I don't own 24

Okay before I begin, I wrote a '24' parody of season 8 so I'm going to re-write it again because the last one made no sense at all.

After hearing the assassination attempt on the President of the I.R.K., the CTU agents were working frantically to find the bomb that they had heard about and to stop the assassination on the President. Everyone was working as hard and as quickly as they could to stop this. Jack had come back to CTU but he had disappeared to find the man that had framed Meredith Reed that was being interrogated by Hastings now. Chloe was trying to work on the new systems that were installed at CTU. She was having a hard time figuring them out but she was smart. Cole was right beside her looking at the computer screen to see if she needed any help since Dana Walsh had left her desk. He was waiting for his back-up team to get ready so they could move into the U.N. to escort Omar Hassan out of the U.N.

Suddenly, Chloe looked up from her desk and she saw a girl walking into CTU. She was being escorted by two officers.

"Who is she?" Chloe asked. Cole turned his head and looked at the girl.

"I don't know," Cole said. "Probably a new agent or something."

"I didn't hear Hastings say that we were going to have a new agent," Chloe said.

"Maybe it's on a short notice," Cole said. "Now that this activity is going on."

The agent walked up to Cole and Chloe. "Hello, my name is Meg," she said.

"Nice to meet you," Chloe said as she got up from her desk and shook her hand, "what are you going to work here for?"

"Field Operation?" she said though she was not sure what in the hell it meant. "I'm looking for somebody named Cole Ortiz."

"That would be me," Cole said to her.

"Great," Meg said, "when do we start?"

"Right about now," Cole said, "I'm meeting my field agents to the U.N."

"See you there," she said as she left them there.

Chloe and Cole looked at each other. "Doesn't she seem kind of…" Chloe was saying.

"Hey," he softly said, "Hastings gets the best agents."

"One of them that already died," Chloe reminded him.

"She seemed to know what she was doing," Cole told her. "Anyway, I gotta go." He said as he left CTU, leaving Chloe there that was fighting with the computer.

Cole met up with his team and he began describing what they were going to be doing. He set up the routs that they were going to cover and also if anyone looked suspicious to them, they were going to shoot.

"What is this dude talking about?" Meg asked the guy that was standing next to her. Apparently he only looked at her and began to listen to Cole as if he was really paying attention. Meg let out a yawn, "it's like being back at school," she rubbed her eyes.

"Let's get ready people," Cole said to them as they put on their helmets and readied their weapons. They were soon going to move into the U.N.