Chapter Three

Harry awoke slowly he was warm, almost too warm. Groaning he attempted to sit up only to be pushed back down firmly a gruff hn kept him still.

Opening his eyes he looked up into three pairs of eyes, one red, one brown, and the other a pale green. Lifting a hand he shaded his eyes from the bright light before his vision blurred and he blacked out once more, the only words he heard was a scream in the back ground.


Hiei, Kurama and Koenma looked up suddenly watching Kuwabara hit the ground a hole in his chest. Kurama rushed forward catching the human quickly dragging him off to the side of the arena setting him down gently allowing Botan to heal him as he turned back to watch the fight.

Yusuke screamed in pure fury lashing out at the brute known as Toguro the battle was still on. Blow after blow ensued screams, yelling, fighting, shattering. The entire stadium in chaos as the two fought on even ground. But in the end Toguro fell to Yusuke and Sakyo looked up his face calm as he sighed and jumped up onto the arena.

"Well this did not end as I had hoped. I lost my bet, I lost my Pet, and now I have lost my life." The man laughed harshly threading his fingers through his hair, "Well Urameshi see you in hell" The man smirked before raising his hand a button like trigger in his hand.

Koenma's eyes Widened, "BOYS! Time to get out of here! He is going to blow up the island!"

The entire team gathered the others high tailing it out of the arena at a quick pace. Yusuke carrying Keiko while Kurama took Kuwabara and Hiei held the small black Kitsune close to his chest. They just barely managed to board the boat before the entire island seemed to go off. Chunks of rubble and brush flew in every direction, the team watched in fascination as the island sank beneath the waves.

Turning to face one another Yusuke punched Kuwabara roughly in the face, "You ass hole I thought you were dead!"

Kuwabara groaned holding his cheek, "You had to Urameshi or we never would have one jeeze!"

Kurama laughed as he looked up from checking the smaller Kitsune over, "Yes Yusuke it did seem to help."

Koenma stepped forward, "Look we all know why he did it but right now I need to find out why you brought the Kitsune with us. He is not allowed in the human world and will be shipped off to the demon world."

Hiei growled darkly and Kurama quickly intervened, "I don't think that wise Koenma."

The spirit world prince raised a brow, "and why not?"

Yusuke sighed, "I agree with Kurama, Our enemies are only getting more powerful with each passing fight. We may need him in the future. I suggest we make him a detective like me. After all, the brat does have some potential"

Kurama nodded rubbing the still healing wound from the hit he had gotten earlier.

Koenma sighed tapping his pacifier lightly, "How do we know he won't cause problems? He was after all under the control of Sakyo and The Toguro brothers."

Kurama smiled knowingly, "I don't think that will be a problem Koenma."

Koenma sighed and nodded, "Fine but he will be placed on a probation period. One mess up and it's a one way ticket back to demon world." he nodded before wrapping an arm around Botan's waist and leading her off to one of the many rooms on the boat.

Yusuke cheered brightly looking at Kurama their eyes catching. A bright blush spread across his features and he calmed clearing his throat before wondering off to the other side of the ship. Yukina smiled taking Kuwabara's hand gently leading him off elsewhere the other girls following as well. Wanting to snag a room before they were all taken.

The silver spirit fox smiled looking down at Hiei, "I have my own mate to go catch up with; I think it's time for you to catch yours as well."

(Partial Lemon)

Hiei hned before picking up the small Kitsune blurring out of sight, allowing Kurama to follow after Yusuke a golden gleam in his eyes.

It didn't take the silver fox long to find Yusuke leaning against a railing looking out at the sea. Gilding up to him Kurama laid his head against Yusuke's shoulder.

"Something bothering you Yusuke?"

The detective nodded and turned toward Kurama laying his head against the kitsunes chest lightly, "I almost lost my best friend. I watched him die right before my eyes. I never want to face that pain again Kurama."

The fox sighed and gently turned Yusuke's face to look at him. Leaning down he pressed a kiss into the detective's rough lips. The teen arched into the attention even as gentle hands tore the rest of the shirt from his chest.

"Kurama not here it's to…"

"Shh... Yusuke, relax."

-Lemon Removed-

The only thing Yusuke could think about was just how sinful a Kitsune dominant could be.

-With Hiei and Harry -

Hiei carried the Kitsune to a small room off to the side from everyone else's. Laying Harry on one of the beds he peered down at the Kitsune laying a hand on his chest he used his Jagan to force the teen back into the world.

Groaning bright emerald green eyes opened his eyes dark ears twitching as he sat up in the bed turning to look into deep red eyes.

"You," where the only words that could leave Harry's lips before he straddled the young Kitsune on the bed. Heated lips met plump ones as the fire demon pinned the younger's hands above his head.

"You are mine Kit, tell me your name," Hiei's voice was heavy and rough as he seemingly glared down at the small form beneath him.

Harry mewed lightly, "Harry."

A thin brow raised as the Jagan wielder stared down at the boy, "Ha'ry hn silly human names."

Harry laughed nervously looking up into Hiei's eyes watching the dark flames flicker within him. He could feel the dragon just under the surface of the demons skin. Such a unique bond. His thought where interrupted by a set of sharp claws digging into his wrists just slightly.

Hiei growled darkly, "You are my submissive half and cousin to Yoko. Let this be known, that I am not the most gentle of dominants, but I will not beat you either."

The Kitsune laid his ears flat against his head at the word before his eyes widened at the wave of safety, trust, and love that washed across his mind. Looking up at Hiei his eyes full of confusion the only thing he received in return was a small nod.

"Be Mine, though I will not wish to show this publicly."

Harry smiled lightly and leaned up to nuzzle gently against Hiei's chin and an almost smile spread across the fire demon's face. Hiei looked down releasing the smaller one's wrist pulling the Kitsune to his chest burying his face into the long hair before him taking in the sweet scent of his soon to be mate.

The two pulled away and gazed at one another Hiei leaned forward and pressed his forehead against the kitsunes using his Jagan to enter the smaller ones mind. He met no resistance even as he constructed new barriers and a permanent link between the two.

"Whenever you are in trouble I will now know. If you wish to speak with me without others knowing simply do so through this link."

The Kitsune nodded carefully before leaning into another kiss from Hiei. The fire demon made quick work of removing the fighting gi from Harry's person tossing it to the side before removing his own cloak onto the floor leaving him in nothing but his pants.

-Lemon Removed-

Hiei leaned down and nuzzled into his mate's back gently lapping up the thin trails of blood left behind from his claws puncturing the skin. A deep purr resonated in his throat as Harry looked back over his shoulder at Hiei, whose face was smeared in his blood.

Hiei grinned at him leaning forward to kiss the sweet plump lips of his sweet submissive smearing his own blood upon his lips.

"Sleep my beautiful mate, you need it."

"I overheard earlier. I will have to fight?"

"You don't want to?"

"I have seen enough fighting in my life."

"My mate, what do you want?"


Harry collapsed onto the bed wrapping his tails around him tightly even as Hiei pulled him into his chest. Curling close the Kitsune allowed the very heat of his mate to lull him into a peaceful sleep.

Hiei looked down at his mate allowing the kit to sleep peacefully. The boat ride would be at least three days, growling darkly he knew what was going to happen when they got back. Koenma would convince Ha'ry that he had to join the spirit detectives.

Frowning he ran threw the thoughts in his mind before leaning down and inhaling his mates sweet scent and froze. Taking another deep breath a large smirk grew across his face. There was only one way to keep Ha'ry from fighting and that was if it was too dangerous for him to fight.

Chuckling darkly he patted his mate's stomach in determination. The next three days would be fun he would give his mate the perfect family after all twins ran in the family.

The End!

AN: Well Folks this is the end to my sausy little tale. Thank you to Yamiyugi23 my wonderful Beta for Betaing this fic and a warm thank you to Ireadstomuch for giving me this unique challenge! I hope you all enjoyed this small adventure!