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[Bella's Point of View:]

Fourty Years Later

The air felt cold as I walked down the path. The others had already left after saying their goodbyes, so I was completely alone. It was times like this that I wished I could cry. It felt so wrong not to at a time like this. I tried not to crush the yellow and purple flowers, when I read the two black marble plaques.

Renee Catherine Dwyer
A loving Mother, true and kind,
A beautiful memory left behind.

Phil Michelson Dwyer
"His true wealth was in his generous heart.
And what endless wealth he did have."

"Hey, Mom, it's me," I said, kneeling down beside the freshly dug grave, "I brought you poppies...your favorite. I'm sorry i left you all those years ago. But I had to leave. And Phil took great care of you. I did come back to see you some times...I saw you get your wedding vows renewed and I was at the hospital when Brad and Scott were born...I wanted so badly to talk to you then.

"I know, you might not agree, but it was the right thing to do. I had to leave. I needed Edward and you didn't need me anymore...I got married. I went to the Taj Mahal. It was beautiful. I swam the English Chanel...Maybe that one was cheating, since I don't need to breathe. But I've done so much, Mom; and there still hundreds of things I still have left to do.

"I promise I'll watch after the boys...Maybe I'll get to be in class with one of there grandchildren...I don't regret anything, Mom. I'm happy. And I hope your happy wherever you are. I just wish I knew you could hear me," I said.

"Little one," I heard behind me. I turned around and saw Esme.

"Edward and Carlisle are at the car. We need to leave soon if we want to catch our flight," Esme said.

"Mom, this is Esme, Edward's mom," I said, standing up and taking Esme's hand.

"Hello, Renee," Esme said, squeezing my hand.

"I have to go now, Mom; but I'll be back," I said, as we turned to leave, "Take care of her Phil."

"I'm no one's little girl anymore," I said, leaning against Esme.

"Yes, you are...You're mine and Carlisle little girl," Esme said.

"This isn't my first time losing her, but it still hurts so much," I said.

"When you lose someone that means a lot to you, its like losing a part of you," Esme said, "That pain will never go away. Yu just have to learn to think of all the good memories that you have of the person."