A Hero Dies Under Amber Skies (Khaos Version)

Chapter 1 Road to Nowhere

"If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, then what is the road to Heaven paved in?"


"Uzumaki Naruto, the final shinobi of Konoha… we meet again." spoke a man in a bleached white lab coat.

"I can't say that it's a pleasant meeting… Amachi." replied Naruto.

Said man grinned and looked at Naruto with a twisted glint in his eyes.

Naruto had changed over the years. He was now seventeen and was wearing a tattered red cloak with black flames at the bottom of it. He stood a strong 6'2" and his eyes were a blend of violet and gold with cross-shaped pupils outlined in black. His Hitai-ate was around his forehead. The band was pitch black and the metal was a shining Onyx with the white symbol of an arrowhead leaf. His nails were sharp and his skin was a light, tan color. Underneath his tattered cloak was some old ANBU ("Dark Side", short for ANsatsu Senjutsu Tokushu BUtai Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai; Literally meaning "Special Assassination and Tactical Squad") armor with a hole on the chest, surrounded in scorch marks. It was a strike that could only have been caused by a Chidori…


Naruto and Sasuke had fought about four months ago. His eventual end was still fresh in Naruto's mind. How Naruto survived a Chidori to the heart, he perhaps would never know. However, he had an inkling feeling that it was because of Kyuubi…

But, that was then and this is now.

An old friend of his…

Uzumaki Naruto…

When Naruto heard what was happening, he came as quickly as possible. After gathering evidence for about a week and alerting his allies in Hoshi (Star) and Suna (Sand), he discovered where all these disappearances occurred. He tracked it straight back to the 'Ghost Town' and found that in the center of the village, there was a giant tree. It had cracks in places and much of it was petrified, though it constantly leaked sap that was quick to turn into amber when exposed to the elements.

It was under the tree that the Lab was located.

So here Naruto stood facing an enemy of the past…


Amachi had performed experiments on people before and Naruto, with teammates Yamanaka Ino, Aburame Shino, and Mitarashi Anko, discovered him in Umi no Kuni (Land of the Sea). He had been working for Orochimaru, a psychopath, and was trying to make an underwater shinobi force.

His plans were spoiled however and he was taken to a prison in Konoha (Leaf).

But, when Pein, the supposed leader of Akatsuki (Red Dawn), attacked Konoha with his partner, Konan, the prison sector was destroyed. Since all of the prisoners were dead and much of the Shinobi force was incapacitated, a body count never occurred.

There was always a possibility that somebody could have survived, so, Naruto took the liberty to count the bodies. All of his major enemies were long dead. Since he hadn't seen Amachi for so long, he completely forgot to look for him.

…A big mistake on his part.

Apparently, Amachi had transformed into his aquatic form to survive the rubble and not get totally crushed. In the chaos, he was able to escape. Naruto hadn't heard of him since…

Well, until now…

"What's a psycho like you doing in a place like this?" asked Naruto, slowly reaching for a kunai.

"I'm creating a new form of life obviously." replied Amachi, shrugging his shoulders.

"Life? Mind explaining what happened to all those people?"

"They were… necessary sacrifices for a greater good."

Naruto scowled and threw his kunai, slicing Amachi's cheek.

"No more games, Teme (Bastard)! What are you up to?"

Amachi paused and his grin faltered… only for a second…

"What are you-" started Naruto.

He was cut off by Amachi again.

"Do you remember the Chakra suppressing device from the rebels of Yuki no Kuni (The Land of Snow)?" asked Amachi.

If it was possible, he started to look frightening.

The Chakra Suppressor was used against Naruto to prevent him from escaping while he was held captive. It was during a mission that changed the fate of all of Yuki no Kuni when he was successful in rescuing their princess and self-proclaimed greatest actor in the world.

"You jut job, what are you getting at?" shouted Naruto.

"It's simple, I was able to combine it with my previous research to create a new species of human." The wall behind Amachi seemed to open up to reveal hundreds of people in cages. They all had green skin-like scales and fins. They looked just like Isaribi, Amachi's first human experiment, in her transformed state. The only exception were the purple stripes on their faces, they almost looked like whiskers… "I call them… Amachians! Aren't they perfect? I must thank you. The idea of whiskers on their faces originally came from you!" he practically screamed.

Naruto stood there, frozen in shock.

Some of these 'Amachians' looked miserable and were crying… It was just… horrible…

"Amachi… You fucking psychopath… what have you done?" Naruto almost whispered out.

"Like I said before… I've created life." he replied, laughing…

Naruto looked at the people and back at Amachi. Somebody was going to die in a very painful way.

Naruto rushed forwards at a breakneck pace before bringing his kunai down.

Amachi took out his own kunai and blocked it before delivering a devastating punch to Naruto's gut.

Naruto coughed out a small amount off blood as he was flung back into a wall of the cave. There was a massive cracking sound.

Naruto fell to the ground and slowly got back up before preparing a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and leaping at Amachi.

He never noticed the wall behind him had several spider webbing cracks on it. He never noticed some of the tree sap began leaking from some of the cracks.


Kunai met kunai again as Amachi transformed into his 'improved' form.

Naruto grabbed Amachi by his coat and threw him against some circuitry. The steel bars that separated the 'Amachians' from escape suddenly went down into the ground.

Amachi turned to them and switched his gaze back to Naruto.

"No! They weren't ready to be freed! I still have experiments to perform!" Amachi charged at Naruto in a blind fury only to suddenly feel the life in him leave his body.

Shocked, he looked down and saw that he was bleeding. A Rasengan had struck his stomach and lung.

"Damn… You…" he spoke before coughing up some blood and falling to the ground.

"Took the words right out of my mouth…" muttered Naruto under his breath before turning to the Amachians.

"Come on, I have some friends up there who'll help you." spoke Naruto as he led the Amachians out of the area beneath the tree.

There was another loud crack. Naruto and several Amachians turned their gaze to the spider webbing cracks. The room was beginning to fill with tree sap.

"We need to get out of here now!" shouted Naruto.

He didn't need to say it twice. The Amachians were quick to run out from the cave beneath the tree.

Above ground, several Shinobi wearing symbols for Hoshi and Suna, both were long time allies of Naruto.

They helped the Amachians and guided them out.

As one of the last Amachians ran out of the cave, a woman tripped and fell.

Naruto quickly was at her side.

"My ankle, I've twisted it!" she called out.

Naruto turned back to help her when a flood of tree sap came towards him. A pair of shinobi, each from Hoshi, was at the entrance of the cave.

Naruto picked the woman up and tossed her to them. She made it just through the entrance and the shinobi caught her.

The entrance suddenly caved in, leaving Naruto trapped.

'So this is how it ends, huh? What a crappy way to die…' thought Naruto just before he was engulfed in tree sap.

Meanwhile outside the save, the Kazekage (Wind Shadow) and Hoshikage had just appeared.

"Naruto…" whispered Gaara, Kazekage of Sunagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Sand).

"He was a hero to the end… and he was one of the greatest Shinobi in the world." said Sumaru, holding back tears.

"No… he was the greatest Shinobi ever… and he always will be." spoke Gaara.

There was a solemn nod among the entire group of people gathered.


(Millions of years later…)

Dr. Nuvo Vindi was not pleased.

First his lab was discovered by Jedi. Then the Jedi disarm all of his bombs. Then the Jedi destroy his hopes of his beautiful virus escaping when they not only find a cure but they set it aflame and destroy his lab in the process.

Now he was trapped in a holding cell and being interrogated by a Jedi named Yoda.

Apparently, what he had done was so serious, so dangerous, such a severe crime that they called upon the head of all the Jedi to interrogate him.

He was inwardly debating whether or not he should tell the short, green person in front of him anything about his operations.

"How did you make the Virus? Extinct it once was, come upon remains you couldn't have." spoke Yoda.

'Let's see… I could tell him. If I do, then maybe they'll lessen my sentence from death by a dozen light sabers in the gut or death by firing squad to life imprisonment or death by leaving me in deep space… Either way… I'M DOOMED!' he thought to himself.

"Execution we will not perform for it is not the Jedi way. Though, correct you are in assuming life in prison." Yoda spoke.

Nuvo's eyes widened. It was like that shrimp read his mind… but, this shrimp…

If he wasn't going to order his execution and he was going to live… he'd might as well speak. His virus was dead and he wasn't so…

Nuvo let out a sigh, "I… I found the fossil of a strange creature a few months ago. It was trapped inside of amber and appeared to have crash landed on Naboo. I was curious and decided to extract a sample of blood from it. I discovered that its blood shared several properties of the Blue Shadow Virus. So, I simply worked with that and several other plants on Naboo. Eventually, I had recreated the virus."

"A creature you say? Trapped in amber it was? Know now where it is… do you?" asked Yoda.

"It was in my lab when it was being destroyed. The amber is extremely durable… so, there is a possibility that the creature was not destroyed."

"Troubling this is… someone who has the amber can recreate the virus, yes?"

"My job was to make the virus airborne. Anyone with the right materials, that creature's blood, and some biological intelligence could easily recreate the virus in its original form."

Yoda nodded, accepting the information and left the room.

"…And that's what happened." explained one clone trooper to another.

"Huh, can't say I feel sorry for the guy. At least he's getting punished. I'd have preferred him getting blown apart, but, looks like that isn't an option anymore." replied the other clone.

"Yeah… Hey… did you hear that?"

There was an incessant beeping coming from a device in one of the trooper's hands.

"Yeah. I heard that. We've found our creature." said the first clone before they ran over to a large, orange object with a humanoid shape inside…


Naruto slowly got up and stood in the sewer that was his mind.

He walked towards the main source of light in the sewers and soon stood in front of a mighty cage.

Inside the cage, a pair of red eyes opened.

"Ah… Kit, it appears that you've awakened." spoke a demonic voice inside of the cage.

"Awakened? I thought I was dead…" trailed Naruto, confused.

"Oh, you're alive, Kit. And you're damn lucky to be alive at all, too…"

"What do you mean?"

"The stone, the star, and the tree sap were fused into your genetic makeup. With my chakra, I was able to turn it into a Kekkei-Genkai (Bloodline Limit). The nature chakra around you helped me solidify the unique combination of chemicals and energies. The only thing that's kept you alive for so long was the amber surrounding your body and your one-of-a-kind chakra. My Chakra blended with the nature Chakra and your Chakra to keep you alive. If I'm correct, your average lifespan is around eighty years, age wise. In battle, you're a force to be reckoned with."

"There's a catch to this. I'm sure of it. You're a demon that's wanted me dead so you could return to the Makai (Realm of Demons) for years! Why the sudden change of heart?" asked Naruto, incredulous.

To his surprise, or perhaps his shock, Kyuubi actually laughed.

"Ha ha ha… Oh… that's rich. Right you are, Kit. The catch is simple, it's been over a hundred, million years since you were originally trapped in that amber. Your planet was destroyed long ago by the remnants of Akatsuki when that woman you spared, Konan, and their true leader, Madara, activated their weapon. I wasn't around to stabilize it, so, it led to your planet's instability. After about a thousand years, the Amachians and the remaining shinobi of your world were discovered and rescued by a nearby planet. About a century later, your home exploded and its remains were spread out far and wide. Because of your planet's destruction, you can't use nature Chakra to such extreme points, and my Chakra, your strength is equal to four Kage. Even then, you aren't the most powerful being in the galaxy. Though, you're strong enough to be a threat. You're going to be attacked as long as you are alive. That's the catch."

Naruto stood, stiff as a board and totally unbelieving… He had been trapped for that long?

"Well shit…"


"What do you think it is, Master?" asked Ahsoka Tano as she observed the orange stone and the pitch-black figure within.

"I don't know, Snips. But, whatever it is, Nuvo used it to make his virus." replied Anakin Skywalker, "We can't let the Separatists get there hands on it."

"It almost looks human…" mused Obi-wan Kenobi.

"Almost…" said Anakin.

"General Kenobi, sir, we got that information you wanted." said a Clone as he ran up to Obi-wan.

"So how old is it?" he asked.

"Well, sir. To be honest, I'm thinking we found an artifact here. Nuvo wasn't kidding when he said this thing was a fossil. It's got to be over a hundred million years old. Way before the Jedi and Sith. Sir… It's the oldest… thing that anybody's ever found. It's priceless. If it won't be used as a weapon, it can be used for a get-rich-quick scheme on the black market." replied the clone.

The reactions of the three Jedi present were entertaining for the clone, to say the least.

Anakin was stuttering.

Ahsoka was gaping.

Obi-wan's mouth was hanging open and his eyes were wide.

"Uh… Sir?" spoke the clone.

Obi-wan was the first to snap out of his stupor, "Right, thank you for that. You can return to your post."

"Yes, sir!" replied the clone with a salute before walking back out of the room.

All was silent once more.

"A Hundred million years?" shouted Ahsoka.

"That's… that's just amazing." said Anakin.

"Yes… Honestly, I didn't think anything could survive for that long. Apparently that doctor actually did some good."


"Anything else I should know about?" asked Naruto.

"Take a look at yourself. You can use your reflection from the water." replied Kyuubi in a matter-of-fact tone.

Naruto obeyed and immediately saw that there was something very different about him.

For one thing, he had a fox-like tail. His ears were like a fox's and his hair had highlights of red. Another thing was that his arms, elbow down, and his legs, knee down, had odd purple and green patterns. His hands and feet were slightly webbed and his teeth were more like fangs.

"Did you do this?" yelled Naruto at the fox.

"Well, Hai and Ie (No)… You see, in order for you to live for so long, I needed to alter your genetic code, as I said earlier. Take the nature Chakra, my Chakra, and your Chakra, and you've got this transformation. You actually have the ability to grow wings out of your back for flight and regenerate almost immediately from attacks. As long as your head isn't damaged, you're almost invulnerable. But, you must take into account that your senses have increased drastically. You can see up to half a mile away perfectly, you can smell and hear things from an even greater distance. You're chakra sensitive to such a point that you can feel every single organism around you from a one thousand mile radius!"

"Well that sounds useful…"


"General Grievous, it appears that the Jedi have acquired an artifact of some kind that my master would desire to have in his possession. Your mission is to retrieve it and eliminate any of the Jedi you see. Ventress will be accompanying you." spoke a man in the form of a hologram.

"As you wish, Master Dooku…" replied Grievous just before the hologram vanished.

"Set course for Naboo, the Jedi ship won't be far from it!" called out Grievous.

"General, we've intercepted a transmission. Apparently, Skywalker is on board." spoke a battle droid to him.

"Excellent, soon one of their strongest Jedi will be destroyed!"


"So, how long until I wake up?" asked Naruto.

"I'd predict about twenty minutes." replied Kyuubi.

"Anything else I need to know about?"

"Hai. Expect the people around you to speak a different language and for their weapons and armor to render yours ineffective. Also, you won't be at full strength when you wake up. You must do everything you can to get out of the most likely dangerous situation you're about to wake up in. Find safety and wait for your power to return to you. Everything afterwards is up to you."

Naruto smirked, "I never thought I'd be saying this… but, Thank You, Kyuubi."

Kyuubi smirked back, "It was my pleasure… Oh, and… one more thing. Don't die."


There was a loud explosion.

Obi-wan and Anakin had left the room to assist with any problems.

Ahsoka was all alone.

Suddenly, there was a hissing sound. Ahsoka turned her gaze to the ceiling and saw a pair of red light sabers. A circle of metal collided with the floor and the form of Ventress came down from the ceiling.

Ahsoka's eyes narrowed and she activated her light saber. Her mission was to protect while Ventress was to destroy…

The two forces collided.


"Hey Kyuubi. I've got about a minute left, so, I've gotta get this question out of my system… What about Ramen?" asked Naruto.

"What about Ramen?" asked Kyuubi back.

"I mean… is it still around?"

There was a long pause.


The reaction was instant as Naruto crippled to the ground and cried.

"Ramen! I will avenge you!"

Kyuubi just sweat dropped at the display.

Suddenly, there was a flash and Naruto had vanished.

"Fate… If you're up there… I'd just like for you to know that I hate you…"


Ahsoka and Ventress stood there, their light sabers letting out a sickening hiss as neither side would give in. They leapt back from each other… then something unexpected happened.

The amber cracked.

Ahsoka and Ventress both turned their gaze to the amber and the dark figure within.

Several cracks started to appear all over the amber.

A chunk of amber fell off and crashed onto the cold, steel floor.

A pair of eyes that were a strange cross between violet and golden suddenly opened.

The amber around the figure suddenly exploded outwards and knocked Ahsoka and Ventress backwards into the wall.

There he stood in a tattered red cloak with black flames on the bottom.

Ventress couldn't help but feel impressed…

This thing… this man… was giving off such an obvious aura of death, terror, and darkness…

The man suddenly grinned stupidly and cocked his head to the side, his aura instantly vanishing and replacing itself with the aura of… some kind of… powerless, harmless creature.

"Great one… what are you?" she asked as she got up from the ground.

It was obvious to her that this being was some kind of ancient Sith. Why not treat it with respect?

The omnipotent creature stood, arms crossed, and his tongue out in concentration with his eyes closed. He suddenly opened his eyes and put one of his hands in a pocket inside of his jacket…

…And pulled out an orange book.

He opened the book and put it up to his face.

His reply came in an unexpected way…

"Nani (What)?" asked the being.

Ventress raised an 'eyebrow' at his questioning voice.

She didn't know that word…

Mentally she smacked herself in the head. Or course she wouldn't understand the word. This was a being from a hundred million years in the past. He obviously had his own language.

…A most likely dead language.

Her gaze turned back to the red-skinned Padawan.

She smirked.

A dark being like this would surely enjoy watching Jedi scum like this whore getting torn apart.

She rushed forwards and prepared to decapitate Ahsoka with her two light sabers…

And suddenly found she couldn't move…

What the hell?

Her head spun around to see that the figure was standing there, his book was put away and he was restraining her from killing the Jedi before her.

Why wouldn't he let her continue? She was going to shed the blood of the light! Surely a dark being like him would understand her logic! So… why was he holding her back?

…First the amber

Then the age…

The book…

The language…

The darkness…

Now this?

None of it made sense when she really looked at this from a logical standpoint.

Before she could dwell on the subject further, she felt a chop to the back of her neck.

She collapsed into a true world of darkness.

The figure laid Ventress onto the floor in front of him and slowly walked away with both his hands on the back of his head, as though supporting it.

His grin was present even as he casually strode out from the room. He turned left.

Ahsoka snapped out of her stupor and ran out into the hallway to look for him…


The hallway was empty.

Nobody was in it.

This man was walking slowly and when she looks in the direction he left in… he's completely gone?

Ahsoka felt her eye twitch.

This day was turning into a total mess.

"Snips! We could use some help down here!" called out her master from her communicator.

Ahsoka perked up and was quick to respond.

"I'm coming master! And you won't believe what happened up here…"

Ahsoka ran down the hallway just as the ceiling behind her warped and shifted until there stood the figure from before… upside down and sticking to the ceiling.

He smirked and silently followed Ahsoka.

Things were about to get interesting…

*End of Chapter 1*

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