Chap. 1

His past

Izzy wondered through the home schoolers library looking for any books about The Gold One. He had so many dreams of him that its unreal, but he couldn't find any books about him, so he gave up and went to the computer. why does he call me isis? he thought to himself. Why did The Gold One call Izzy Sparks Isis? Then in not even two seconds his teacher comes in with a hand full of books of The Gold One. He Bolted from his seat to his teacher Mr. Chris. "Can I read some of them please?" "Oh why not? Here you go then!" The British man gave iIzzy the book and walked out of the library. Running back to his seat i began skimming in and out of all three books, but what he had found made him want to know more. But will he find out who he is?

Later that day returning to Tara's palace, Izzy collapsed on his monster sized bed with the books he got from Mr. Chris on top of him. "OH MY GOD!" he screamed as he closed his eyes. Coming into the room, Tara stood in the doorway laughing. "You find what your looking for?" "YES HAH!" he started laughing. She walked out of his room giving him some alone time. Closing the door behind her The Gold One then appeared to Izzy. "Did you find out who I really am yet?" he said with a slight laugh. "Not really, no" "but you will find out, very soon!" he said. Is what he said true?