Tim McGee Sees it through

Characters: Mostly Tim but the others are there as well

Written for Laikyn-Hope you like it…Mwah

Word Count: 6,906!

Set during either the current season or season 7.

Author warnings: Contains references to sexual assault and adult themes!

"Won't you stand up, stand up, stand up

Won't you stand up you girls and boys

Won't you stand up, stand up, stand up

Won't you stand up and us your voice"

From Stand up by Sugarland

Chapter 1

December 20th





Those ominous yet normal sounds of the hospital were the only outward manifestations that Timothy McGee was alive. Team Gibbs were all hunkered down in the plain hospital room at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and to passerby's they could tell by the look on their downtrodden faces just how long that they had been there.

The group had been there long enough to realize that nurse Maria only worked the night shift, hated cats, and was allergic to just about every kind of seafood. Tony soon realized that the woman had a husband and that was why she was unflappable to the great DiNozzo charm game. They also realized how seriously she took her job, and while she hated the fact that people got hurt by the vicious world, she also understood that God ingrained in her the ability to make people better, and that she had the power to comfort the grieving and hurting. It was her desire to help people that made her want to be a nurse, however she wanted to work at this particular hospital because when her brother died oversees serving in the Navy, she knew that he had to honor her fallen brother by nursing back to health those that worked and kept those in that branch of service safe.

Maria thought that she had seen it all. She had seen commandeers bloodied and beaten because that was the price of serving one's country. She had seen petty officers lives ruined before they even truly started because of infield accidents. However none of those incidents prepared her for what she saw on that fateful December night. What she saw that night chilled her to the bone, and had been the topic of many a night of nightmares-not that she would ever admit that.

One quiet December night saw Bethesda Naval Hospital being turned upside down. Cathy, the night manager, a round and pudgy woman whom never waved her authority over anyone, got the call.

Dispatcher: Hello, hello?

Cathy: Hi this is Cathy from Bethesda what is your emergency?

Dispatcher: This is Ron we have a patient being airlifted to the hospital our E.T.A. is about 10 minutes.

Cathy: How many victims?

Dispatcher: One…..but he'll keep ya occupied for awhile.

Cathy: Injuries?

Dispatcher: Three shots to the chest, multiple stab wounds, bruising to the torso, arms, legs. Possible internal organ damage as a result of the gunshots and bruising….and p possible sexual assault.

Cathy: Okay you get him here in one piece we'll make sure he stays that way" Cathy responded cheerfully.


Despite the cheerfulness of the tone she gave off Cathy was distressed. Whoever this was, was coming to their hospital most definitely not in one piece. However hopefully as a result of their methodical surgeons and nurses, and god she hoped that he had friends, maybe this man would be able to reach through to the other side.

It was with that determination that Cathy gathered up a group of nurses and a team of doctors to be ready for the arrival of their newest charge. There was a lot that had to be done before that helicopter landed on their roof—they needed to have surgery rooms prepped, x ray machines tested for use, and blood and other medical supplies needed to be gathered