. Green grass covered the entire hill as well as trees, bushes, and numerous more plants that the two couldn't name.

"It's nice, huh? I've been coming here a lot lately." Johnny said, walking up beside her.

"It's beautiful here. How'd you find this place?" Sissy asked. Johnny merely shrugged and lay down on the grass. Sissy joined him on the ground. The two spent what felt like hours laying down, just watching the clouds as the rolled by and letting the peacefulness of the landscape put them at ease. "Hey Johnny," Sissy said, rolling onto her side to face him.

The flame headed kid opened one eye lazily and looked at her, before mirroring her movement. "What's up?"

"Nothing, I just want to say I'm sorry for being so mean to you in the past. You probably hate me." She said, looking away from him.

Johnny rolled onto and sighed. "I used to think so too. You were rude, arrogant, you constantly put me down, always had to be better than me, you tried to ruin anything special." Sissy flinched with each thing Johnny named off. "But every time I thought about you, I never got that feeling I always got whenever I thought about dad or Bumper."

Sissy looked back up at Johnny and didn't fail to notice the blush on his cheeks. She smiled coyly and decided to be a little cruel. The moment Johnny closed his eyes he felt Sissy's small frame pressing against his side and her head resting on his chest. Needless to say Johnny's face heated up to the point where he actually thought it was going to catch on fire.

"W-what are you doing?" he stuttered.

"I'm cold and you're warm. You don't mind, do you?" she said, nuzzling against her chest. Johnny laughed nervously and put his arm around her. This was extremely awkward for Johnny, but strangely he liked it. Johnny felt his eyelids drooping and quickly fell asleep.

When Johnny opened his eyes again, the sun was quickly setting. He gasped and quickly woke Sissy up. She swore and quickly got up. "We're so going to be grounded for of this." Johnny said.

"Then quite talking and fly us out of here." Johnny picked Sissy up bridal style and launched the both of them in the air. "Thanks for taking me out here Johnny," Sissy said after a few minutes. "It was fun, even though all we really did was sleep." she said, making them both chuckle.

"Your welcome. Maybe we can do it again sometime."

"I'd love to."

'This isn't exactly how I thought my week would turn out. Dad's finally off my back about being a better son, Susan's been put in her place, and Sissy and Bumper are now my friends all because I said I hate you.

Defiantly didn't see that coming.