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Landing firmly within the drawing room of his house, Harry, not without a little effort, hoisted the young Ms. Tonks onto his shoulder and made his way to the guest room of his abode. Laying her onto his bed gently, he called for Spinky, his head house elf, and the one with the most knowledge about medical care. Popping in, the elf whitened to see a young girl in not so good shape. Taking note of her ratty clothes, with some rips and tears, and the bruises and cuts on her face, the elf shoved Harry aside, placing glowing hands on the girl's temples. Harry didn't object, both out of respect to his knowledgeable companion, and worry for the girl's health.

The girl's cuts started to close, fading to old scars within seconds. The bruises lightened, giving the two worried males a better view of the odd scar on the girl's cheek. As the healing finished, the white hair changed to a soft brown color, and the girl smiled before falling into a deeper sleep state, not to wake until the following morning. Harry and Spinky were amazed. A metamorphmagus hadn't been seen in decades, most of them and their line being killed in the war with Grindelwald, seeing as they made such excellent spies and both sides began to doubt whether they could trust them. Harry sighed, happy that at least her wounds were healed. Writing a short note, he gently closed her bedroom door, and went downstairs to eat a really late lunch. Drama made him hungry these days….


Albus Dumbledore was at his wits end. Having spent the last four years searching the entire European continent, along with calling in almost every favor he had, Harry Potter could still not be found. Scenarios played across his mind, of Voldemort's shade having found the young boy, or a group of rogue Death Eaters keeping him in a torture cell without the sun, only pulling him out every now and then for a good laugh. His gray hair had actually whitened; such was the strain of his stress. He no longer cared for lemon drops, and he began to have a weekly habit of pissing himself with Fire Whiskey every Friday night. As it was hard to miss, his staff began giving him worrying looks, and doing their utmost to lighten his workload. Fawkes had taken to singing the old wizard to sleep, and he still had occasional nightmares, the worst having Grindelwald train the boy and find the Deathly Hallows to create chaos the world over.

No child in centuries, millennia had the potential Harry Potter did, his core was unique in that it didn't reject magic from other cores, it actually integrated them and it grew. So when Voldemort had cast the killing curse and failed, not only did he make Harry a horcrux, he had actually absorbed most of his magical core, leaving Voldemort's shade weaker than the meanest ghost. Such ability was frightful in the wrong hands, and Dumbledore feared what would happen when others found out Harry's gift…and his curse.

..Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks….

Tonks woke up with a blinding headache, bright morning light shining in through the open window. Squinting, she waited until her eyes adjusted; blinking in surprise to find herself somewhere she didn't know. Stretching her stiff limbs, she clambered out of bed, making her way to the door where she found a short note stuck to it. Tearing it off, she read,

"Sorry for not being there when you woke, I was a bit inconvenienced. You are not kidnapped, you were unconscious and as I had nowhere else to take you, you now find yourself at Potter Manor, a small castle in Wales. I shall be in the Kitchen, ask Spinky for directions and anything else you might need."

Harry Potter

By now, Tonks's eyes had widened to the size of dinner plates. Harry Potter, as in the Boy-Who-Lived? THE Harry Potter? Tonks pinched herself, nope, not a dream. Looking down, she was surprised to find herself in a set of comfortable, covering pajamas, a shirt and pants. There wasn't a mark left on her, and she was surprised to find a smile make its way onto her face for the first time in more than a month. Living on the streets did that to people, she supposed. Her mind began to drift to her family's deaths…NO! She couldn't think of that right now, she had to be strong! A strong aroma pierced her mental argument.

Following the drool-inducing smell, she found a large kitchen, painted Hershey chocolate brown, with swirls of white and gold; weird but intriguing. The appliances were either stainless steel or black, and the countertops were all granite. The large table towards the wide window overlooking the grounds looked like it could seat 8. At the table was three empty seats and an elf reading a newspaper, a surprising site, not many people allowed house elf's such liberty. At the stove stood an 8 year old boy, her age, and tongue between his teeth, as he cautiously took a frying pan off the hot stove, grasped the handle with both hands, and flipped the pancake onto a tray where a good 15 small to medium sized ones already sat. The boy had firm looking arms, a thin, willowy figure, and a sense of power roiling around him. His brilliantly bright green eyes held a knowing glance, as if he saw and understood everything. It was almost unnerving. Wiping a non-existent sweat drop from his brow, Harry put the pan back onto the stove, turned the stove off, and picked up the tray.

Turning around, she came into his sites, and saw one of the most amazing sites she had ever seen. A smile grew onto his face, starting small, subtle, and mischievous, morphing into a regular, happy smile, which blossomed into an ear to ear grin that seemed to say that the world was beautiful because SHE was in it. Blushing, she looked into his eyes to find a glint of some concentration die down, as he asked, "Breakfast, Ms. Tonks?"

Stomach growling with agreement, she nodded, wondering how he knew her name, and took a seat at the table, him following after grabbing the maple syrup and 3 forks. Offering a hand, she introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Tonks."

Harry smiled, and said, "As you probably read on my note, I'm Harry Potter, please call me Harry, and this is my friend and loyal house elf, Spinky, who took the liberty of healing your wounds last night, Nymphadora."

Frowning as the memories kicked from last night, and repressing a shudder, she was about to reprimand him for calling her that dreaded name and wondering how he knew it, she began, "How do you know m—"

Spinky interrupted, excitably asking, "Did you make any with chocolate chips, Master?"

Laughing, Harry replied, "Of course, don't I always? And stop calling me master, remember our little deal. Please, Nymphadora, if you don't mind me calling you that, dig in." Smiling in happiness, Spinky took 3 pancakes off the platter and, pouring a good dollop of syrup onto each of his pancakes, dug in. Seeing Harry nod encouragingly at her, Tonks too took three pancakes, and after adding the syrup, took a bite. Her taste buds exploded into sensation, her body relaxing as the delicious food made its way into her empty stomach. Resisting the urge to moan with delight, hair flashing a bright white in happiness and then reverting back to brown, she once again began her previous comment.

"Please don't call me that, I prefer Tonks." Seeing him nod, and commit it to memory, she continued, "Now, thanks a lot for last night; I would've been a goner if you hadn't shown up."

Harry shook his head, "It's what I do, and I couldn't leave someone to be treated like that. Are you feeling better, or is there anything else Spinky or I could do to help?"

Tonks shook her head, reluctant to take more of Harry's apparently freely given hospitality. She wasn't great at accepting charity. Changing the subject, she asked, "Where did you learn to cook like that, it has to be one of the most amazing meals I've ever tasted."

Harry's face darkened considerably, and for half a second the light in the room seemed to darken with him, before his face cleared into a constrained smile. Tonks immediately noted this was not a topic he wanted to breach, especially with someone he just met. She also found his eyes weren't as bright a green as they had been a couple seconds ago. "Nowhere special."

There was an awkward silence around them for a while, as they finished the rest of their breakfast. Quietly asking where her clothes went, Harry blushed as Spinky explained they were carrying an infection on them of dragon pox, and she would have succumbed to the disease if she were wearing them much longer. Spinky had taken the liberty of measuring her and had ordered clothes that were to be delivered today, at around 11 o clock. Taking a look at the large grandfather clock visible just outside of the kitchen, she noticed it was 10:30, and only had to wait for another half hour.

Standing up, she went to her temporary room, after enquiring the location the bathroom. Finding her room was an ensuite; she took a shower and brushed her teeth, before leaving the bathroom and finding a nice looking, expensive outfit sitting on her bed. Trying on the robes, which fit perfectly, she made her way back downstairs, with the intention of thanking her host and telling them that she now had to leave.

Calling for Spinky, who pointed her towards a room at the end of the east wing, she found Harry, and what looked to be one of the strangest rooms she had ever seen, another weird thing about this house. Harry seemed to be sitting in front of a wooden pole that was about the same height as him, practicing muggle martial arts moves on wooden appendages that remained still on the figure (Watch Ip Man). Then she saw his robe, with its many runes, the unearthly amulet hanging from his neck, and the glowing ring around his right ring finger. Opening her mouth to speak, her jaw kept dropping instead of picking back up to make sound as he increased the tempo of his maneuvers until he finally did an intense palm strike to the "heart" of the figure in front of him, which, amplified by the shining runes on his cloak, his glowing ring, and the burnished amulet, blasted the figure into tiny pieces smaller than woodchips. It was awe inspiring, especially as the entire time he held a blank expression and hadn't even broken a sweat.

Tonks finally regained herself and cleared her throat. Harry spun around, hands raised in a potent looking defensive stance, before relaxing as he saw it was Tonks. Embarrassed, he scratched the back of his neck, asking, "So, you saw that, huh?"

Tonks' eyes were still incredibly wide as she nodded, noticing his hands were not even bruised, let alone cut or broken. The wooden figure was roughly half a foot thick! Just who was Harry Potter? Opening her mouth with intentions to actually speak this time, she said, "I just wanted to thank you for saving me yesterday, and I really appreciate your hospitality, but I don't want to be a burden on you any longer."

Harry frowned, eyes reflecting his confusion. "Burden? Tonks I took you in because you were hurt, it was done willingly and I would do it again." Still confused, he led her to the large fireplace, in his drawing room, easily able to fit 4 people in it. Grabbing a pot of floo powder off a shelf nearby, he said, "Well, where do you live? I'll go with you to help explain the situation to your family."

Tonks seemed to withdraw into herself. Her hair again turned white, but this seemed a bitter, frosty white instead of the previous shiny, bright white. Her eyes turned a melancholy shade of gray, and she seemed to struggle to say something before finally letting out in a soft voice, "I don't have a family. They're dead."

Harry started. No family? Like him? Before he could ask any questions, she seemed to burst, as if she had been meaning to tell someone long ago, but never could and just held it in.

"They were murdered, by a werewolf named Fenrir Greyback. I was at school, and I had just come home to find their bloodied corpses staring up at me. I will never forget that sight. My father had managed to cast a severing hex that hit; we found his pinky finger in the living room. Aurors identified it as him, and now I have no family, living alone on the streets, waiting for my moment of vengeance, waiting to kill the four fingered monster that killed my parents."

Harry seemed taken aback at first, but then drew his features into a calculating set. And he asked, "How do you intend to accomplish this feat, an 8 year old girl, taking on a 47 year old beast that preys on people like you every day?"

Tonks drew herself up to full height. "I don't know yet, but I promise you, I will. Only I'll probably need help. And after the way you took down Malfoy Senior as he was beating me, I figure you're a good place to start. Will you help me?" Finishing her piece, she looked deep into his emerald eyes, praying to every deity she knew that Harry would help her.

Harry nodded, making a mental note to put Malfoy Sr. into his report to the Aurors. "Alright, you can stay. We start tomorrow."

Tonks started. What? She can stay? Here, in this manor, with him, just like that? Wait, start what tomorrow? She asked him this?

Harry grinned, and in that grin there seemed to be a cold malevolence that would make normal men run screaming into the night, and even hardened criminals shiver with fear. "Your training."