Redemption of The Fallen

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Chapter 1

Vergil's P.O.V.

How many months, years have I been in this place? How long have I been living this way? I lost track some time ago. I have to find a way out of this place. I need to get out of here. The sulfuric air burns my lungs and throat and the stench of blood and the horrid scent of death and decay assault my nose.

After being corrupted by Mundus, the Prince of Darkness and used as his puppet going by the name, Nelo Angelo, I was slain by my idiotic twin sibling, Dante. I wonder how my dear little brother is doing now. He probably thinks I'm dead and feels guilty for killing me, how wonderful, but instead of killing me, he somehow sent me back to the Demon World or Hell (I don't care what you call it), in which now I'm trying to escape and to accomplish that I need to locate a Hell Gate.

There has to be a Hell Gate somewhere in this barren land of razed fields and blood water, even a closed one will do just fine. Having to constantly stay on high alert for demon of various caliber, is starting to slowly take its toll on my exhausted, wary body. I have to find a place to rest, granted there aren't many places to hide in Hell, but if I find one I won't be able to stay and rest for long. The demons here are relentless in their pursuit of an enjoyable meal, which are hard to come by, even for me. I haven't eaten nor drank anything for 7 days. I need something to replenish my waning strength because in my current state weakness, even I can be taken down, but not without a fight.

I cannot continue living this way, I need to find a Hell Gate quickly, but if I find one I'll have to fight my way out because other demons are more than likely to want to leave Hell and roam the Human World once again. I feel like I've been walking forever, my brown leather boots are worn to the point I can feel the rocks I walk over on the soles of my feet. My cerulean trench coat is in tatters and splattered in blood and dirt, the right sleeve is torn off to my elbow and my vest is shredded to the point it exposes my entire torso. My once silky white hair is now dirty and matted with blood (some of which is mine) and dirt.

From my continuous walking I find myself on a steep cliff side which overlooks a small mountain range. I scan the area for any nearby demons to find there are none around. I breathe a sigh of relief for the opportunity to rest, something I haven't had the pleasure of doing for the past 7 days. I sat down and looked towards the mountains' summit to see a tall structure resting on top. I can only hope that is a Hell Gate and if it is then I'm not the only one heading this way. I look back to see everything is clear. I reluctantly get up to begin my journey down the steep cliff. As I start walking I trip over an object imbedded in the ground, almost falling to kiss the dirt. I reach down to pick said object with my left hand. From the texture alone I can tell it's a sheath. From under all the mud and dirt the sheath appears to be black in color. I run my right hand up the sheath to feel a string and stop. I grab the dirt encrusted hilt and pull the sword from its confinement. When the sword is completely unsheathed I can only stare in pure wonderment on how I managed to find my beloved sword Yamato. I can't even begin fathom how or why it's here. I slide my recovered sword back into its sheath and strap it to waist. Perhaps it's a symbol for me to change my ways. What am I doing, I can question myself on this later, right now I need to find a place to rest and get as much sleep as I can. I continue on my path down the cliff towards to the mountains with renewed vigor.

By the time I make it to the base of the mountains the sky is almost completely black, signifying it is almost the human equivalent of night. This makes my task of scaling the rocks a lot harder because it will be difficult to see, even with my enhanced eyesight. I summon Beowulf to help me grip the rocks and begin my ascent up the mountain. About a half hour after I started climbing the sky is now completely black and I struggle to continue. My aching body is now screaming for me to stop but I know I can't, for if I do I will probably fall asleep and fall to the demons screeching down on the ground. My only choice is to keep moving. I'm so close to the summit, to the Hell Gate, I can almost taste the freedom I've desired for so long. Still clinging to the rocky surface for dear life, I reach my right hand to find the next ledge only for my hand to reach into a hollow space on the side of the mountain. I sidle my way over the opening and learn it is small enough for me fit through and keep the other demons out. The space inside is not as small as I thought it would be. I find myself a comfortable position leaning on the far wall in the back of my small haven. Not long after I got comfortable, my eyes started to drift close. I let the welcoming darkness of unconsciousness take over my worn, battle wary body.

I am rudely awakened by the sounds of the raging demons outside my little cavern. I can see their grotesque faces peering inside, gnashing their maws like they can actually reach me. I let out a short and dry humorless laugh at their pathetic attempts to grab at me though they cannot reach me. Sometimes I really wish I had the dishonorable weapon known as a gun. Although I despise them, it's situations like this where one would be very useful, I wouldn't have to waste my energy trying to escape unscathed. Sadly, I don't have one and I will have to fight my way out. Since the cavern is spacious I am able to stand to my full height and stretch my stiff body into a somewhat relaxed state. I reach down to grab Yamato's sheath with my gauntlet covered left hand and strap the sword back to my waist. I causally walk towards the shrieking demons, whom are still reaching out to me and are currently blocking my exit. I physically and mentally prepare myself for the grueling battle that is about to commence.

Still walking towards their outstretched hands/claws/paws, I drew Yamato and hacked the offending limbs off, their blood coating the walls and me. The demons screeched in agony and backed out of the opening, knowing my goal is to get out. I set my greave covered boots in a position to sprint out of the small opening and with a burst of speed I shot out of the cavern in a blur of blue and red. Just before I cleared the entrance I jumped and grabbed a small ledge, slashing at anything that came near or tried to grab me. When I completely lost the momentum I had, I was then dangling dangerously over the mouth of the cavern. I had to get up now or die, so with a bit of strength and the help of Beowulf I flung myself straight through the air, flying above the summit and slicing the demons that followed. Still soaring through the air I continued to hack away at my airborne enemies. I took a quick glance to the demons below and swiftly realized my position, and the problem I am facing in the air does not help the fact that my body is parallel to the ground and I'm about 20 feet above the swarm of enemies below. If I try to correct myself now I will more than likely be killed for turning my back on my airborne foes. I have no choice but to keep killing them and getting splattered in their blood. It was at this time gravity decided to make itself known to me again by pulling me towards the ground. I'm now quite sure that if I don't right myself now, I will be ripped to shreds by the demons below, watching the airborne skirmish. I need to choose now, to live or die. Perhaps it was meant to be this way, for me to die this way. I close my eyes, still fighting off the demons and think about how foolish I have been in the past.

I've let my pride get the better of me which in turn caused me to end up in this place and is also causing me to lose my will to survive. My mind tells me this is yet another fight that I will not win, my body tells me to just stop and give in, but what is my heart telling me? It tells to survive, to live and escape. Isn't that what my purpose for coming to this mountain was? Then why am I giving up, I never give up, ever. I told myself that I will escape; yes promised myself that whatever happens, I will get out of here no matter what. I won't even let the chains of Hell hold me here any longer. I open my eyes and yelled to the demons that can hear and to myself.

"I! Will! Not! DIE! Not! Here! Not! NOW!"

I then got a new burst of energy and pulled a move the will probably make Dante proud. I used the surprised airborne demons' heads as stepping stones until I was again soaring above them all. They followed me in a line formation. Perfect. I stabbed the first demon with Yamato and released the hilt. Then I gracefully performed a mid-air front flip and slammed the heel of my right foot down on the sword with such a tremendous force, it shot towards the ground piercing and killing every demon in its path, leaving a deep and wide crater after landing. Still hanging in the air, I twisted my body to just barely avoid getting sliced, but clawed on my left shoulder by the smart demon who left the group. Now falling back towards the ground again, the demon came at me with its talons at the ready. I managed to dodge the attack and grab hold of its neck, but getting cut on the leg in the process. It roared at me for adding extra weight and I responded by latching my hands onto its' large wings, putting my left foot on its scaly neck and pulling back on its' wings, forcing it into a deadly nosedive. Seconds before it hit the ground, I back flipped off of it, stylishly landing on my sword and striking a pose to the remaining stunned demons that said 'bring it on'.

By the time I finished slaying the last demon the 'sun' looked to be on its way to descend behind the horizon and I now adorned various claw and bite marks along my chest, arms and legs which were still bleeding. I limped my way to the Hell Gate, using Yamato as a crutch. When I finally reached it, I used Yamato to cut through the Gate and make a portal to the Human World. I limped through the portal never looking back to the place that was my prison.

When I reemerged from the portal, I took a breath and relished the feeling of breathing fresh air. I then took a look at my surroundings to see I had landed in a forest. I looked up to see the starry sky with the full moon at its highest point, bathing me in the pale light it casts. As I calmed down, my adrenaline rush slowly ebbed, and then completely died away letting my exhaustion and blood loss finally catch up to me. I fell to knees unable to hold myself up with Yamato any longer. I looked up to see the silhouette of a figure coming towards me. As the figure got closer, my vision started to blur out of focus.' Maybe I should embrace my humanity like Dante says; it got me through the battle I fought not long ago'. I thought to myself. I looked up again through blurred vision to barely make out the figure, whom had stopped moving to stare at me. About five minutes later, my arms give away and I drop to the ground with a dull thud. I take one last hazy look at the figure, whispering a weak "help me" before I succumb to the darkness once again.

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