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Remy glared at Dexter. "And you expect me to believe this why?" she fumed.

"Because you love me?" he suggested cheekily.

"Bad move Buster," she stepped toward him menacingly.

"I have witnesses."

"Witnesses?" she snorted in disbelief. "Both of us know that you're 'witnesses' are also your best friends."

"Since when has Chloe been my best friend?"

Remy stopped in shock. Then she dialed the familiar number. "Hey Chloe. It's me. What went on at the bar?"

"Remy, I really don't think you want me going into detail, but it was the blonde's fault."

"Alright," Remy sighed. "Thanks Chloe. I guess I have to go apologize."

"Ohhh! Remy Starr apologizing to a guy! This I have to hear. Put me on speaker phone!"

"Good-bye Chloe." Then Remy hung up.

"So, Dexter…"


"I-I'm sorry."

"What was that?"

Remy threw up her hands. "All right! I'll apologize! I'm sorry! I should have believed you!"

'Ohhh, Remy's apologizing!" John Miller's voice drifted through the door.

"Shut up or I'll make you!" Remy snapped, blushing.

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