Ode To The Man Eating Cabbage
By Elpie nutter

It sat there glaring,
I could feel it's eyes,(that is if it had eyes)
A hungry stare,
That was not disguised,

The soil was damp,
As I cringed by the fence,
And apart from a spade,
I lacked some defense,

It had cornered me quickly,
As it got dark,
Huddled in a corner,
I could hear it's green heart,(that is if it had a heart)

They are feared by all,
And I often hear say,
Burn out your gardens,
To keep the CABBAGE away,

Then it moved closer,
And licked it's lips,(that is if it had lips too)
As it stare upon me,
I felt like fish and chips(LITERALLY(Well what else rhymeswith lips?))

The end was near,
And I felt it's vile breath,(u know what i'm going to say)
As it's teeth sank in,(ditto above)
I saw the infamous DEATH,(when he consequently said "NOT ANOTHER FLIPPIN' CABBAGE VICTIM)