Hi readers. I had forgotten I had this story so I really don't remember what I had plan for it but I will try to keep it up. This chapter is the most I remember, so I'm sorry it's so short. I promise I will have more for then next chapter.

Thank you Dynamite on Cure for reminding me.

Chapter 2

After that day, I went back to the same spot. Each day hoping that I would see him. It wasn't healthy, it wasn't the right thing to do but I couldn't bring myself to be back in that spot every day.

And I was in luck. He came by every day, and every time he would look at me and smile and then walk away. That smile kept me through those first months of absolute solitude and then I decide to move on.

Fantasying over a guy I couldn't have was the old me. The new me was a college girl. One who had her secret only to herself, a girl who wanted to change, and so I stopped going there but life wasn't fair.

I still saw him every day on my way to one of my class. Our eyes would always lock until one of us looked away. Sometimes I felt like he wanted me to talk to him, but I never did.

"You're such a wuss" The voice inside my head chuckled teasingly.

"Shut up" I growled. "You have brought me so many troubles during my high school year. I was looked down because of you and that is not happening now"

The voice laughed. "It will always happen. I will never leave and you will be looked down for the rest of your life"

I decide to ignore it.

Dimitri, at least I called him Dimitri, which it's the voice that I hear in my head, taunts me every moment of my life, including my dreams.

Ever since he appeared he hasn't left. It was a cold winter, and I was in 11th grade. I was researching of my so called gift when I heard someone say my name.

At first I was scared, I wanted to jump out of my seat and run but I was frozen. It felt like someone was holding me down.

He spoke to me that night but I was too afraid to even listen to him and so I ignored him, fearing the fact that I had gone crazy but then things started to get weirder in life.

It seems like my gift was at its full potential now and could see things that I couldn't see before and for that I got hurt.

My current friends saw my wounds and asked me what was going on, which I answered with honesty but it had been the biggest mistake I had done, because not only had my gift gotten stronger but I had received another gift. Now I could know people secret, I don't know how but I just know and so even thought my friend wanted to be ok with the things I was going through half of them didn't believe me and the other half was scared of me.

And so I came to college with the only purpose to start over and to keep my secret, a secret.

What's my secret you ask... My secret is that I see dead people.