Kyouya Ootori blinked as he regained consciousness. He was in a hospital. Judging from the quality of the bedsheets and the uniform that the nurse was wearing, he was in an Ootori hospital.

He had no idea as to how he got there.

He turned to his left side to grope for his glasses on the side table and almost swore at the pain that passed through his right arm.

"Oh, Ootori-san, you're awake!" The nurse chirped happily. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

"That's wonderful! Your twisted wrist should be fine in a few weeks, but we had to get a brace for your leg. Shall I show you how to use crutches?"

Kyouya's eyes widened slightly. "Excuse me?"

"Do you need me to show you how to use crutches?" The woman repeated, holding up a crutch and gestruing to it.

"No, I believe I'll be fine, thank you," the dark-haired boy said slowly as his mind raced. What in the world had happened to him?

"Alright, just press this button if you need anything and I'll be here as soon as possible!" The nurse left the room and Kyouya let out a long breath. "Oh!" She popped back into the room for a second. "You have a visitor! A Miss Haruhi Fujioka. Would you like to see her?"

"Yes, send her in, please." She may know something, he thought to himself.

After a few minutes, Haruhi came into the room. He squinted at her blurry figure, then sighed.

"Haruhi, can you see, by any chance, where my glasses are?"

"Oh, here you go, Senpai." A hazy hand extended towards him and propped the glasses on his nose.

"Ah... Hello, Haruhi," Kyouya said, adhering the glasses with his right hand.

"Um, I brought you your homework. Tamaki was going to do it, but the twins said something and... I don't really know what happened, but he forgot. So I just thought I'd... Y'know..."

"Thank you, Haruhi, it's greatly appreciated."

There was an awkward silence, then Kyouya spoke again. "Haruhi, would you happen to know how I sustained all these injuries?"

The girl flushed. "Um, well, you know how you were tutoring me in Math?"

"... Yes."

"And we finished and you were heading to your car?"

"... I barely remember, but proceed."

"... You tripped down the stairs."

Kyouya's eyebrows rose. "And?"

"You blacked out."

"You mean to say I managed to twist my wrist and break my leg by falling down the stairs."

The girl hesitated, then nodded. "Yeah, pretty much."

The boy gritted his teeth, then exhaled sharply. "Haruhi... We will never mention this incident. Ever again."

"How many people will you take of my debt if I don't mention it?" Haruhi immediately asked.

"As many as I'll add if you do mention it."

The two classmates locked eyes, then Haruhi shrugged. "Truce."