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- TVD -

"Stefan, go back to the boarding house with Bonnie and Jeremy. Take the cure." Aria's expression was blank; her eyes bore into the decaying body of Klaus. She could feel the three people around her staring at her, waiting for her next move. "Now,"

Jeremy couldn't help but grab onto Bonnie's arm and pull her out of the cave protectively. For him, he couldn't get her away from Klaus quicker even if he was cold and dead. Stefan, although, stayed behind, his arms crossing against his chest as he watched Aria bend down next to Klaus. He raised an eyebrow as she placed a hand on the black dagger, clasping her fingers around the handle.

"You're bringing him back?" he asked, his voice cold with betrayal. "After all this, you're going to pull it out of his chest?"

Aria shook her head; her long brunette locks falling in front of her eyes. Within a blink of an eye, she had pushed the dagger further into his skin, the dead vampires body lurching once more before falling still once again. "Jeremy's human, got to make sure its done right."

Stefan watched as she stood up once more, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small box of matches. "You need gas."

She turned her head, raising an eyebrow and making him smile, memories of their time together returning to him quickly. "Really? I would never have guessed."

In the corner, Stefan had failed to notice the canister of gasoline perched on a rock. He shook his head; he should have seen it coming. Even back then she was always one step ahead of everybody. "Klaus mentioned he had siblings, what if they come looking for him?"

Aria poured the liquid over the body, making sure it was completely covered. "Don't worry. They're all staked somewhere in Chicago locked in coffins in some warehouse. They won't come back unless someone makes them and I'm the only one left who knows exactly where they are."

Lighting a match and dropping it, the gasoline lit quickly, engulfing the body in flames. She moved to stand next to Stefan as the two vampires watched the flames grow. "We should go. He'll be dust in an hour or so."

- TVD -

'Damon! Please, just hang on a little longer." Elena's hands were wrapped around the tops of Damon's arms, attempting to keep him against the bed as he convulsed against her, attempting to break free with his vampire visage strong under his tired eyes.

"Get out of here," he said harshly, reality still holding onto him with tainted fingers.

"No!" she said just as harsh, pushing him down harder as he tried to move. She was surprised how long she had kept him down but he was weak, he had refused blood most of the time and only had a small amount of the rich liquid running through his body.

"I said get out!" the door of his wooden closest smashed in half beneath her spine as she found herself pushed onto the other side of the room. She cried out in pain as she felt splinters of wood moving into her skin. His body was over hers soon after, his hand finding her neck and lifting her off of the ground quickly. His eyes were no longer blue but an empty black, dark veins running beneath them. "You need to listen to me when I say get out."

"Damon, please." Her voice was quiet as she managed to get those two words to escape her lips. The air in her lungs was depleting fast and the air was becoming stuffy as his tight grip kept her against the wall. "Please,"

"Damon!" a fresh voice made Damon turn his head towards the door as Aria and Stefan lunged at him, knocking him away from Elena and tumbling to the floor with him in a struggle. Elena fell to the floor in a heap against the broken wood as Bonnie and Jeremy fell to her side, Bonnie rubbing her back as she coughed, gasping for air at the same time. Jeremy watched in horror from his sister's side as Aria pushed Damon down to the ground, her hand finding his jaw as Stefan kept him down. Damon pushed and struggled against the other vampires as Aria pried his mouth open. "Jeremy, get Elena out of this room!"

Jeremy snapped back to reality as he felt Bonnie push him lightly on the shoulder. He nodded to himself as he carefully lifted Elena, wincing as she cried out as her back moved. Jeremy felt a warm wetness on his hands and knew she was bleeding. If Damon wasn't being man handled by Aria and Stefan he could have killed him himself. Careful of her wounds, Jeremy carried Elena out of the room and down to the parlour where Caroline sat with Alaric. Immediately they jumped to their feet as Jeremy placed Elena on the leather couch, tears leaking from her chocolate pools as she groaned as pain moved its way down her spine. Quicker than anyone could notice, Caroline had bit into her wrist and was offering it to Elena, placing it as close to her lips as she could. Elena however, shook her head, attempting to move off the couch muttering something that sounded like Damon.

"Elena, you have to. You're hurt," Caroline gently placed her back down on the soft leather, holding the back of her neck lightly and placing her wrist to her lips. The vampire felt her best friend struggle against her skin before finally giving in, sucking the crimson blood from her veins. A yell sounded from the bedroom, making Elena pushed Caroline's wrist away from her mouth, the blood left over dripping down her olive skin and onto her dress. "No, Elena, you have to keep drinking."

"I have to help Damon," she said quietly, her throat stinging from being held against the closet for the time she had been.

"Stefan and Aria can handle him, please Elena." Jeremy begged as he looked into Elena's eyes. She saw the fear staring back at her. He was worried her injuries wouldn't heal if she didn't keep taking Caroline offer of her blood. "Please"

Silence fell upon the boarding house as Elena stared at her brother. Caroline heard Stefan and Aria but not Damon. Before she could say anything, she felt blood leaving her body as Elena latched back onto her skin, forcing the coppery taste to penetrate her burning throat. She felt the pain in her back decrease slowly as the blood entered her system and soon enough she was able to pull back from Caroline's wrist, stretching her back and removing the pain as if she had just slept in a funny position.

"I'll kill Damon," Jeremy said sharply as he saw the splinters that were piercing Elena's skin. She looked up at him and looked over her shoulder, noticing the small shards of wood.

"Jeremy, he's not himself," she replied as she reached behind her, pulling the only one she could reach from the flesh with a wince of pain entering her expression.

"So! He nearly killed you," he yelled throwing his hands in the air in frustration.

"Jer," Bonnie placed her hand on his back as he turned sharply to look at her. Before she could say anything else, footsteps attracted the rest of the room, Stefan and Aria walking down the staircase, blood on Aria's white shirt. Both were silent as Aria simply tore her shirt off, reaching for one of Stefan's spares that lay against the back of the couch. She slipped it over her head and pushed her hair from the collar, the fabric swamping her petite figure.

"He's resting," she told Elena as she noticed her worried look. "Vervain dart went askew,"

"You used a vervain dart?" Elena asked as Stefan sat on the arm of the couch, rubbing his forehead lightly.

"We had to," he explained. "He was out of control. So we darted him and gave him Klaus' blood. He'll come around soon,"

"I should take you to the hospital. Some of those pieces of wood are pretty deep." Caroline attempted to pull one from Elena's back only for a wail of pain to escape the brunette sitting on the couch. Elena protested, obviously, wanting to be there when Damon awoke from the slumber the vervain had left him in. "He's not going anywhere, Elena."

"Fine. I'm coming straight back though" Caroline smiled in triumph, helping her friend up onto her feet and keeping her up right as they walked out of the parlour.

- TVD -

A few hours later, Elena was sat out in the gardens of the boarding house, a cup of coffee grazing her lips every so often as the cool night air rushed past her. A blanket was placed over her back, her wounds stitched and bandaged. Caroline slipped her more blood when the doctor had stepped out of the room to ease the pain the pain killers seemed to miss and she felt as right as rain. For now at least. The pain would sear through her whenever Caroline's blood left her system. She was tired and hungry but refused to leave the space she was sat in. The bench that was placed looking into the woods that lead to the old Salvatore Mansion.

"Planning my funeral already?" His voice made her turns quickly, her coffee mug falling and just missing her lap. "Or are you planning another trip to the hospital already?"

Damon stood a few feet away from the bench she was sat on, a glass tumbler filled with blood grasped in his left hand, the other hand holding onto half of a door that used to be attached to the closet. He examined the shard of wood in his grasp, shaking his head lightly before walking towards her, moving around the bench and sitting down, placing the glass on the wooden arm.

"You're up," she said quietly, watching as he threw the chunk of wood into the woods.

"Mhm," he turned to her then, his eyes searching hers. "Stefan told me what I did to you."

"It's okay" she replied, shaking her head lightly as she bent down to pick up the white mug that lay askew on the ground, the hot liquid already soaked into the mud below. Damon heard her intake of breathe and watched for a second as she paused.

"Easy now," he said gently, helping her back into the sitting position, his hand resting on the small of her back where he knew she wasn't hurting. She felt a strong body behind her as she leant back, Damon resting her against his shoulder lightly.

"No offence" she said letting out a breathe of relief as she was sat upright once more. "But you really stink."

He couldn't help but laugh, his chest rising in a strength Elena hadn't seen in weeks. She smiled gently as he eventually calmed, his free hand resting on his chest. "That's what you say to me when I wake up? I stink?"

"Well you do. You've stunk for a while,' she said playfully, looking up at him and relishing his ocean blue eyes once more.

"You could have done something about that," he was smirking then, his signature look falling back into place against his features.

"You are terrible," she said with a small laugh of her own, scratching the bridge of her nose lightly.

"I'm sorry," he said all of a sudden.

"For what?" she asked, looking back at him again with curious eyes.

"Do you want a list?" he said lightly, his hand rubbing her back lightly. She stood slowly as he did and watched as his face fell at the lack of contact.

"My back's fine," she told him, shrugging the blanket off of her shoulders and folding it up in her arms. He raised an eyebrow lightly and watched as her hand reached out in front of her, nodding towards it for him to take it. He followed suit, grasping her hand and standing up. "I have to change my bandages. I'll run you a bath so I can breathe again without feeling like I'm in a sewer"

He gasped playfully, feeling her fingers lacing with his before they walked back to the boarding house and into Damon's bedroom. He looked around his room, the closet in pieces, the bed stained with dried blood. In the distance, he heard her run the tub and then opening some sort of zip that must have been the tape holding her bandages together. His mind boggled at why she was helping him after all he had done to her. Then he remembered that fateful day that she confessed her feelings to him and how he struggled to believe it. She told him she would wait, be his friend until he was ready and that was what she had been doing. Being his friend, caring for him even if he had no idea she was.

"You have bubble bath?" her head poked around the door with a plastic bottle in hand.

"It's a luxury," he told her, looking over at her as she shook her head. Through the door, he could see her pour some into the filling tub, the scent of the air changing as the soap took over the water. It was then that he stood and for the first time in a long time, Damon Salvatore could admit he was scared of what the outcome of this would be. He was risking everything with what he was about to do but he felt it was the right time. He had waited long enough. Put off his feelings for too long.

Walking into the bathroom, Damon saw her carefully trying to remove the light sweater that she had changed into on the way back from the hospital. A thin white vest soon entered his line of vision. Elena was so transfixed in not hurting herself even more that she didn't notice the vampire standing behind her until she looked up into the mirror, jumping in fright as she saw Damon. His hand ran up her arm slowly, causing goose bumps to erupt on her skin. The pounding of her heart thumped in his ears lowly as his fingertips grazed her shoulder.

'Let me help," he said in a whisper, his voice lower than usual. "It's the least I can do since I caused this,"

She felt herself nodding lightly as his hand moved slowly down her fragile back. To her, it felt good. It caused no pain as it would if she was to simply lift her shirt off. She hadn't seen this side of Damon in a long time. She gazed into the mirror and saw how soft his eyes were as he slowly lifted the white material from her skin, his brows furrowing as he saw the bandages that encased her stitches.

"I'm so sorry," he said quietly, dropping the vest onto the counter top, one of his fingers grazing over the edge of a bandage. Elena couldn't find the words as his fingertips narrowly missed her skin. Her world almost felt as if it was spinning, Damon Salvatore was caring for her this time. Her world came hurtling back down to Earth as she felt a warm tingling sensation gracing her collarbone. Turning her head slightly, she caught the end of Damon placing a soft kiss onto her skin. The room was quiet apart from the sound of her heart drumming in her ears, which she knew Damon would be able to hear.

"What are you doing?" she whispered to him as he placed a kiss on the side of her neck, moving her long hair to one side as he did.

"When I saw you on the bench outside, I realized how stupid I had been. Not believing you when you told me how you felt. Stefan told me you barely left my side the whole time I wasn't myself, even when he told you to leave because he knew I was dangerous. You trusted me and I should trust you.' He was looking over her shoulder, his chin resting upon his and into the mirror catching her eyes with his. The steam that was erupting from the filling tub was making it hard to see her but their eyes broke through the barrier, locking together as if it wasn't there. He turned her gently so the bottom of her back was resting against the cool tile and that she was looking straight at him. His signature smirk appeared on his lips but this time it was different. It was small and had a hint of sadness to it. She searched his eyes in attempt to find out what he was trying to say but found the task difficult. Before she could utter a word, his hand reached up to graze her cheek lightly, reminding her of a dream she had a long time ago. When they first met. His knuckles moved down her jaw line and to her bottom lip before he moved his fingers to caress her chin, lifting it slightly so she was looking straight up at him. "I haven't dreamt in a long time, Elena. Not since I was human but when I was out, all I saw was you and that killed me. The pain was unbearable and all I wanted was to reach out to you but I couldn't. It was like you were moving away from me; further and further every day and I can't imagine how hard that would be in real life. You always told me that it would always be Stefan but to me, Elena, it will always be you."

She was silent and it alarmed him. Her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly ajar at what he had just said and it had him worried she had already moved on. "Unless, Stefan."

Hearing the name of her ex boyfriend and brother of the vampire in front of her brought her hurtling back to earth with a bump. The words he let pour from his heart caught up to her and she shook her head gently. "There's no Stefan,"

The way Damon was looking down at her made her cheeks burn and she knew she was turning an embarrassing shade of red but all he did was smile. She was confused slightly by the grin spreading across his lips but the thought of the blush forming was soon forgotten, as his lips were against hers in a tender kiss. She fell into a pit of bliss as his strong arms wrapped gently around her, careful still of her back. He was gentle, something he never was with a woman but this was no woman. This was Elena. His Elena. In response, her arm moved up his chest to the back of his neck, her fingers locking in his silky hair. The passion of the kiss grew, the wait they had both put themselves through finally being released in such a loving motion.

Damon's hands moved from her shoulders to her back before running across her ass, lifting her onto the counter so she met his height. A small groan escaped from his throat as his hardening member brushed against her core, her jeans the only thing between them. Elena thought about this happening, she thought she would be scared. Scared of giving herself to Damon but she felt relaxed in his arms so much that she took a step forward and ran the tip of her tongue against his lips.

As she did, the kiss quickly turned into searing lust as he responded, their tongues battling for domination as she gripped his raven hair tighter. A moan in the form of his name escaped her lips and this made Damon pull back slowly, his nose touching hers and their panting in sync. The sound of his name leaving her mouth in that manner was enough to drive him to the end and it didn't help when she moved her fingers from his hair and gently down the side of his chiselled jaw.

"What is it?" she asked quietly, searching his eyes for the reason he had stopped. He looked at her with vulnerability running through his crystal blue orbs.

"This is really happening…" Elena smiled gently, her finger grazing lightly over his bottom lip, swollen from their kiss. "I love you…"

A small giggle left Elena and Damon grinned as he moved his hands from her ass and to the edge of her thin shirt, lifting it slowly over her head and taking in the white lace bra that was hidden underneath.

His lips moved to hers once more, leaving a simple peck against her lips before moving down her jaw and to her neck, leaving open mouth kisses against her skin. He felt her chest heave lightly against his as her breathing increased. He could smell her arousal as he moved a hand to cup her bra-covered breast, feeling her hardened peaks beneath the smooth material. Elena's hands danced down his back as her teeth pierced her bottom lip at the pleasure he was giving her simply by kissing her.

"Damon…" she moaned in pleasure but also wanted to catch his attention as the water of the tub behind them moved dangerously close to the rim of the porcelain, threatening to spill across. "Damon, the tub…."

Her voice rang through his ears like a song but his realization soon caught up to him as he heard the water hit the tile floors. In a flash he had left the position between her legs and was at the golden tap, turning it quickly before the water flooded the bathroom. Turning to look over at her, his foot landed in a puddle of water and he slipped lightly, Elena laughing from the counter as he managed to stop the flow of water. He caught himself on the window ledge and glared playfully over at her.

"What are you twelve?" he asked as he stood up, moving over to her again slowly before lifting her off the counter, grasping her in his arms as if she were his bride. He returned to the side of the bath, tauntingly slow as Elena looked at him in horror.

"Damon, don't you dare!"

"Now Miss Gilbert is it good for the earth to waste perfectly good water?" His foot left the ground and was over the tubs edge and into the water.

"Damon, you're fully clothed!" Now standing in the tub, Damon sat them both down, erupting a squeal from Elena.

"We can change that," he whispered huskily as his teeth nipped her earlobe before turning her so she was straddling his lap, the water now falling over the edge but neither caring. In a swift motion, he pulled his black shirt off and threw it aside before looking back at the girl resting against him, her hands moving to run across his toned arms.

"Impressed are you?" he asked quietly, lightly placing his lips against hers, moving her closer to him.

"Shut up," she whispered against his lips, her fingers moving under the water to find the zipper of his now soaked jeans. In response, Damon pressed his lips against hers much stronger, his handing now cupping the back of her head so she was as close to him as he could possibly get her. Her hands were agonisingly close to his now aching member, making him shiver at just the idea of what she was doing to him. He pulled gently on her hair to make their lips part, Elena looking through her thick eyelashes down at him in a seductive manner. She felt his fingers running through her long hair and down onto her back, his skill making her barely notice that her bra was unclasped and the straps now falling down her arms.

He began to lean forward but she shook her head causing him great confusion. She moved her hands slowly up his toned chest, running over the creases of his taught abs to his strong shoulders. Instead she leaned forward, placing her lips against his ear before whispering stand up. He obeyed, the bulge in his pants obvious as she pulled the jeans from his legs, leaving his black boxers the only thing clinging to his wet body.

"God Elena," Damon could have taken her there and then but he wanted this to last. He kneeled back in the water, his lips moving straight to her chest, his hands running across her hardened nipples and earning a gasp in return. A surge of electricity ran through him as he felt her hands return to his lower region. He growled against his skin as her hands dipped into his boxers, wrapping her fingers around his hardened length. He felt his hips jutting forward lightly at her touch, the anticipation of events unfolding making him even harder, if physically possible as she stroked him lightly. He could feel his fangs probing against his gums, begging to be let put down as he heard her heart thud in her chest, blood pumping through her body.

Elena felt his hands move slowly down her stomach, almost too slow. In a second, her jeans were gone leaving her in only a pair of matching white panties. Her forehead fell against his muscled shoulder lightly as he moved the thin material from her legs and tossing them to the ground, returning quickly to tease her entrance with a single finger before adding a second. A muffled 'Damon' dripped from her lips as he slipped a digit into her slowly, stretching her gently soon after by adding a second. A cry of pleasure built in her throat as he moved his fingers within her, forgetting the fact she had completely forgotten his manhood as her nails dug into his forearm that was holding her by the hip.

His head moved to look at her face, her eyes closed with pleasure as she rested against him. "Don't you think…" he kissed her shoulder, nipping lightly. "It's a little unfair that your naked and I'm not?"

She laughed, lifting her forehead from his shoulder and placing it against his. "Only Damon Salvatore would think that was unfair.'

"It's a part of my charm," he grinned teasingly as she rolled her eyes, his voice very low, something Elena seemed to find enduring. "I'm sure you could help me though, right?"

A breathless gasp left her suddenly as he moved her lower half against hers, his fingers running over the tightened bundle of nerves making her jump slightly.

"God, you are insatiable" Her hands moved under water as he lifted his hips lightly, helping her rid him of the boxers, which soon became apart of the pile of soaked clothes that lay on the tile floor of the bathroom. They groaned in sync as their naked flesh touched fully, Damon placing feverent kisses up towards her lips. She whimpered as she felt him against her, his length nudging her stomach. He slowly pulled her into his lap again, moving them down the tub so she was resting against the side, pieces of her long hair damp and laying over the edge.

He adjusted himself so his tip was against her as he moved her chin lightly so they were looking straight into each other eyes. She nodded lightly, her arm moving so it was placed around his neck lightly, the heat in the room causing their skin to stick lightly. He inched forward, giving them both what they yearned for. Slipping inside her, Damon let a sigh of pleasure out before pausing, giving her time to adjust. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. It seemed that both he and Elena had completely forgot about her back, the water and the pleasure Damon was giving her shielding the pain completely. He felt her inner walls contract against him and he had to hold himself from falling over the edge there and then. Using this as a signal, Damon moved himself further into her tight entrance, watching her face for any signs of pain. All he saw, however, was her head falling against the warm porcelain, her eyes closed in pleasure as she felt him fill her completely. Damon had been with a lot of women but never before had he felt such a strong connection between him and another person. He felt her move slightly and she was soon against him, their chests pushing together.

"You feel amazing," he told her gently, moving slowly to start with. She cried his name in a whisper against his earlobe as pleasure ran through her.

"Oh god, Damon…."

Elena raised her hips to meet his thrusts and he quickened his pace, gripping her hips tightly under the water. She met every one of his thrusts with a loud moan as he hit her clit with his hipbone. She had never felt this much pleasure, not with Matt and defiantly not with Stefan. Stefan treated her like she was a twig and would break beneath her at any point. Damon on the other hand, was different. He was still gentle but knew how much she could handle as he pounded into her with powerful thrusts, hearing her high building in the sound of her heartbeat.

"Elena…" he groaned her name as he felt himself growing closer to falling into the abyss of pleasure. Feeling her muscles clamping around him brought his muscles in his arms to what felt like jelly. Within a few more thrusts into her, both reached their peak, their names merging together in pleasurable sighs and grunts as they ran out their orgasms.

He felt her arms move around his middle, her fingers grasping his back lightly as her breathing slowed into a normal pattern. He gazed up at her as he leant them both against the back of the tub, her body resting against his as he remained inside her.

"Wow" was all she could say as she came back to earth unable to find the words to describe how she felt.

"I told you bubble bath was a luxury," he said gently, his fingers playing with the tips of her damp hair as he felt her shudder slightly, a laugh running through her chest.

"I'll keep that in mind.' She sat up slowly, in result Damon slipping out of her. He watched her intently as her chocolate orbs found his, a smile falling on her lips soon after. "That was amazing…."

"You are amazing," he said in reply, his voice quiet and full of admiration that she felt her cheeks turning the embarrassing shade of red from earlier. He brought her to him once again, his arm falling over her shoulder so she was resting against his stomach and so that she was sat between his legs. He leaned over her lightly to pull the stopper from the bath, turning the faucet back on after and letting fresh hot water run around them, causing Elena to sigh lightly, her body relaxing beneath his.

"You still stink," she said after a moment's silence. He chuckled, clasping his fingers around her stomach so she couldn't move. She felt soft kisses against her shoulder once more as one of his hands moved to the ledge closest to them, a black washcloth falling into the water. He let it soak up some of the liquid before lifting it to her shoulder; rubbing the cloth against her skin and watching bubbles fall over her shoulder down her chest.

"Do something about it then, Miss Gilbert…."

- TVD -

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