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Ichigo was an emotional wreck, even though he pretended he was perfect fine.

Who could blame him, memories that weren't his kept flowing into his mind.

Speaking of his mind Hichigo said there was a new spirit in his in his head.

He hadn't shown himself yet but Ichigo instinctively knew who he was, he was Kaien's zanpakutō spirit.

The spirit's name and true form were still unknown to Ichigo.

Those memories hadn't come to him yet.

Apparently Urahara had always been a pervert because he remembered calling him a pervy captain.

Also Byakuya hadn't liked Kaien anymore than he liked Ichigo.

If there was good thing about receiving memories from his past life was the knowledge he received from the memories.

Some of the knowledge was about important skills he had never learn, kido.

So far he only remembered three spells but that was three more than he had known a few days ago.

Other knowledge was amusing; Byakuya had been a royal pain in everyone's asses.

It seemed that Mr. Cold Ass had been a hotheaded little terror as a child.

Currently he was at Urahara's, basically hiding from anyone who would cause too many memories to pop into his head.

It gave him a really bad headache and it could possibly kill him.

"I'm suppose to warn you that your father is coming", Jinta said as as he popped his head into the room.

Urahara had tried to convince Isshin that seeing his son at the moment would be a very bad idea but the man was stubborn as hell.

"You're supposed to wait for him in the training room", Jinta said.

"Why?" Ichigo asked.

"Why would I know", Jinta said with a scowl.

Ichigo frowned and resisted throwing a pillow at the boy.

He grabbed his zanpakutō and went to the training area like he was told to.

He wasn't even sure what to call his zanpakutō anymore but Zangetsu told him, he could still use his bankai and his normal attacks

Zangetsu said that he and the other spirit might merge together later or stay separate, he couldn't tell yet.

Ichigo sat on one of the rocks as he waited for his insane father to arrive.

"OH MY BEAUTIFUL SON, WHY HAVE YOU NOT COME HOME", Isshin yelled as he came down the latter

Isshin ran towards ichigo but Urahara appeared in front of him.

Ichigo winced after seeing his father's face. Memories of him as a captain poured into his mind.

He fell off the rock and couldn't stop a whimper from coming out of his mouth.

"This is why I told you not to come", Urahara said with a frown.

Isshin ran to his son pushed him away.

"Go away", Ichigo mumbled in a pained voice.

"Son, what's wrong", Isshin asked seriously.

"GET OUT", Ichigo yelled him.

Even though the memories were causing pain he still got that his father had lied to him.

"Isshin it time to go, I will look after him", Urahara said pulling Isshin away from Ichigo.

"I never should of let you come", He mumbled under his breath.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY SON", Isshin yelled and Ichigo whimpered as the yelling made his headache worse.

"Isshin upstairs now, your presence here is just hurting your son", Urahara said firmly. "I will tell you upstairs"

Isshin looked like he was about to object but after he looked at the pained expression on his son's face he went upstairs.

It was almost five minutes later when the memories stopped.

Urahara had told him the first week would be the worse and that after the first week he should be able to regulate the amount of memories that come better.

He also said that the episodes where the memories overwhelmed him would still happen but not as much.

Kaien was alive for a long time, which meant there was a lot of memories for Ichigo to receive , it would not be an overnight process.

Ichigo sat against the rock.

He was still angry at his father for not telling him he was a soul reaper.

Ichigo had been a soul reaper for a year and a half and there were so many times he could have used his father's support.

Urahara acted more like a father to him than his own father did.

An hour later Urahara returned to find ichigo asleep.

The memories from earlier had exhausted.

He carried Ichigo back to his room and placed him on the bed before covering him with a blanket.

He then left Ichigo alone.