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He cries for her still by: katie4dragons

A man stepped through the wide doorway. His long nose was the only part of his face not covered in the shadow cast by his hood. Like a cat, he slinked past the empty desks towards the back of the dusty, unused classroom.

Carefully, he pulled a brown sheet off of a tall, thin object. As the sheet crumpled to the floor the man stepped back and lowered the hood of his black cloak, revealing his long greasy hair and pale face. Moonlight through the windows cast eerie shadows and reflected off of the object's shinning surface.

Slowly he walked forward and pressed his palms against the smooth, cold surface of the Mirror of Erised. A look of deep longing was plastered on his shallow face. His black eyes burned with a hunger for something he couldn't have, but desperately wanted and could see in the mirror.

As he stared hungrily into the mirror a woman with long red hair and startlingly beautiful green eyes smiled sadly back at him. She reached out as if to touch his face but was stopped by the cold boundaries of the mirror. After a few moments tears began to glide freely from the man's eyes and dripped off the end of his long nose.

The man began to sob and crumpled to the ground. He cried heavily into the front of his robes, occasionally moaning Lily's name, as if saying it often would make her real again. Each time he said her name it would bring on a new onslaught of sobs that would rack through his body.

From the mirror, the vision of Lily Evans cried softly. Silent tears slipped down her pale cheeks for the man crying on the ground in front of her, still heartbroken after so much time.

Hours later the man picked himself up of the cold floor and slowly drew the sheet back over the mirror. Quickly, with tears still dripping from his eyes, Severus Snape left the abandoned classroom with a sadness inside him no one but Lily Evans will ever be able to fill.