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After a few minutes had passed, Chloe woke up from her sleep and sat up on the ground.

"Hey, she's awake," Meg smiled as she pointed at Chloe, "yay!"

Chloe ignored Meg's comment and looked at Jack, "Jack please give up now," she pleaded him again, "Piller is coming to look for you."

"That guy?" Meg asked, "I hate him. He is such a-" she was about to say but Chloe gave her a look. "You know what I mean."

Jack adjusted the position of his gun as he ignored every single word that Chloe was telling him. He was a different person. He didn't forgive and forget that easily. He wanted justice. All of these people were involved in Omar's assassination and the almost death of Renee. He wasn't letting them off the hook that easily. He had found out that the Russian president, Yuri had ordered his assassination of Renee to Novakovich and then to Pavel. It all made sense. He wanted to get rid of Jack Bauer so he wouldn't be mixed up in this situation. Well, Jack did not die that easily.

"You don't have to assassinate Yuri," Chloe suddenly spoke up, "what would that solve?"

"Absolutely nothing but war, war, war," Meg answered.

Jack watched as Piller and his back-up team pulled up at the UN. "Go and find Jack," he heard Piller yell at his team. Jack ran away from the window and took the handcuffs off of Chloe's wrists. He grabbed her arm and led her out of the room as Meg followed. "I need you to shoot me in the chest," Jack told her as he gave her his gun.

"What? No!" Chloe refused.

"Just do it!" Jack yelled at her.

"No!" Chloe screamed, "no Jack I won't do it!"

"Just do it Chloe!" Jack yelled, "damn it just do it!" he yelled at her. With all of the screaming that was going on, Chloe accidentally pulled the trigger and shot Jack on his shoulder. Chloe screamed as the bullet fired out of the gun and his Jack.

"HOMICIDE!" Meg yelled.

Just then, Piller and his back-up team barged into the room. "What happened?" Piller asked Chloe as this back-up team put Jack on the stretcher and attended his wound. They moved the bullet out of his shoulder and put a bandage on his wound after applying some alcohol and cream to sooth the pain.

"He told me to shoot him and I did," Chloe explained, "I didn't even want to, I don't like guns," she said.

Piller walked away from Chloe and approached Jack's stretcher. As Piller went closer to Jack to see if he was alive or not, Jack swiftly grabbed Piller's head and bit into his ear. Piller screamed in pain as Jack didn't let go of his ear.

"So let me get this straight," Meg spoke up, "is this guy a wolf or a vampire?" she asked as she saw Jack continuing to bite down on Piller's ear.

"Maybe a little bit of both," Chloe answered her.

Piller was taken away from Jack as Jack was put under a stabilizer to calm him down. A doctor attended to Piller's ear as he put a bandage on his ear.

After an ambulance arrived, Jack was put in the ambulance and Meg went with Jack just to make sure that he was doing fine. "You need to come back to CTU," Chloe told her.

"Make me," Meg said as she shook her head from side to side, "now we are just stalling for time," she said as she shut the ambulance door as the ambulance drove down the street and away from the UN. She turned around and looked at Jack that was in the stretcher with an oxygen mask on his nose. "Yo Jack, still giving me the silent treatment?" she asked him.

Jack didn't say anything to her. "I'll take that as a yes," Meg said as she clapped a hand on his uninjured shoulder.

Chloe shook her head at the ambulance. She got inside a CTU car and drove back to CTU. She arrived at CTU where she was welcomed by Renee Walker, as she ran up to hear to hear any news about Meg. "How was Meg?" she asked.

"She is fine," Chloe assured her, "she was in the ambulance with Jack."

"Oh thank God," Renee breathed. At least both of them were away from these horrors that had been happening today. She couldn't wait for Jack to get better and for Meg to come back to CTU so they could be together as a family, which was something that Renee was deprived of.

"Chloe," Arlo said as he turned his chair around and looked at Chloe, "you gotta see this," he said as he pulled up an air drone and showed a picture of an ambulance that was toppled over and a flame coming out from under it. There was a group of men dressed in black as they took Jack with them.

"Meg was in there!" Chloe exclaimed.

"WHAT?" Renee yelled. She looked up at the screen with worry. Surely she had to be in there and she hoped that she was injured instead of dead. She sat down on a chair and put her hands on her head. She couldn't believe this. Just when things were beginning to get better, everything turned worse. What else was going to happen? Who else, close to her was going to die? She had no one left so the only person that was close to die was herself.

After a few minutes with no good news, Chloe's cell phone rang. "Hello?" Chloe said.

"Chloe," Jack said," turn on the screen." Chloe told Arlo to turn on the screen and he did. On the screen there was Jack with blood coming out the side of his head and blood trickling down his mouth. "Chloe," he said again, "I just got word that the Russians along with the Americans are coming after me. I need to flee the country."

Renee stared at Jack in the screen as her eyes filled up with tears. She sadly shook her head. "Please take care of Kim and her family," Jack said to Chloe. Chloe had tears in her eyes as she assured Jack that she was going to do everything in her power to protect Kim. "Let me speak to Renee," Jack said as Chloe passed her cell phone to Renee.

"Renee," Jack began, "I am so sorry about-ah!" he yelled as he was shot on the shoulder and he fell down. A couple of men in black suits ran up to him as they pointed their guns at him, making it impossible for him to escape. Suddenly, a gun shot was heard as one of the men fell on the ground. Then the other was shot. Pretty soon, every single man that had Jack surrounded was shot dead. Jack looked up at who had saved him.

"Lets see that arm," Meg said as she got to her knees and wrapped his arm with a bandage.

"You did that?" Jack asked her.

"No," Meg said with sarcasm, "it was actually Bugs Bunny," she said as she finished bandaging his arm.

Renee looked at the screen with happiness. Meg was okay and so was Jack! There was still hope for them to get back at CTU so she could be with the both of them! "Thank God," she said as she slowly shut her eyes and looked up at the ceiling of CTU, "thank you."

"Look," Jack said, "we're coming to CTU," he said as him and Meg got inside a car and drove back to CTU. Jack was anxious to get back. He wanted to get Renee and flee the country with her. He couldn't live his life in danger anymore. He was going to flee the country as soon as possible and start a new life with Renee.

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The End