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Silky black ears twitch as footsteps grow closer, eyes remained close as the person continued to simply lay there pretending the coma was still in place. He kept his breathing regular even as voices began to discuss his future.

"What a pretty little boy you have here Albus."

"Yes, I have noticed his coming beauty. However as a dark creature we cannot keep him here, you must understand."

"Of course Albus, Tell me how this beautiful creature came to be."

"We believe after much research that the original fetus inside of Lily Evens was infested with the spirit of this demon and that the boy's natural magic kept it at bay. However during the final battle Voldemort managed to kill him. I believe that the demon took over the boy's body wants his magic was no longer blocking him."

"That does seem likely. Sounds like a spirit fox to me. Fascinating really. Alright Albus I will take him off your hands. Here put this on him for me."

"Will do Lord Sakyo,"

Harry's thought ran into over time he was sure he was still himself what where they talking about? He knew he had lost his magic but there was still an energy within him. A lot of Energy and he felt like he could use it much like his own magic. It wanted him to use it. So lost in his thoughts he yelped in pain when something locked around his neck. The energy within him locking in place He shot up opening his emerald green eyes he noticed the world around him seemed sharper and brighter than he remembered. Reaching up to touch his throat he turned to look at Dumbledore almost in horror as he came face to face with the old man.

"Ah Harry my boy. You must have a lot of questions."

The boy shifted toward the edge of the bed only to find his leg chained to the bed, "Professor, I don't understand what's going on?"

"A my boy you see. When Voldemort killed off the Horcrux inside you it took away your magic leaving you a muggle. When it vanished the demon blood within you arose in its place. You must understand child, you are a Demon now. And a danger to the wizarding world. I have taken the liberty of giving you a new home. Now I suggest you sleep you will need it."

The man walked out of the room leaving the boy sitting in confusion. Turning to the other side he came face to face with a mirror and more so himself. Still small he noticed how his hair had lengthened down to his hip bones and how his eyes seemed to glow in the dim light. But what amazed him the most was the almost female appearance he now possessed and the two long black fox tails that trailed behind him. Even the small triangular fox ears on his head seemed almost natural to have. Looking down at his hands he noticed the long elegant claws upon them and running his tongue over his teeth the sharp canines.

A spirit fox, Is that what that Sakyo man had called him. Touching the dark blue collar around his neck he sighed deeply. He knew now his life would ever be the same.

The next morning he was not surprised when no one came in with food nor was he surprised when a tall dark man walked through the door dressed in a high end business suit. The male smiled at him in an almost sinister way each side flanked by a hooded figure. Growling darkly Harry crouched on the bed the chain around his leg preventing him from actually running.

The male stopped before the bed, "I am Sakyo owner of Team Toguro and you my little Kitsune are mine. You will fight for me and most likely die for me. But you won't mind that will you? After all you are just an animal."

Slashing forward with new found claws his pinkie nail caught the man's right eye leaving a long red cut don his eye grabbing his eye Sakyo glared down at the black haired boy reaching back with his arm before back handing Harry across the cheek sending him backwards off the bed with a yelp of pain.

Sakyo growled, "Leash him and cuff him, he will learn his place soon enough."

The two cloaked men nodded before grabbing the smaller male roughly and forcing him out of the castle Sakyo trailing behind them still clutching his eye. Harry knew this male may own him for now but that eye would defiantly scar.

Thrown into the back of a black van he hit the side of the van with a small thud hitting the floor of it roughly. Groaning he struggled to undo the cuffs around his wrists. It seemed like hours of being thrown back and forth across the bed of the van before it came to a stop and he was dragged out and blind folded. He felt being tied to a pole his chest pressed against the hard wood and the blind fold was removed.

Looking around all he saw was a bright light shining down on him looking up he noticed tinted windows surrounding the room and his breath quickened lightly. He could hear the door opening in front of him and he looked in the general direction to see a tall human male walking towards him holding a long dark whip in his hands. Jerking against the wooden post he was tied to he looked in fear at the individual as he disappeared behind him into the blind spot. His overly sensitive ears hearing the tip of the whip fall onto the ground.

Tensing and close his eyes he heard as the whip flew through the air and the sickening crack of it hitting his back pain lanced with pain and he bit his lip holding back a scream. Once, Twice, Three times the whip struck his back he could feel blood trickling down to pool in his tail. Looking up he noticed that Sakyo now stood less than five feet away holding a small black device in his hands.

The man carried on calmly, "You will learn to respect and obey me Kitsune. You're my slave now and I will do with you as you wish. As long as that collar is around your neck you can't access your demon energy making you as weak as any small human boy." He nodded his head and the whip lashed at his back once more and this time did not stop until a whimper left his lips.

Raising a hand for the male to stop Sakyo lifts the Kitsune's jaw to make the boy look at him, "Who do you obey? Who is your master?"

Harry growled darkly, "Fuck you."

The comment earned him another smack and a full round of whippings the pain numbed by the repetitive strokes. The whipping stopped and Sakyo smirked, "We will continue this tomorrow sleep well."

Both men left and Harry whined gently sliding to his knees laying his head against the wood. Catching his breath he closed his eyes trying to find the energy locked within him. There it was twisted into a compressed ball dark red chains wrapped around it constricting his access to it. The man was right he couldn't access the power within him, his demon energy Sakyo called it. What the hell was he suppose to do now.

Days passed and Sakyo forced Harry through as many soul breaking techniques he could think up. He tried everything from whipping, to drowning, to simply just beating the boy into submission and no matter what he tried the Kitsune just wouldn't break. Growing impatient the black club member thought over things, Perhaps... Yes that was it. Smirking he called for one of his team members who was far more experienced in the art of torturing oh yes, The Kitsune would be his Body, Mind, and Soul.

Harry looked up as the door slid open once more his position from being tied to the pole unmoving since he arrived. The tall slim male had long black hair and wore a mask over his mouth and nose. Growling darkly as the tall male bowed.

"I am Karasu and I am here to force you into submission"

"Good the fuck luck ya hippy. Nothing will ever break me."

The male raised an elegant eyebrow before kicking the dark haired Kitsune in the chest, "Its Karasu not hippy."

The male returned to his calm exterior before grabbing the boy roughly around the throat forcing him to stand and then more so a few inches off the ground leaning close to the boy's ear, "I hate them to, Submit to them and they will teach you to get stronger. Win your freedom by killing them."

Harry's eyes widened, "They have bound my energy."

A sharp whisper was returned, "Show them loyalty and they will loosen their hold enough to train you. Bui and I are there slaves as well. Fight for freedom or shall I kill you now?"

Harry growled, "You better make this look good."

Karasu grinned darkly, "With pleasure."

The Kitsune groaned, "Oh great a sadist."

With a barking laugh the male threw him into the ground snapping the cuffs that bound him to the pole. Coughing the black haired Kitsune sat up on his knees only to have his hair grabbed and he was dragged across the floor before being deposited in the drowning tank from earlier and the pain continued. At the end Karasu forced him onto his knees using his hair like a harness to grip and force the teen to his will.

Sakyo calmly walked forward his eye bandaged, "Who is your master fox?"

Harry bit back a growl before answering in a weak voice, "You are Master."

Sakyo grinned fully, "Excellent. Karasu take him to his rooms to clean up and heal tomorrow my little Emerarudo your training begins. And in a month's time Yusuke will die."