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Author's note: The war will be starting later in this story. So Rukia, Byakuya, and Hanataro return to soul society after the 9th and 7th espada die.

Ichigo woke up in a cold sweat.

He had had that weird dream again.

In it he had been stabbed by Rukia

And he said "I dragged you into this. My stubbornness has caused you pain. I'm sorry. You must be torn apart inside. Thanks to you, my heart can still stay here."

It had been a dream he had been having ever since Rukia defeated the 9th espada.

He had always felt like a part of him was missing and now his soul felt whole.

Why did these things happen right after the 9th espada had been killed?

What was the connection?

He needed to talk to Urahara.

Suddenly his window opened and Rukia jumped in.

"I felt your reiatsu spike", Rukia said.

"Just a bad dream", Ichigo muttered before looking at Rukia.

Sudden a dozen or so memories of her faced in his mind at once.

He clutched his head in pain.

"Ichigo are you ok?", Rukia asked concerned.

Ichigo looked at her again and the pain increased as more memories that weren't his flashed through his mind.

"I'm fine just a bad headache", he said in a pained voice.

"Can I go back to sleep?", he asked softly avoiding her gaze.

"Sure" Rukia said before stepping out of the window.

Something was wrong and she knew it but it would do Ichigo any good if she argued with him.

Once Rukia left the pain and memories stopped.

He could of sworn that those memories weren't his.

What the hell was going on with him.

He couldn't go back to sleep.

He grabbed his Zanpakutō before dropping it with a gasp.

The handle had changed, it resembled a purplish blue staff and had a corkscrew thing at the bottom of it.

That was it, he was going to Urahara's even though it was two in the morning.

"Kon wake up you lazy stuffed animal", Ichigo said as he punched Kon's stomach.

The mod soul pill flew out of the loin's mouth, Ichigo caught it.

He swallowed the pill before detaching himself from his body.

"That was rude, what's so important that you have to leave in the middle of the morning", Kon said before spotting Ichigo's zanpakutō.

"Ichigo why has your zanpakutō changed?" Kon asked concerned.

"I don't know that's why I am going to Mr. Hat-N- clogs", Ichigo said before he disappeared out of his window.

In Soul Society the next day

The daily captain and lieutenant meeting was interrupted by none other than Urahara.

"Kisuke, how may I help you?" Yamamoto asked.

"I wanted to let you know Ichigo will not be able to protect Karakura for a little while", Urahara said.

"I must also ask that no one from Soul Society contact him until I give the ok", Urahara said with a sigh.

"What's wrong with him?", Renji asked concerned.

Urahara frowned , the dreaded question had been asked.

"What I am going to say will upset some of you but I assure you it's not a joke", Urahara said.

"Ichigo is the reincarnation of Kaien Shiba", He said as Ukitake gasped in shock.

"But Rukia said that the 9th espada had been using Kaien's soul. The hollow had been using kaien's body and memories", Byakuya uncharacteristically blurted out.

"The hollow only had part of of Kaien's soul, the other part was left behind for some reason", Urahara mused.

Ukitake began to cough up blood, the shock of the situation too much for his body too handle.

Shunsui was at his friend's side in seconds.

After Ukitake calmed down Shunsui and Unohana helped to the fourth division.

"I will apologize to him later", Urahara said with a sigh.

"I need get back to Ichigo, he's emotionally unstable right now", he said.

"How much of his memory do you think will return?",Yamamoto asked.

"All of it", Urahara said simply be for walking out of the meeting hall.