Written for and dedicated to Gamma Orionis (formerly Orgasmatron5000, tee-hee), because she is disgusting and requested voyeur!Dobby.

I don't know what it means about me that I actually wrote it...

XXVIII: Shatter, Break

Something fell in the upstairs Floo room.

Dobby dropped his hand from the vase he was polishing and crossed the hall to investigate. The room should have been empty – as far as he knew (though he admitted that he did not know much) the Malfoys were not expecting any guests – and nothing should have fallen on its own.

The door stood only slightly ajar, and from behind it, he could hear hushed voices.

"– my sister!" one hissed.

Dobby peered around the door. His mistress's sister, Bellatrix, was there with her husband. He had his wand pointed at a candle holder which lay shattered on the ground at his feet.

"I told you not to touch anything!" she said.

The candleholder fused itself together and flew back to the mantle.

Rodolphus turned to her, his back to the doorway, and said something Dobby couldn't hear. Bellatrix rolled her eyes and began to push past him, but he grabbed her arm, trapping her with his own.

"You think you have any power over me?" she growled. "Well you're wrong."

She wrenched her arm free, but before she could do anything else, he grabbed her by the waist and pushed her into the wall, forcefully enough that the painting of the mountains beside her shuddered and tipped.

"You talk too much." His voice was so low, so deep, that Dobby could barely make out the words. He brought one of his hands to her throat, fingers right under her jaw, knuckles white, and he kissed her. And with his other hand he caught a struggling arm and pinned it to the wall, above her head. She tore at his robes with her free hand until finally he released her neck and pushed her hand under her robes.

He freed her mouth a moment, and she let out a breathy, almost mocking laugh. "Is that it? Is that the best you can do?"

He pulled his hand out from under her robes and hit her. Dobby saw a smear on her cheek, half shining when it caught the light.

"Shut up." He pushed three fingers into her mouth. Rodolphus leaned closer to her ear, and Dobby had to strain to hear what he said next. "Do you taste that? It's what a whore tastes like."

She growled around his fingers, and when he pulled them out, she spat at him.

He hit her again.

Dobby couldn't help but gasp in horror. Startled, he brought his hands to his mouth, but it was too late.

Rodolphus whirled around, eyes dark, hand on his wand, and Bellatrix grabbed the candle holder which had fallen, throwing it at the door. "Get out!" she shrieked. "Get out, you filthy fucking elf!"

It hit the door, just by his head, breaking again as he scrambled away from it, them. He half expected one or both to follow, but neither did.

Dobby is a bad elf. A very bad, naughty elf. I bet he likes punishment. Gross.