Title: In the Arms of an Angel.
Summary: Edward's POV, as he discovers love, fulfilment and heartbreak.
Word count: 500
Disclaimer: All Twilight characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.
Rating: T

Since the moment our eyes met, I've loved you. But it still took us four years to find a way to each other. Four years of loving you while wondering if I'd ever be able to hold you in my arms and kiss you the way I'd longed to.

That day happened just one week ago today. You appeared on my doorstep at one am with tears running down your face, and whispered that you loved me. You told me with such trepidation and uncertainty, looking so incredibly vulnerable, it was as if you feared that I couldn't love such an amazing, beautiful creature like you in return.

I engulfed you in my arms, finally, and held you tightly against my chest while the reality of it set in; that you, Bella Swan, were finally mine.

"I love you," I uttered as I buried my face into the soft skin of your neck, feeling my emotions suddenly peak.

You wrapped your arms tightly around my neck, running your fingers through my hair, before your lips found my ear.

"Make love to me, Edward." This time your voice was echoed with the same vulnerability that something within my heart fractured.

I took you, trembling against me, and made you a part of me—completely. As we repeatedly made love, I drowned myself in your body and scent. For days, we didn't leave my bedroom, and by the time we emerged I knew every single, intimate part of you.

Eventually I wanted to take you out and show you off to the world. We went to a small restaurant just outside town; you chose it. It was where your parents went for their first date, you'd said.

We were still deciding what to order, when you jolted slightly as if someone had walked passed and bumped you. Your expression was confused, but I knew immediately something was very wrong. Your color went immediately ashen and as you took a breath, blood sprinkled from your mouth.

"Edward," you barely managed to say, your eyes wide.

You slipped sideways, and I threw myself forward to catch you. My heart froze in my chest, as I heard the primitive, anguished, sound of my voice call your name.

On the floor, I cradled you in my arms, with my lips grazing your brow. Your skin was cool

"I've got you, baby."

"Edward..." You were fading fast; your voice a struggled whisper. "I'm falling."

"Stay with me, Bella!" My voice rose, breaking despite all efforts.

Your breathing became shallow and labored. Your eyes began rolling back, as I pleaded with you to keep them open.

You fought, baby. You fought to the very end. You told me you wanted to have my babies and that I was the only one you'd ever loved.

Succumbing to tears, I begged you to keep breathing, to hold on to my voice; to say, but you died in my arms. As your heart fell silent, it took mine forever with you.