Hey all, I feel like I should explain this one a bit. Don't get me wrong I do like GRS but I thought I'd indulge myself with a Sandle (which I personally prefer) story. It's set in Season 11, after Sara's return. Now, I know she's married to Grissom and that she loves him...but long distance relationships can be hard to maintain...especially if temptation is near... ;)

It's not like my usual fanfic's, there isn't really an investigation integrated into it.

Hope you like it. (Or rather don't hate it!)

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Red Wine Moments: Chapter One

Empty beer bottles and wine glasses decorated the furniture and floors. There was an eerie quite that lingered in the air along with the mixture of perfume and cigarettes. Greg and Sara sat on the sofa amongst the chaos in a sleepy daze. Their surroundings seemed surreal but they'd both decided to blame the alcohol for that.

"My very own bachelor pad." Greg laughed in a way that you can only do when drunk.

"Indeed stud." Sara's attempt at saying it seriously was diminished and as their eyes met they both started giggling. "We've given this place ten years of wear in one night."

"Isn't that what house warming are for?" Greg looked around at the mess.

Sara picked up her glass of wine but Greg reached his hand out, his fingers gently encircling her wrist.

"Don't you think you've had a bit too much already." He said smiling at her goofily.

"No, I haven't. I haven't had nearly enough." She winked and pulled the glass closer to herself, along with Greg's hand as he hadn't let go. He slowly retracted his hand away from Sara letting it fall in the space between them. Sara finished off the glass placing it down next to her and started trying to stand up, seeing this Greg copied her.

"Well I should head home." She sighed pulled her jacket on.

"That dumpy apartment isn't a home, Sara." Greg retorted.

"Well...that's where I'm going." She attempted to step past him, but her heels and the wine had stopped her from being able to walk. Greg reached his arms out in attempts to stop her from falling they'd comfortable wrapped around her waist pulling her close to him.

"Stay..." He whispered, his breath tickling Sara's cheek.

"Well...I guess it'll save me having to come back to get my car in the morning." Sara thought out loud. Pulling herself up right, Greg could feel her tugging loose of his arms, he let go burning up with embarrassment slightly while doing so.

"No...I mean...move in with me...live here..." he said slightly flustered.

"I don't think I'm the one who's had too much to drink." Sara laughed, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Why not? I have the space, you need a better place to stay. And you'd be doing me a favour, you can make sure I'm up in time for work and give me a lift in the mornings. And I mean...why would anyone not want to live with me?"

"I guess you have a point." Sara responded still slightly unconvinced.

"Well then...just stay for tonight...at least..." he pouted jokingly at her.

"Fine...fine...tonight" she rolled her eyes. Greg pulled her back down on the sofa, a triumphant smile on his face.

"I've missed you while you've been away." He said with a hint of sadness.

"I've missed you too Greg." Sara laughed.

He picked up the half empty bottle of wine from the floor and handed it too Sara, with a sly smile. They began talking and it was as if time was no object, it was not until they both started yawning that the realisation of how late it was hit them both.


When Sara woke up she could hear her neck click, it was a few moments before the pain actually hit her. She lifted her head to see Greg still asleep, his arms wrapped around her waist. Laying her head back on his chest she closed her eyes and opened them in attempts to get used to the light. But it didn't help. Her head throbbed. Eventually she heard a groan from Greg and he began shifting underneath her. Looking up she met his half open eyes.

They were both squashed together in attempts to fit on the sofa, Greg's arms being the only thing stopping her from falling.

Something twigged inside her, but she couldn't tell what it was. A wave of guilt washed over her and she quickly pulled herself up, images of Grissom floating in her mind.

"Well...hello there." Greg said his voice sounding as if he's smoked forty a day for fifty years.